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Monday, July 27, 2009

what they don't tell you about polished nickel...

It spots.

(Well, maybe they told you, but somehow I missed out on the information!)

I love it, it's gorgeous, it's period to the house, but it gets water spots (and we don't even have hard water.)

My beautiful Perrin & Rowe faucet with spots.... I don't think so!

Luckily I found a thread on the subject, and someone said that the product Semichrome was recommended by their manufacturer. We just happen to have a tube as it is Dan's polish of choice when cleaning our hotel silver, or when he wants a deep, rich polish on sterling (otherwise we use Mrs. Wright's paste silver cleaner.)

Semichrome worked like magic, spots gone. I don't mind a little maintenance to get the look with polished nickel, but just thought you might want to know this if you have some and have spots, or are contemplating polished nickel faucets or hardware.


A reader suggested that I try Flitz Metal Cleaner and I must say I love this stuff!!  It works even better than the Semichrome and leaves a protective coating on the metal.  I use it every couple of months and don't have an issue with spotting anymore!



  1. Thanks Joan. I do have a couple of water stains on my faucet. Where do you get it?

  2. Janet, I've seen it at hardware stores- usually the smaller independent ones.

  3. This is good to know! I want this same faucet for the kitchen of the new house we're building in two years. Thank you for letting us know what works. Love your blog, by the way!

  4. Thank you for the tip. I have similar taps and you're right - they do get a lot of water spots. Hope I can find this product in Australia! Leigh

  5. Oh... Joan, beautiful faucet... just perfection! A-M xx

  6. Isn't Mrs. Wright's made in New Hampshire? It's my polish of choice for both copper and silver.

  7. Oh...I just found your blog, but have to go to bed... I'm certain I'll be back. This little peek of your kitchen makes me think there's more - can't wait to discover it all..!

  8. Where do you think I can find this? I have spots on all of mine AND I have polished nickel pendant lights over my marble island that could use some too:)

  9. joan, once again, I am pledging my undying love to you. just ordered polished nickle fixtures for our new masterbath. ha. no one even mentioned spotting. but now I will know what to use.

    you are the best!



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