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Friday, January 16, 2009

A house blessing...

After we took possession of our house we performed a house blessing. If you're not familiar with the term, a house blessing is an ancient tradition performed by many religions and cultures in one form or another. Its basic purpose is to bless and provide spiritual protection for a dwelling. It can be done at any time, not only when you first move into a house; some people do it every year, or after a traumatic event in their lives, after remodeling (oh wait, I guess that's covered under traumatic events!), after a visit from a relative with bad energy, etc. While looking for a house blessing prayer I came across a lot of interesting information that I did not know: many religions perform house blessings; you can actually hire individuals who specialize in house blessings to to do the blessing; you can purchase whole packages on-line with all the needed components for a proper blessing, and there are many, many blessing prayers to be found. There are different directions a house blessing can take from religious to spiritual.

We chose a spiritual prayer. As we said the prayer we lit dried sacred white sage to vanish any bad spirits or energy from the house, which is a Native American Indian practice.

The prayer for the house:

God, bless this house and all who live here. Fill this dwelling with an ambiance of peace, prosperity, health, happiness, harmony and love. Let this space shine with divine light and beauty and provide a warm, comfortable haven from the world. May only beings that are kind-hearted and well-intentioned enter here. May nature's spirits feel welcome and live with us as friends. May all who enter here receive what they need, and feel richly blessed with their heart's desires.

We also hung an iron Jan Barboglio house blessing cross on the maple tree closest to the front door. We brought the house blessing cross from our last home. It came with a new hand-made square nail which we changed out for an original antique square nail from this house!


  1. Such a beautiful ritual...I love that you did that. Keep those good workers warm - they are your blessings!

  2. I remember the cross at your front door in Dallas. It looks even prettier on the maple.
    I have the one you made us years ago.

    I cried yesterday and thought of Dan when I heard about the plane crash on the Hudson. Dan would have done exactly the same thing! Does Dan have a blessing cross for flying? Stay safe Dan!


  3. Joan, I love the idea of a house blessing. And your cross is so sweet and simple -- perfect!

  4. Thank you Mary & Sandra!

    Susan, I remember the copper ones I made for you and your tour! Dan said he doesn't fly faster than his angels.

  5. A great post! I must consider doing this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a wonderful idea! Hope you are well.


  7. can't wait to see the finished product!

    and - I don't know the trim color!!!! I'm sorry, just the paint color.

    take care!

  8. I love this idea. I just might have to borrow a page from your book (your house blessing). Did you buy a kit or did you just say the prayer above? I have heard of people going from room to room, did you do this? Oops sorry for all the questions. xo

  9. hi Joyce! We did not buy a kit, we just said the above prayer as we walked from room to room, floor by floor with the lit sage (purchased from a local shop). I said the blessing on each level, but that was just me- nothing I read.
    If you google "house blessings" you will find a lot of different sites with all kinds of prayers/blessings!
    No need to apologize;) I love all the questions!
    It's a lovely ritual that I think you and your family will enjoy.

  10. Great indee!!! All my love & infinity blessings!!! Love the prayer!!!

  11. I love this prayer. We are going to be moving into our new home shortly and I was looking for a house blessing. This one is perfect for us. Thank you

  12. We are getting ready to lose our home to short-sale at the end of May (we think it will be the end of May). Started with an illness that lasted for four months and then not being able to find a job. We are still hoping for a miracle. Is it too late to bless our house. We understand that God's miracle may not be our miracle.

    1. Lori, I so very saddened to learn about the illness and then not being able to find another job. I am so, so sorry about your house, and the short sale. I can only imagine how difficult this all must be. It's never too late to bless your house, never. And, it's not too late for something good to happen, so with that thought I will think happy, positive thoughts for you and send you and your family love and light. And, I will say a house blessing for your house too.
      Please know you are in my thoughts...


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