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Monday, May 16, 2011

the master bath: details

I so appreciate all of your comments.  Thank you so much! 
I am touched by your kind, flattering words and I love reading all the things you notice.  I enjoy how your comments and questions make me see things differently- through fresh eyes... your eyes
Thank you.

A couple of questions/comments reminded me that I sometimes forget we don't  really "know" each other, and perhaps I need to explain a few things about myself along the way!   So, before I describe each photo I thought I'd mention a few things that came up in comments and emails, you know.... since we're friends and all!!

Yes, I do all the design myself.  I have mentioned that I was an antiques dealer, but really haven't mentioned that I have also done a small amount of design work- family, friends of family, friends and neighbors, referrals from those friends and neighbors... that type of thing.  Even though I have always loved interior design I made the mistake of not majoring in interior design in college.(When I was at the University of Texas at Austin, the School of Interior Design was in the Home Economics Department.  It was the late '80's and everyone I knew was majoring in business.  I wasn't about to get a "Home Ec" degree back then.  Bad decision.  Interior Design is now under the school of Architecture.) I was one of those people who needed a "degree" to feel confident enough to work in the business (it was a totally different industry then, think ASID...)  It has been through blogging that I have learned that many well-known designers, and many of you who design don't have degrees in interior design either, and that has helped me to embrace what I do.

I was asked if I moved things (put things away) before taking the photos?  I didn't.  In fact, I realized after I took the photos that I didn't even move things a bit to the right or left, or even straighten things up.   I basically just walked into the room and started taking pictures.  If you were to walk into the bath right now it would look just like the photos (well, sans the sun since it is raining today;)  Sure, it gets messy when we're getting ready, but things are put back in their place after use.
My design credo has always been that there shouldn't be any place in your rooms that isn't beautiful to look at.  It can and should be functional yes, but it should also always be pretty.  I have never wanted to look at various bottles or kleenex boxes sitting out in a bath.  I don't want to keep something unattractive that I might use once or twice a day in plain sight, so I keep all those things in the medicine cabinets, drawers or the linen closet.  It might take an extra second to open those and reach for my item, but for me it is worth that extra second to not have to look at things sitting on the counter.  It is simply a choice we make.
 (note:  Dan didn't naturally come that way;)... so to my sweet, young newlywed readers- train those husbands early!!:)

The master bath wall and ceiling color is Benjamin Moore's Horizon OC- 53 in eggshell finish
All woodwork is Benjamin Moore White Dove in Latex Satin Impervo.

Dan made this bookcase, which I designed, for my birthday several years ago.  Since we were married on my birthday Dan started the tradition that he "makes" my birthday present.   These made-by-Dan birthday gifts started small and evolved into things like "I'd like for you to take out the entry closet for my birthday this year!!":)  This piece was originally designed to go in our kitchen in Dallas.  The exterior was an aged yellow that has now been painted White Dove, but the interior - originally painted a french blue which I hand waxed just happened to match this wall color perfectly!   This bookcase really deserves its own post as I think you will love the details- Dan copied an antique furniture piece that we saw in France to make the adjustable shelving.

The tub is original to the house!  Isn't that cool?!  I have always adored apron bottom tubs, so was thrilled to find one here at the farmhouse.  (We also had a claw foot tub, but that one went to live in New York!!  here )  I thought I would have to have the tub re- glazed, but after several good cleanings it is basically in perfect condition.  People who see it in person have a hard time believing it is the original tub it looks that good!  We were so lucky, as in my research I found it impossible to find a company that even does this anymore in a four-state area.   I wanted the tub to stand out a bit and hold its own in the room, so I painted it a darker version of the walls.   I used the same Benjamin Moore Horizon OC-53, but added several drops of black to get it to the right depth of color.
The pair of large wrought iron prickets were found at an estate sale about 20 years ago in Dallas, they came from an old estate in California prior to that.

Traditional wood shutters are from Horizon Shutters.  You send them your window measurement and the shutters come to you ready to hang with the hinges already attached. It was super easy and they have good prices.  I am extremely impressed with the quality of these shutters. I do suggest that if you are matching a trim color have them use your exact brand and color.  They have trim colors that will "closely match" several national brands whites, but again... if you want it to match exactly pay the extra charge to use your brand/color. 

Pair of French sconces found in Marseilles, France.  The amethyst crystals look a bit dark in this photo, but they are a beautiful shade of purple.

