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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Please Help and become part of a "village" for this lovely young girl in Kenya...

Catherine Letipo, surrounded by her uncles in northern Kenya

In this season of giving I am hoping we can all come together to become a village and give the gift of a high school education to this beautiful girl, 
Catherine Ntasanwa Letipo, who lives in northern Kenya. 
(Her story below)

In support of the Kenya Drylands Education Fund (KDEF) which offers a High School Scholarship Program to promising secondary school students from vulnerable, impoverished families in Marsabit and Samburu Counties in northern Kenya with resources they need to complete four years of study in high quality boarding schools, without distractions or want for food, clothing, supplies, and safe housing I have started a GoFundMe for Catherine!  Secondary school is expensive, especially for families living on less than a dollar a day. A four -year scholarship provides for full-board tuition, uniform, bedding, books and sanitation supplies for girls.   
A full four-year scholarship costs $3,400.  
The new school session starts in January 2020.

Please donate (and share) this GoFundMe  
for Catherine  

Won't you please join be in becoming "a village" for Catherine, to empower her through education, to make her dream of becoming a nurse a reality so that she can help herself, her family and many others out of poverty?  Imagine how wonderful we will all feel if we can give this young girl an education all because we came together because we love houses!  

KDEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a Kenyan NGO.  Any donation is tax deductible and all money raised goes directly to KDEF. 
You were all SO wonderful and SO very generous when I posted several years ago about KDEF (formerly KURA Project) and their Menstrual Hygiene Program  HERE which gives "opportunity kits" to girls who attend school (and their mothers) that live in extreme poverty in northern Kenya who do not have access to the most basic of sanitary products.  Many girls are deprived of an education because of the lack of this basic necessity since going to school without any form of menstruation protection subjects them to the shame of staining their clothes.  Very often menstruation causes girls to miss school, drop out altogether and then to be married off at a young age. "Opportunity kits" contain 4 reusable menstruation pads, underwear (since many of the girls do not own underwear), soap, soap sack, and a nice bag.  
One kit will last each girl a year or more.
KDEF is an amazing non-profit that is doing remarkable things for the people who live in northern Kenya . Please read about all of their projects HERE.

 KDEF's High School Scholarship Program provides promising secondary school students, both boys (about 20%) and girls, from vulnerable families in northern Kenya with the resources they need to complete four years of study in high quality boarding schools.  The students must score above 280 on the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam in grade 8. 

 Catherine's story:
When I contacted Sarah Hadden, co-founder of KDEF, regarding starting a GoFundMe for a scholarship she was literally on her way to the airport to fly to Kenya attend one of KDEF's Mentorship Programs.  She informed me that all the scholarship slots had been awarded for the start of the school year in January 2020.  I asked if there was anyone we (you and me) could sponsor at this late date and she immediately contacted their Kenya Country Director and he said there was a girl, Catherine,  who had just been told by her father that she would have to drop out of school and forget pursuing her high school education because her father had lost everything.
After 18 months of severe drought, the rain finally started falling at the joy of the pastoral communities of northern Kenya.  The kinsmen could finally return to their homesteads after having been gone for 18 months herding their cows, camels and goats to find water.  Catherine, 14 years old and the only girl in her village to get a secondary school education, had just passed (with flying colors) her Primary School exam.
 Catherine wants to become a nurse.
When her father returned home she received the very sad news that her older brother had died, and that bandits had stolen all of her father's livestock. Because of these tragic, life-altering events Catherine was told she could no longer pursue an education.
And this is where we- you and me- come in!  Together, we can change her life and her future.  We can empower her through education and raise her up with love from around the world.

Please donate HERE!

Catherine with one of her uncles

If you are more comfortable sending a check their address is:

535 Prospect Street
Manchester, VT  05254 USA
(Please note your donation is for Catherine in the memo line)

Much love,

Monday, November 11, 2019

Pop-Up shop: Artie Vanderpool

I am very excited to invite you to a pop-up shop I am hosting from my friend, designer and artist, Artie Vanderpool.
I am honored that this beautiful collection was "inspired" by the farmhouse and our property.  Artie has been our guest and seen the farmhouse in person!

Artie's works are about movement and color.  He paints with feelings, starting with abstract line making and moving into broad and energetic brushwork. His paintings have a rhythm and conversation.  What you see in a painting is what the painting can be for you.  Many pieces are signed on the back allowing for framing options in either horizontal or vertical display. These are original paintings at price points for every collector.  Prices start at $35.

Below is just a sampling of the beautiful paintings being offered in this pop-up.  We are in "the season" so keep in mind that art makes for a fabulous Christmas/Hanukkah present!

To purchase please go to Artie's blog page HERE

(Fair Warning... Artie's pieces go fast and I mean FAST, so if a piece speaks to you do not dally as you don't want you to lose out on owning one of his paintings. Also note that simply putting a painting in your "cart" does not make it yours.  The first person to actually purchase the piece gets it. Pop-up runs through Wednesday, November 13)

Whether you are buying fabulous paintings for yourself, or as a gift,  you are also helping to support animal rescue- win/win!!  Artie and I are both native Texans💗 so he has chosen to give back 10% of all sales to CCPAL (Cowboy Capital Pet Assistant League) a no-kill, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization just outside of my hometown of San Antonio, in Bandera County Texas.  CCPAL pulls dogs, most on euthanasia lists, from high-kill shelters and city pounds in and around San Antonio.  My dear friend, Alice Lang, volunteers to get these sweet souls adopted to families all over the country.  Please take a look at their available dogs HERE and adopt!


To purchase please go to Artie's blog page HERE