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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wide Plank Floors

The original floors in the house are all random width Eastern white pine, which is indigenous to our part of New Hampshire. For some unknown reason the dining room floors were replaced with oak at some point. We are replacing the oak with the Eastern white pine to match the rest of the house. We will be adding the pine to the kitchen and the Barn room. We are fortunate to live only 40 minutes away from the headquarters of Carlisle Wide Plank Floors which will supply our new floors. We like that they: are local and that the Eastern white pine comes from the our area, just as our antique floors did 150 years ago; age their wood naturally outside for about a year before slowing drying in a kiln which ensures that there will be no shrinkage when installed; and that after staining you apply four coats of a low VOC tung oil and the end product has a very natural finish that will hold up well in our climate. I felt like a kid in a candy store- every wood sample I saw was my new favorite! Luckily I had the limiting factor of matching existing floors or I'd still be deciding which floor I wanted a year from now. Sadly, I don't love any of their existing finishes (that would be too easy!), so it looks like we will be mixing a stain. Something medium brown with gold undertones is the goal. Nothing too dark, and nothing too light.

Wood drying outside.

The candy store!Yum!

These are the 13-20" widths that we will put in the Barn room. To match our original floors we will use reproduction antique square cut nails as seen in the photo.

This is the 6-10" that will go in the kitchen (shown in oak.)


  1. Love, love, love the floors!!!!!


  2. Gorgeous!!! I've drooled over the Carlisle website, I can't imagine what it was like to see it all in person. That is just fantastic that you'll be able to use them for your house. I just LOVE wide planked floors. It's going to be so beautiful!

  3. I can already tell they're going to be spectacular!

  4. Beautiful floors! I can't wait to see the finshed room!!!

  5. Oooooooh. What a fun trip that must have been...between the floors and all that beautiful snow, I would have been deliriously happy!

  6. Love to walk on those barefoot or in cozy slippers, either way, they look gorgeous.

  7. THat floor of yours will surely look marvelous...and isn't it such a pleasure to walk in those kind of stores and be amazed at the things they sell....pretty pretty things.

  8. Susan sent me your blog, and I know I am going to enjoy watching the progress you make on restoring this beautiful home. If it is just half as beautiful, when finished, as your Dallas home, it will be spectacular.
    Your cousin, Faye

  9. Excellent choice, Joan.

    They'll be beautiful


  10. Thank you everyone for your comments!
    Hi Faye! It's nice to have you here, glad Susan gave you the blog. Thank you for your sweet comment. Welcome Cuz!

  11. love love love those floors!!!

    and Ginger's web site has a press section and that house is still on it if you want to see it!!!


  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous floors! And square nails to boot!

    I cannot wait to see it all finished!

  13. OOOHHHHHH.....Yummy floors!!! Can't wait to see the stain you choose!

  14. I think this may be a sign...if Forest & I happened to have a little girl. I love the name Carlisle. When I was younger, I remember a beautiful girl who was much older than me named Carlisle. She was so sweet and beautiful and I remember admiring her! It's not a name you hear too often, but it has always stuck with me. Not that it has anything to do with floors, it was just interesting to see the name.

  15. I used Carlisle Floors in my own house and I LOVE them. They look so great and it is the first thing people comment on. We didn't finish them (per their instructions) and just used the Tung Oil... sometimes I get stressed about the wear and tear but then I think, hey it's distressed!

  16. I live in NW Indiana and we used Carlisle for the floors in a house we built 10 years ago. We wanted to replicate the floors in a 200 year old house we owned on Nantucket and we couldn't be happier! I love your blog (which I just discovered) and your house sounds like a dream.

  17. Hi - we are renovating our house right now and trying to decide on flooring. We have red pine upstairs, but we are concerned with using pine downstairs, because it is relatively soft and I'm concerned with how it will age (esp. since I have two small boys). How do you feel your pine floors are holding up? Any concerns going from oak to pine? I'd really appreciate your input. I adore your house and am stealing several design elements for our own. (I gave a picture of your kitchen to our cabinet maker.) Thanks so much! Mary

  18. Oh, my! I can see why it would be so hard to decide, if you didn't have to match an existing floor. There is a place on route 13 in Brookline that has a very similar showroom. When deciding on the floors for our kitchen reno (floors will go throughout the house), we wandered through their place. Beau-ti-ful!!

    1. hi Lana, Yes, Bingham in Brookline. That's where we purchased the flooring for the barn.

  19. Your floors are going to be marvelous to be able to pick such floors.
    We have a slab and thus are fairly restricted in what we can choose....
    Can't wait for pictures...


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