The vintage flame-mahogany buffet-turned-vanity was found at the very last minute for $75! (story here)  I originally thought I would paint it, but as the room came together it was apparent that it worked perfectly in the room in the original finish.  The furniture piece was retrofitted to incorporate the two sinks.  The buffet (without the marble) measure 64.5" width by 21" depth.  We did have to bring it out an additional inch and a half from the wall to incorporate the backsplash and the faucets which give a total of 22.5" depth.  The marble was fabricated to accomdate the additional depth required, then a filler strip of wood was added to the sides and stained to match the vanity.  The oval sinks measure 14" x 17", and were the largest I could find that would fit in the space.  They are Kohler.   I still have use of both doors and drawers for storage, they are just a bit smaller because of the addition of the sink and pipes.  We added the cararra marble top and backsplash.  
Light fixtures are Dillon by Restoration Hardware.
The glass bar towel holders are from the Vintage Collection by Restoration Hardware.  We had the glass bars cut to fit the vanity.
Several of you noticed the new addition of the watercolor in the antique frame... good eye!

The tung oil sealed hardwood floors and the white cowhide (Ikea) hold up very well in the bath.  Door on the left is the master bedroom.

 I adore this signed vintage Czechoslovakian chandelier in the room.  (story here
The beams are originally from the barn and were removed during the renovation and added to the bath.

The recessed medicine cabinets are mirrored on the back and door of the interior (and decorated with framed photographs, a miniature oil painting - you do decorate the inside of your medicine cabinet too, yes?!:)
 I had the marble backsplash notched on the corners to give it an antique feel.  The faucets are from Rohl's Country Bath Collection
Antique ironstone soap holders (different patterns and makers).
Soap is my favorite Apiana Alpin Milk.  You might recall I don't do smells, but 10 years ago my sister, Patti,  gave me this soap in my birthday gifts and I love the soft fragrance, and haven't been without it since!

One of my favorite paintings (who am I kidding, they're all my favorites!)  Bravo to those who noticed the worn silver on the frame!   Trio of antique mercury glass candlesticks (I love the one on the left with its metal bobeche) and a round vase.  Antique green glazed terracotta baluster from Singapore used as a candle holder.  You can start counting these around the house!  So far there is this one, one as a lamp in the living room and the guest bedroom and one in the kitchen!!  Lets just say I love them!!
Several of you asked about growing orchids, and I will put that in a post of its own, as I have lots to say about them!

The glass-door shower has a 2" honed hexagon marble floor, white subway tile on the walls, and white 4" square tiles on the ceiling.   There is a small marble seat in the corner, but the reflection "in" the shower is the window across the room!   I wish there was a window seat in the shower as someone asked!  Now, that would be something!!  One of my favorite details in the shower is that there are three recessed shelves.  Two (stacked) are on the wall behind the painting and one is to the right of the faucet handle.  I did NOT want to have anything sitting on the floor, and you know how one shelf is never enough for two people, so I designed the shower to have one for each of us and a smaller, more horizontal one for the soap alone.  The tile company said they had never installed three in one shower before, but makes perfect sense to me!  Our master shower in Dallas was also an angled shower, and I thought it might be perfect fit for this house too, so before we moved I measured every inch of that shower not wanting to have to re-build Rome one day "if" we ended up buying this house!  I was so glad I wrote down the measurements, it really helped.

Vintage chair from estate sale in Dallas that I reupholstered in a heavy cotton chenille.  I was so happy to find it I carried it by myself to the car, and that puppy is heavy!!  In this photo you can see the details of the glass bar towel holders on the vanity.  The same holder is used for the bath towels next to the shower.

Antique New Hampshire oil painting; recently "married" to this re-sized antique gilt frame! 
Since this is a space where we spend a deal of time I love having some of our favorite paintings in the room.
It was a very observant and good question that was asked about having fine art in a bathroom due to the high humidity.  I would say it depends on the room and the ventilation.  We have a good (and quiet;) fan for the room (it is actually located in the attic), and because the room is rather large the steam dissipates quickly-  I have never even had the mirrors at the sinks fog up. 

Mink pillow made from vintage muff.   This antique Chinese table belonged to my grandmother.  On top of the table sits a small vintage alabaster lamp that has a tiny vintage silvered Christmas ball as its finial, a white orchid and an antique Chinese dish.

The water closet. 
Same Restoration Hardware light fixture, only in a single-light.  I didn't want it to match the vanity exactly, so I turned it the opposite way.   Antique garden stool with orchid.

