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Saturday, January 3, 2009

A simple string of lights....

The first time I saw our house I could just see dinner parties under the maple trees on an old wooden table and clear lights strung loosely between the trees....

... but last year at this time we were still too far away from owning the house and I just couldn't bring myself to purchase them. Today I bought a part of the dinner-under-the-maples-dream and they were on "Sale".... 75% off to be exact.! That made them $1.99 each at Target!

So, I bought 23 boxes!!!

Hey, it's a cheap price to pay for a dream don't you think?!


  1. Fabulous buy. I sometimes forget to buy lots of multiples. Can I join you for dinner under the maples lol

  2. What a lovely dream. You will indeed have lovely dinner parties in that spot soon! I can only imagine that every step, even strings of lights, that brings you closer to your finished house must feel fabulous!

    PS- Please hang a few mason jars with tea lights as well!!

  3. I am so jealous - that is my dream - dining al fresco - but in Wisconsin we have mosquitoes the size of Buicks......haven't figured out how I'll deal with that.

  4. Sandy-- of course you can join me for dinner! Red or White??

    Violet-- yes I promise some mason jars with candles also! Just like the birthday dinner that Vianne prepares for Armande in one of my all-time-favorite movies... "Chocolat!" (It's a great soundtrack too, btw!)
    You are so correct that every little purchase that brings us closer to our finished house is VERY sweet indeed!

    Mary-- yes, I guess I should have said "after mud season and between black fly & mosquito seasons!!!"

  5. Oh I LOVE it! I need to go look for some, we use those around our arches outside.

    Those will look sooo great strung between your maples...I wanna come (whine) Oh, white please!

  6. I want to come too, Joanie--
    I'd like white, if it is alittle sweet !! Mama,
    Here in WA state***


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