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Friday, July 31, 2009

my favorite presents

Dan and I don't usually do gifts. We abide by the premise that we buy things we really want when we find them throughout the year, and then call them birthday, or Christmas, or Valentine's, etc. gifts. That way you always get what you want, and it takes the pressure off of the other person to surprise you with the perfect gift. Dan greatly appreciates this system;)!

Two days ago on our trip to Maine, I bought some things I had been wanting for a while! This beautiful muehlenbeckia caught my eye over a year ago, but we had just moved here (after giving away almost all of my houseplants from Dallas) and I honestly just didn't want the responsibility of a new plant. This past Spring we were trying to get into the house, and with all the boxes and unpacking to do I still didn't want to get the plant, yet... . Two days ago I decided the time was right and got it, and I have to say I am in love this plant. Just looking at it makes me happy! I love it's spirit, which is similar to my own gardening style- the juxtaposition of the wild chaos amid order (usually in the form of manicured boxwood borders, or in this case the topiary frame!) I found it at the beautiful Snug Harbor Farm in Kennebunk. This place is magical! There are peacocks, and fancy chickens and ponies walking around! I love nurseries and can easily say that this is my favorite one ever!

I also bought this fun candle holder at Antiques on Nine in Kennebunk. I have wanted it for a while, but when you unpack box after box of goodies, you realize you don't need anything. But hey, it was my birthday, which was the perfect rationalization to buy it anyway! I'll use it outside on one of the porches

Then, one of my favorite purchases of the day was these beautiful white sponges I found at the Crate & Barrel outlet! Yes, sponges can be beautiful! (it's the little things in life!!) I have never seen white sponges (and I'm a sponge girl) and when I found these biodegradable sponges I knew I would never look at a bright yellow sponge in my white Shaw sink again!!

I want to thank everyone for your sweet, lovely well-wishes on my birthday/our anniversary post. We were so very touched by all of your comments.
Thank you so much!


  1. Your style of gardening sounds a lot like mine... ordered chaos. Your charming little topiary is the perfect example. Next time I see an angel vine topiary, with its tiny little leaves and tendrils, I am NOT going to talk myself out of buying it! Even if it's not my birthday :)

  2. I love all of your treasures! Your trip to Maine sounds so wonderful ; ) And I think your gift system is fantastic - I'm going to suggest this to hubby!

  3. Your special "finds" are fabulous. I particularly like your topiary. I have found several recently and had to have them. They have such a French look. I must tell you though that I have had difficulty growing them indoors. I have been having to take them in and out of the house periodically. When they start looking a little droopy I take them out, then they get a little rain and enjoy the outdoors for a little while and they perk up ready for me to bring them back inside. I love mixing them on the table for a dinner party too.

    Enjoy your treasures.


  4. Wonderful stuff! I've seen those sponges before and have been curious. Thanks for the review. Next time I need to spend on cleaning supplies (part of the motivation process), I'll get some of those.

  5. Joan,

    What a pretty plant! Joan, I want to see more of your house!


  6. Update: The sponges work better than any sponge I have ever used! So, LOVE them!
    Janet... yes, I'm quilty as charged;) I do need to do more house picture posts, but things are moving so slow and being a frustrated perfectionist.... I'll work on it, promise!!

  7. Joan, I am still on the road and not able to stay up on my favorite blog reading, so belated birthday and anniversary wishes! Your description of Dan brought tears to my eyes - very, very sweet... and I just love how much you appreciate him and your marriage. Now, reading your current post - your gifts are wonderful! I want to visit the nursery in Maine and we will have to figure out a way to meet there next time we are so close to you!

  8. Great gifts! ;)

    I think I might have to adopt your traditions. haha

    I love every treasure you found!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  9. What a gorgeous plant - it looks lovely the way you have presented it with your other belongings. Lee :)

  10. What a fabulous blog here! I'll be going back and reading all of your wonderful entries! Your home looks warm, inviting and a place of love. So happy to find a neighbor. I will return.

  11. I really enjoy reading your blog! If I had my way I would move to one of the New England states.

    Your gift system sounds like ours, only thing is I get carried away with it, my dear husband must hear over and over again, this is for my birthday, this is for our anniversary, it goes on year round.

    I will have to check out those sponges, they sound great. Good luck with your plant. I look forward to seeing my photos of your beautiful home.

  12. Congrats on your presents! Your anniversary post was so beautiful I have already reread it twice :) Glad you had a good time in Maine - I am a wee bit jealous ;) best!


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