Huge piece of blue coral found several months ago for $45 at a second hand furniture shop.  When I first found it I left it as I was afraid it wouldn't be the right color with my walls (I do stupid things like that all the time- just last month we had to drive all the way back to Rhode Island to pick up an antique rug that I left and then decided I HAVE to have the next week;)   I went back with the paint chip from the walls and it will make you cry how the blue of the coral matches the walls! 

On a final note, a comment was made about the need for blank space.  I couldn't agree more about rooms needing breathing space, places to rest your eye.   I always design "sorbet" spaces, as I call them, in a room.  If you look at my entrance you will see that the stairway wall is blank.  If you look in the dining room you will notice several bare walls.  Those are intentional design decisions. 
The master bath is large and has many angles, and in this case the blank wall/the sorbet spaces don't necessarily make for pretty photos in and of themselves.  I realize it is difficult to get an exact feel of the room without walking through it, but if you look at the photo that shows the tub and linen closet that entire wall (over 7 feet) that is across from this is completely empty.  A sorbet.  If you notice the hallway to the right of the shower, that entire wall, both sides (over 9 feet)....also empty.   These spaces would be easy to fill with art, but I think they serve a larger purpose in the whole of the room by remaining an empty space.... a place to rest your eye..... a sorbet.


  1. I love this bath! Esp the vanity. I have a question, did you do anything to hide the 1.5 inch gap between the back of the vanity and the wall? I assume you had to attach it to the wall somehow, I just can't figure out how. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a lovely master bath. I wish I had this much room as we are remodeling ours!!! Thank you so much for all the details ... so very helpful and so sweet of you! Just beautiful!!!

  3. Jessie- yes, we did hide the 1.5" gap.... I have added the following answer to the text of the post, so thank you....
    "The marble was fabricated to accomdate the additional depth required, then a filler strip of wood was added to the sides and stained to match the vanity."

  4. Beautiful! I have always wanted a chair, a place to sit, in my master bath. Now my bath is large enough, but I just can't find anything I love for the space!

  5. Joan, if a person can be in love with a room then I'm head over heels. I want to LIVE in your bathroom. I can't wait to renovate ours after seeing this masterpiece - the details are just gorgeous, from the sink vanity to the ceiling beams, the chandelier, tub, even the towel bars - just lovely and timeless. Thank you for sharing, it was so fun to tour this room!

  6. Excellent advice for our newlywed readers-I trained my husband early on as well! ;-)

  7. Hi Joan, I love your blog...and I certainly have a lot of catching up to do...lots of posts to read! I also have a well trained husband as I hate unnecessary items on the electric has always lived in a cupboard...easily bought out when we want a cuppa! Of course this originated because for years I had a brown and burnt orange one that just wouldn't it was not sitting on my kitchen bench! Also I have read your post re. snow and I too just love it, here in England...such a novelty for an Aussie family...just wonderful and magical! Robx

  8. I always love the details. They make the house seem more real. It is just so lovely.

  9. I was giddy with excitement when I saw you had this post up about the details of this room. Great job on every inch of design! And I couldn't agree more with the person who commented on you having your very own book, "For the Love of a House" book. I'd read it!!


  10. "My design credo has always been that there shouldn't be any place in your rooms that isn't beautiful to look at. It can and should be functional yes, but it should also always be pretty. "

    Love it...and totally agree. Thanks for the paint colors by the way! I always wonder what people's woodwork is painted.

  11. Are you kidding me?!?! I could LIVE in that bathroom.. (but then again I've seen your glorious kitchen and I could live there also). I've always wanted a bathroom with enough room for a chair-that and the chandelier and sconces are just my favorite touches. Thanks, as always, for sharing your beautiful home with us!

  12. Loved the backstory and look forward to the post about your birthday cabinet. Know what you mean about interior design in the home ec dept. It was that way at the University of Oklahoma in the 70s. Since my mother made me take home ec in high school (hated it), I damn well did not want a degree that had home ec on it! Like UT, it's now in the architecture dept.

    Your home is a lovely expression of you where you are in the country and where you are with yourself. Always a joy to read.

  13. Wow! I just found your blag last week and I am going crazy adding pictures of your house to my Pinterest account! (Do you know what that is?) I live in TX out in the country and am a newly wed. When we eventually build a house, I am coming back to my pictures from you for inspiration!

