Thursday, October 30, 2014

fall around the farmhouse

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.
- F. Scott Fitzgerald -

It's that magical time of year in New England.... fall
As I wrote in my last post, fall is a three-month ceremony of change and beauty.  It's more than a season, it is a spiritual ritual.
I've been taking photographs to share with you for a while and have compiled them together for this post.
This is the magic that is fall around the farmhouse.....

The sun setting as seen from the front porch.

The stone beehives at the entrance.

The antique stonewall along the road.

The kitchen dining table with its jarrahdale pumpkin and miniature white pumpkins on the mantel.
  There is so much color and beauty outside I like the interiors to be very simple this time of year.

Menu board from last Sunday's lunch with friends!

The front porch.

The front porch with fall pillow covers.
(a "favorite detail" of mine is to use down-filled pillow forms in all pillows on the three covered porches- it always feels so luxurious to sit in an exterior chair with a down pillow!  (and yes, they hold up/weather beautifully.... well, maybe not if you're in Houston or Baton Rouge :):)

View down the drive.

The front meadow.

Sweet Ella with her always-wagging tail!

This is our largest and oldest antique maple tree on the property.  It is at the entrance from the road and it will sometimes "weep" from the hole in the tree seen in this photo.  It always reminds me of the spigot in the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" (remember that scene?!) as it never did this before we started tending and gardening the beds and grass around it!

The drive up to the front door.

"Little Red" that was Dan's birthday present last year wasn't pleasing the groundskeeper (aka Dan) and was traded in for the much bigger Ferris that has a larger cutting width (61" instead of 48") and has a triple bag grass (and leaf;) catcher on the back.  The groundskeeper is very happy with new "Big Red!"

The lighting and colors were spectacular on this day!

Inside looking out....

You walk into the rooms of the farmhouse and they just glow!

View from the upstairs guest room.

View from the master bedroom.

In this photo you see a ladybug on the window sill.  Fall is also "ladybug season." ;)  They make their way into the house in droves and hide in the cracks and mouldings through the winter. Try as you might, there is not a thing you can do to prevent this so one just welcomes them as "good luck!"

View from the upstairs master bedroom porch.

View from the upstairs porch to the terrace.  The Nantucket Blue hydrangeas have turned pink, as they do in fall, but are still blooming away!  They've been amazing all summer.

You can see all the large (7-1/2' to 9' tall) evergreens that we planted in late summer in this photo towards the front meadow. 

Distant view to the hillside beyond.

The setting sun....

Hope you're still here (?), and hope your fall has been magical too!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall in New Hampshire 2014

How are you?!  It has been a fabulous fall this year.  The colors have been brilliant and the weather wonderful!
Fall in New Hampshire is a three-month ceremony of constant change and beauty.  The light changes, the temperatures change, the smell of the air changes, the trees change, activities change from maintenance and upkeep in the yard to preparing physically and, more importantly, mentally for winter.
Fall is more than a season here, it is a spiritual ritual.  

I'm working on a post to show you fall at the farmhouse this year, but until then I wanted to pop in and say hello, and share some photos taken at peak around Mount Monadnock.

I posted this recipe several years ago, but since many of you are new (and not all of you have read back through the entire blog, like so many of you "crazy-wonderful" peeps who tell me you just read the whole thing :) I thought I would share it again.  
Do yourself a favor and make these!  They are sooooo good and taste like the essence of fall!
Pumpkin Cranberry Nut Bread/Muffins
Recipe HERE

So good to see you again!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Style & Simplicity

If you're not already aware, I wanted to make sure that you know that
Ted Kennedy Watson's first book 
(that I mentioned on the blog back in December) is now in print and, in fact, is in its second printing already!  Yes, it's that good!  

As you'll remember, Ted is the proprietor of  two wonderful shops in beautiful Seattle- Watson Kennedy Fine Home and Watson Kennedy Fine Living.  Ted also writes the delightful blog 
Ted Kennedy Watson where he generously offers gracious tips on how to live a beautiful life. 

When I was looking for a place to photograph Ted's book I knew this vignette I put together over the weekend was the perfect spot since several of the many items Ted mentions in his book, which is 
"An A to Z Guide to Living a More Beautiful Life" 
were all here on the kitchen island-  hotel silver, candles, baskets, white bowls, horn utensils, a bowl full of citrus!
The book is a charming read and Ted's A to Z list is a reminder on how to incorporate beautiful and simple choices into our daily lives and the joy that they can bring when we slow down a bit and are more aware of all the simple beauty that surrounds us.  As Ted says, "Living in the moment, not in preparation for the moment, is my prevailing thought."
Ted shares things and experiences that fill his daily life with beauty and it is his goal that the list will inspire creative ideas in his reader.  Ted says, "Living creatively is not meant to be about money; rather, it is about being creative with the choices that present themselves to you during the day.  It is about being aware of your options and how you choose to view them."
From the book's Introduction Ted also writes, "For as long as I can remember, the minute details of life have been incredibly important to me.  My goal in writing this book is to share with you many of those details and observations so that you may start, or continue, to see them in your own world and relish in them, too.  The details in my everyday life are no more special than those in anyone else's, but by sharing mine with you, my hope is that you begin to see them in yours.  Seeing the small details requires slowing down a bit and being aware of your surroundings."

I could not agree more! 

I am very honored to be mentioned in the book under "People, Places, and Goods I Like, Love, and Adore."
Thank you Ted!

To order the book (and don't forget what a great gift it would make when ordering;)
click HERE.

To shop Watson Kennedy online HERE.

So... go light a candle, put on some great music (I'm listening to the soundtrack from Pride & Prejudice as I type) , and read/order;) a charming book, and relish the moment!


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