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Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome to our house!

A year and a half after we first laid eyes on the house we have finally made it ours! The house waited patiently for us! We closed last Wednesday night, and on Thursday the renovation started with gutting the kitchen and knocking out a wall to enlarge the room! Dan and I are thrilled, happy and excited! I will post remodel pictures soon and hope to update about once a week. Until then here are some pictures of our first Fall in New England at our new home! We are happy to have you along with us for the adventure! joan


  1. I LOVE your new house and I am so happy for ya'll! It is just beautiful. I am so glad that you created a blog so everyone can can keep up with the transformation of your new home. We can't wait to come visit! I love you, Jenny

  2. What beautiful pictures. I know you have great ideas so am looking forward to seeing more. You did an awesome job on your blog. Tell me about the chimney, how it will be incorporated into the room. Dan says there is a barn connected to the house. On an update can you show a picture of that? Congratulations on your new adventure. Hope Glenn & I can come check it out. Love Debbie

  3. You are living a dream!
    What beautiful fall pictures.
    Living in LA, I am appreciating experiencing a true fall through you!
    Thank you for sending your blog my way!
    Your home is so charming as is. I can only imagine how fantastic it will be after your finished.


  4. Hi Joan,

    I have just joined your blog as your photos are absolutely captivating and your story sounds similar to ours although we are in Australia! Your home looks gorgeous, those trees are simply spectacular and seeing as it is now autumn (fall) in Australia I am anticipating views like that here very soon... looking forward to reading more... Georgie x

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your house adventures. I am in love with your house and your style!

  6. I love all about you and your style! I will be following! Your place is dreamy, and you are sooo gifted!

  7. Joan, we have missed you! I hope everything is well...

  8. I have now officially "blog stalked" you, Dan and Ella, lol! Looking forward to more...:-)

    1. too cute Karen! I need to send you an "I've read the whole thing" badge!!

    2. Haha! I'd wear it proudly!

      The 104+ degree Los Angeles heat over the past 4 days expedited my reading...and made me reaaaaaaalllly want to move to New England (not to mention one of my favourite equestrians -Denny Emerson- lives in Vermont :-)

      That's one thing I visualize in your meadows- some horses! Maybe retirees or rescues...but I know first hand how much work horses can be, and I doubt New England has the unwanted horse issues Southern California has judging from the empty pound status (so wonderful to hear of a place where people ACTUALLY take RESPONSIBILITY for their animals!)

  9. Gorgeous fall colours! I'm just reading your blog for the first time. :)


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