Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hotel silver champagne buckets and more!

Hotel silver champagne buckets are difficult to come by. It was years after we first started collecting hotel silver before we even crossed paths with one, and then it was so ridiculously expensive we thought we’d never own one. But, as collecting goes we did find one, and then another and another…..!

This 1913 Biltmore hotel bucket is my favorite in our collection: from it’s time-worn monogram barely visible, to the drip-tray, to the handle, to the bun feet- I love everything about it! Found this gem on eBay years ago, and paid only $35, as he was listed in an unusual category (not “hotel silver.”) It has chilled champagne for us on many happy occasions!

This built-in cupboard in our dining room houses some of our larger hotel silver and antique ironstone pieces.

Another hard-to-find piece is this large punch bowl/ice bucket. I have only seen one other bowl this size in 15 years, and it was in a magazine!

A closeup of the above bowl. It is from the

Hotel Fontenelle and measures 15 inches handle to handle.

I’m especially fond of hotel silver trays, as I find lots of uses for them around the house:

You remember this large 1913 Biltmore Hotel tray on the kitchen dining table...

Here is it’s matching mate on the kitchen island holding a wire basket we found in France that is filled with topiaries.

Hotel tray from the Arizona Biltmore holds keys and sunglasses on the Entry chest-of-drawers.

Hotel tray from the Olympic Hotel on a skirted table in the Living Room.

Pierced hotel piece (The Commodore Hotel circa 1917) holds old photographs and an antique English horn and sterling magnifying glass in the Reading Room.

I'm a huge fan of actually using your collections, and I love the warm patina of the hotel silver placed throughout the house!


  1. Love that the silver is used. I, too, am a huge fan of using your collections
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Finally, with the buckets! As lovely as I remember! Love the frosty look on buckets filled of ice. All that is missing in your collection is that 'Tacoma' Hotel piece. Remember?

  3. This is a really beautiful posting, and my first time to your blog - it's wonderful. I would love to have such an elegant ice bucket, I can imagine that this collection has required alot of hunting down. More new things on my wish list!!

  4. You have beautiful pieces of silver! I have also one silver champagne bucket that I use to put bottles of champagne in or I use it as a piece of decoration! Wonderful isn't it!

  5. Loving all of your hotel have tons of it, eh?

  6. Your collection is beautiful. So nice to see all the wonderful ways you display and use your silver.

  7. Susan- I had totally forgotten about "the one that got away!!!" Wonder where it is now?!
    Great eye!! Yes, I love that photo of Mamaw in her kitchen! There are pictures of you and of Monday in the stack too!

  8. What a fantastic and beautiful collection! Each piece is more gorgeous than the next. Your cabinet even resembles something you'd see in a vintage hotel. I collect dishes from the Paxton Hotel in Omaha - it has a gold P etched on the front and since our last name starts with a P, I thought it would be a personal touch when I set the "fancy table." It's taken me a long time to even acquire 6 dinner plates.
    I saw on Ebay last night a bucket similar to your Biltmore one and it went from $15 to $99 overnight!
    You're right about our collections - why have them if we're not going to use them.
    I really enjoyed all these beautiful pictures of your home ~

  9. Ok Joan I have been patiently waiting for photos such as this from your amazing home. Your collection is breathtaking and the glimpses of your home are just as I expected. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. There are just too many details to digest. I will slowly go back over all the pictures and try not to faint. Just truly beautiful.



  10. Joan, What a beautiful collection and even more beautiful photographs to go with it! LOVED seeing glimpses of your very gorgeous and amazing home. And I just love how you use your collection throughout the house. So inspiring! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of it! xoTrina

  11. I love your posts on hotel silver and champagne buckets and especially the way they are used and loved in your home. Now that's something to celebrate! Cheers!

  12. Such a beautiful collection you have! I love all the trays around the house, they bring such a sense of history to your already beautiful and history filled home.

  13. Came back for another peek.

    It looks like a magazine spread!

    My favorite champagne too.


  14. Everything is very pretty! I also use my silver. After all, why have it if you aren't going to use it!!

  15. Your Silver is beautiful! I am so glad that you use it, it just gets better and better with use. We use ours all the time it. Lidy

  16. The Arizona Biltmore. What a place! When we would travel to Phoenix, we would stay there. That was back in the old days!

  17. I am in lovbe with your home...So pretty! I'm Meme from Screaming Meme...I want to personally invite you to Screaming Meme...I am having a giveaway, Come sign up! Meme

  18. Oh. my. word. Joan!
    I die!!

    Thanks for the glimpse- and showing how wonderful it is to live with collections.

    I'm packing my bags for Lobster Bisque with you!
    : )

    You have enough to share I think.....
    just back from California and catching up - so happy to find this post! More soon?

  20. ...Taking another peak! Also love the Santo in the second to last pic!

  21. You have exquisite taste, what a beautiful collection. Your story is so interesting too, I'll certainly try to spend more time reading your earlier posts. Have a lovely Sunday..Rachaelx

  22. I collect hotel silver too but have not bought any in a few years! LOVE your champagne bucket and trays. GORGEOUS! And I am feeling a little envious.

    1. If you are a European Hotel Silver collector I would like to invite you to take a peek at our vintage hotel silver collection at
      We feature a lot of different 1960's pieces from the Savoy, Ritz, Claridge's and Goring :)

  23. Hi Joan and Dan,

    Loved seeing more of your silver hotel collection. Am loving the champagne buckets, really beautiful. Here a few years ago, I had a chance to purchase a morrocean ice bucket. It was gorgeous....I didn't purchase it and know this is one of the coulda, shoulda, woulda things that pass by. Never mind wasn't meant to be. I have to admit I was also checking out the background in your photo's LOOKIN' GOOD!!!!!!! Hope you haven't been too snowed in.
    Take care.
    Tasmania, Australia

  24. Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments! I am in LOVE with your hotel silver! I really have to have that ice bucket!!!!! What a collection you have. I just started mine due to the expense. I bought a small sugar bowl to hold my earings by the side of my bed. I just love it.

    Your home looks beautiful!

  25. Oh Joan, what fantastic pictures!!

    I love hotel silver and cant' wait to bring my old silver out of hiding from the storage boxes as it has been patiently waiting for it's proper home. Your pictures are such an inspiration, thank you.

  26. silver and ironstone, what could be prettier?! your teapot on the post below is my favorite! even has my monogram :)

  27. Your hotel silver collection is amazing Joan!
    It looks beautiful in your home. I love how you used that wonderful Biltmore tray on your dining table with the ironstone. Great inspiration.


  28. What a beautiful collection you have! You've inspired me to get more serious about collecting hotel silver. Especially, champagne buckets! I'm going to Roundtop for the big antique show in a couple of weeks and hope to find more pieces there. I love your blog and am now a follower. Come visit sometime. -Delores

  29. That Biltmore champagne bucket is fabulous. You images are beautiful - love your styling! Felt like I was leafing through a magazine.

  30. OMG! What wonderful silver! I love the old hotel silver. If you're looking for another huge piece, I have a massive (20+ inches across) punch bowl I am getting ready to put on my etsy vintage store!

  31. Oh my have a wonderful collection of hotel silver...maybe better than Bergdorf's! i loved seeing how you used/displayed each piece.

  32. Would you consider selling the large Hotel Fontenelle bowl?


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