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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Faux Kitchen

Keep in mind that it was only three weeks ago tomorrow that we closed on the house! Things are moving along quite quickly. We have had two meetings with a kitchen designer who is basically putting my original floor plan on paper and then the three of us work to tweak it. Our contractor mocked up the room so we could really see and feel it which has been invaluable! The new kitchen is the combination of the old kitchen (part of the main house) and the "ell" (which is a structure that connects the main house to the barn.) To give you perspective, the room measures 14.5' x 30' and has a 9' ceiling (which is the rarest of rare here in New England- it's not uncommon to have 7' ceilings in antique homes!) The room will have a lot of windows plus French doors (not in the pictures) and you can see the placement of the new windows outlined in blue tape. The windows measure 32 x 55". The island measures 36 x 84". The back stairs in the photos will be demoed as the second floor of the ell will be the new master bath and who wants stairs coming up in your shower! The 'faux' dining room table seen in the bottom of the top two photos is the dining area of the kitchen and will have french door leading out to the back porch. Behind the dining table area (not seen in the photos) will be a fireplace! The formal dining room (which backs up to the kitchen) has a fireplace and we are opening it up to have a see-through fireplace between the two rooms! Off of the left hand side of the top two photos is the existing walk-in pantry! I am so excited about that- it even has a full sized window in it! Pretty cool!

Our 'faux' kitchen!
The area where you see the stairs and doorway will become the entry into the Barn which will become our 'barn' room a.k.a. great room or den.
Range (a 48" Wolf) faces West and looks out at the driveway coming up to the house. There are no upper cabinets on this wall. The two windows flanking the range have been re-sized since the photo was taken.
Windows facing the East meadow. A farmhouse sink will be placed under the center window
My very own outhouse!


  1. Joan, It is so exciting to see it all take shape!

    I know this is going to be gorgeous, and I love your views. You are going to have so many happy memories in your new kitchen.

    Thank you for inviting me along for the ride! ~m.

  2. All I can say is WOW!! Your new kitchen looks wonderful! Ya'll are really moving fast and it is so neat that your contractor made a "mock" kitchen for you! Your also doing a great job of posting on the blog. It looks GREAT! I love you and hope that ya'll have a great weekend! Love, Jenny

  3. -Thank you Mary for your sweet comments! It's so good to see you at my house!! Someday it will have to be in person!

    -Thank you sweet Jenny! I think you're going to love the end result!

  4. is fantastic! I can't believe it has only been three weeks! Amazing progress! I can only imagine how beautiful it will all be! It sounds like you all have a wonderful contractor. How great to have someone who clearly not only takes great pride in what he is doing, but is so easy to get along with. Thanks for the update. I can't wait to share it with Forest.

  5. Thank you Allison! Can't wait for you and Forest to come visit!


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