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Saturday, March 28, 2009

I heart IKEA!

I seriously love IKEA. Great design (most importantly)and great prices! It's been over a year since I've been to an Ikea, so last weekend Dan & I drove south of Boston for a visit! What a treat! We drove the hour and a half to look for some inexpensive chest-of-drawers for our master closet. (Note to self: do not go to Ikea on the week-end....) The plan is to place two chests back to back in the center of the closet and top with the piece of stone in the previous post to tie them together.

While I love all the departments at Ikea, the lighting is my favorite! When I had my antiques business one of our specialties was lamps. Dan made all the lamps. We would take "found objects" like green glazed terra cotta balusters from Singapore, iron fragments, antique glass demi johns, etc. and turn them into lamps. I have a huge obsession with lampshades, so this was a wonderful outlet. I still buy lampshades for lamps I don't have just because I love the shade! The lamps in our house might have hand-made beaded and smocked shades that cost hundreds or shades from Walmart (a great source btw!) that cost $18! It doesn't matter the source as long as it is a good design! So.... because all of our lamps and chandelier were antiques, and we already had a house full I was never able to buy any lights at IKEA- until now!! I'm a happy girl! Here are some of the wonderful hanging lights from their lamp department!

Aren't these fun?! I'm contemplating the largest one for the barn room "outhouse" bathroom. It would be overscale for the room which I think would be fun.

Very cool, and great texture.

These shades are opaque and come with a diffuser in the bottom so you aren't looking at a bare bulb. They have a high gloss sheen and it also comes in black.

Too fun- and check out those prices!

This is the little number we picked for the center of the master closet! Hard to see in the photo, but those are silver bands that wrap the shade horizontally. It hangs from a silvered pole. All that fun for $49.99!!


  1. Lots of people scoff at Ikea, but for a tiny house like mine (11.5' wide), it's the perfect solution to a lot of problems like being able to get a bed up the stairs!

  2. I KNOW!! Liz Ann has the floor lamp in your last pic. I have been there a lot lately and bought these fabulous aluminum planters for my huge lariopes. Doug drilled holes in the bottom of them. Two in black for backyard and one in the natural aluminum for your Gigi fern on patio. All for only $39.99 each!! They look fabulous! They are huge and tall too!

  3. You know I LOVE Ikea !! When we were in SoCal - it was a 20minute drive - so we would go to Ikea like some people go for groceries. Now, my closest Heaven on Earth is North of Chicago - by O'Hare - so it is 3 1/2 - 4 hours. BOOHOO. I Love Every Department - and, by the way, they shipped me my missing doors. Great road trip for you !

  4. Ooooooh. I Heart IKEA too!

    Can you show us any pics of those lamps Dan puts together?? They sound amazing!!

  5. Meg- 11.5 feet?! Wow! Can you direct me to where on your blog I can see your house? I would love to see it!

    Susan- your pots sound great.

    Mary- 3-4 hours? Pooey. So glad you got your mising doors!

    Linda- most of the lamps in my Dallas house post were found objects made into lamps by Dan! As I type he is sitting across from me rewiring the fixtures we've been finding for the house! Here's the link to my house post...
    I wish they would enlarge when clicked, but alas that's one of those things I don't know how to make happen!! Btw, he's been saying "my coolio garage" for days now!!

  6. I really love IKEA too!! I bought closets from them when I lived in Germany and they were fabulous! Sadly we had to leave them when we moved back to the US. But I still wish I had them - I could've stored so much..

  7. Your post so inspired me, I went to Ikea this weekend. I too am looking for chests of drawers for my boys wardrobes. Love your darling puppy photos in your side bar. She looks so playful. Look at those eyes! A-M xx

  8. Great looking lighting! Wonder if our paths ever crossed in the antiques business, since we have traveled the same "path" in other ways! I am going to IKEA with a friend to help her choose some things for her house - can't wait! Hope you will show the new lighting when you install it!

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  10. Great finds. I love IKEA, too.