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Monday, January 5, 2009

A Kitchen is born...

I walked into the house today and for the first time actually saw the new kitchen- no more walls, pipes, or studs in the way- just one big open space: our new kitchen!

(It helps to use the iron pulls on the built-in cabinet to the right of the range as a visual reference point to watch how the room has changed.)

The existing windows to the left of the fireplace opening will be replaced with French doors that open on to the covered back porch. After the see-thru fireplace is installed in the wood opening seen in the photo we will add a brick wall using the bricks from the original damaged chimney that we took down. I think the exposed brick wall will add character and wonderful texture to that end of the room.

Painted door in the left of photo is the original walk-in pantry! It even has a large window, how sweet is that! The opening at the end of the room will become the stairway into the new Barn Room.


  1. Welcome to the neighborhood!(Southern NH that is). We were without power for five days as well. I despaired of my fur hat after sleeping in it for nearly a week....

    Your home is magical and your imagination lovely. Your inspiration pictures past are a patinaed glimpse of things to come and I can't wait to see the results.
    Don't you just love the ramshackle houses among the stone walls? My daughter says "I know mom that one needs love." Living in NH is like reliving "Baby Boom" or "Funny Farm" ( I watch movies for decor!)

  2. Ooooh you are KILLING me I love it soo much!

    It is going to be FANTASTIC!! Looks like it wasn't half bad to begin with judging from the stove in the before.

    So...can ya give me a rundown of the appliances and other goodies?

  3. Aren't you having the BEST time ? I love watching every bit of demo and construction and know how wonderful and yet, agonizing, every day can be. We need a train car full of champagne!

  4. Forgot.....which see-through fireplace are you using? I've been looking at a few for my main room. Thanks.

  5. Jen-- Thank you for your welcome to NH! Are you close by? And thank you for your eloquent compliment. I agree with your daughter, there are so many houses that I want to 'love' here! I haven't seen either movie, but looked them up and looks like we'll have to rent them!

    Linda-- funny about that stove, I had that very stove in our last house! It was an hard-to-find size (40") but was a great stove- a Kenmore. I am working on putting together a kitchen "appliance and goodie" post-- trying to figure out how to cut and paste pictures off the net!! I'm not very computer "smat"- that's Boston-speak for smart!!

    Karlene-- thank you & welcome!

    St. Mary- Yes, we are having "the" BEST time!! A train car worth of champagne is right up my alley!! Fireplace info is on it's way to you!


  6. You are entirely welcome!

    Yes! We are in close by, I think, in Bedford. We live in a new 8 year old house I strive to make look older every day...I should send pictures of my narow front hall with taupe toile walpaper (no donkeys or roosters, rather horsedrawn sleighs). We made a space saving solution for a shelf of antique corbels and a curvy slate mantel top.

    There are so many lovely places to haunt around us with antiques and treasures, gorgeous drives as well as farmer's markets. It really is romantic to be snowed in(hopefully with a generator).

    I could write all day about the beauty of New England but if you are interested in the history of the stone walls that are certain to be on your property, you should pick up "The Granite Kiss" written by a local stone wall builder/ restorer. The granite kiss is what you get when your finger's are pinched while placing the stones in the wall...I've had a few myself.

  7. How exciting, Joan! You have such a great sense of style, I can't wait for the afters.

  8. Your home is looking good, Joan.
    I love the openness. You are going to be able
    to cook up a storm in that wonderful kitchen.


  9. Oh your home is looking great I can not wait to see it when it is done.. I am starting to mosaic my kitchen wall.. I will post. Stay in touch.
    xoxoxo Laura

  10. Joan....I have an award for you. you, my dear, deserve it richly. Pop over to my site!

  11. Joanie, You and Dan should have your first dinner party under the maples for all these lovely bloggers!

    What a nice group of people!


  12. Susan,
    I soooo agree! Aren't they the nicest people!

  13. Wow, you've come a long way! Just saw your finished kitchen! Can I please move in!! it's amazing! thanks for sharing!


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