  14. Your bathroom is truly beautiful! Having an old house as well we are continually going through the construction process and I just love what you have done.

  15. ..well dear and your wonderful house have certainly given us "a place to rest our eyes"...lovely...lovely...lovely....

  16. Such a delicious post-- so many details to be savored! It's so interesting that you mentioned the "sorbet"... I have been pondering exactly that in my own home. Somehow I lost it along the way and am working to recover some. It's actually kind of difficult to recover after an evolution of 12 years in the same space, but let's just say my family will have an interesting summer: I'm thinking go cold turkey and add pieces back in gradually.
    Thanks for sharing the details, Joan!! I hung on every word!

  17. So lovely! Thank you for sharing your beautiful bath! Now I really hate my bathroom! I just started stripping wallpaper off the bathroom walls and I may have to re-think what I wanted to do in there.

  18. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful space! I am so impressed with how you wait for the perfect item, perhaps that is the result of having the design in your mind's eye from the start. And I cannot believe how quickly this is all coming together considering when you bought the property and all that you are undertaking. You will never want to leave that beautiful home of yours!
    I would definitely buy a "For the love of a house" book. Your home is a classic!
    Carin from Pennsylvania

  19. I loved you bathroom when you first shared it - and now knowing even more about why and how things are makes it even more amazing! Thanks for sharing...I'm dreaming about having my own bathroom just like it someday!

  20. So beautiful. I am not very good at blank space. Perhaps that can be my summer goal.

  21. What a wonderful bathroom...adore the buffet used for the sinks, and for $75, what a steal!!

  22. I have always admired your sunburst mirror (since it's one of the pics on your header). It is the perfect size for something that is "popular right now" if you know what I mean... I waited for you to post the master bath details (which I just adore by the way!) and now I am still dying to know the source! Great job on this bathroom! A true retreat!

    aka french bread with cheddar cheese and syrup :)

  23. Can I just come live with you?

  24. If I had to choose one design blog to read, it'd be yours!

  25. Lisa had better budge over - what with me, her AND Darcy it is going to be quite a squeeze.

    Your self restraint when buying beautiful objects is admirable - inate good taste helps too though.

  26. Joan, Dan, and Ella: I enjoy how you do your posts, the first one we drink in the beautiful pictures and the second post you go into the detail. Your comment about putting out only what is beautiful is so true! No matter the size of ones home, anyone can follow this credo and have a beautiful space. Cindy

  27. Joan
    Once again a beautiful room described in wonderful detail.I love the way you have collected fabulous pieces and diplayed them so beautifully. Your posts always make me look around my home and edit. I actually bought 2 silver trays at a garage sale on the weekend and am looking at your blog for inspiration as to where and what to do with them.
    Kind regards

  28. Ttthhhuuuddd....that is the sound of my jaw hitting the floor...not very lady-like, but oh so accurate. LOVE this room (and every room so far...) Love all of the personal details in your rooms. Rosie

  29. I love to know the details behind all the incredible details which go into your spaces. Since this seems like such a large bathroom for an older home, I was wondering if it is original to the house or if you had to do some remodeling? Just curious!

  30. I could live in there! That tub, that buffet, the art- ohhh and that shower- you are amazing and keep surprising me with new favorite rooms!

    I cant WAIT to see the barn room, its killing me already and I just want it to be done so I can gawk at the photos. Although, I'm sure want it done even more than I do right about now haha :)

  31. I never get disappointed with your posts... they truly inspire me!

    Have a wonderful day, sweetie!


    Luciane at

  32. Just perfect ! Not just the bathroom, but your entire home. I love the Antique green glazed terracotta baluster's from Singapore. Did you
    purchase these locally? I especially love the lamp. Any ideas where to purchase something
    similar ? I am from Massachusetts but love to
    travel through New England.

  33. ~~~ o.k. well, that is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL bathroom i have ever seen...ever.

    you are an inspiration, my friend
    thanks you for sharing your beautiful home with us ...

    Ella is adorable

    Kary and Teddy

  34. I just can NOT get enough of your house!!! It is exquisite...IMHO! Every detail so well thought out and placed. I love the marble, wish so much it was in our budget. Your taste is impeccable. I know, I am gushing, sorry!!!!:):) XO, Pinky I SO agree about the shelves in the shower. Wish I had known you when my hubby did ours downstairs. He DID put a bench in but not built in shelves....

  35. Way to go, Joan! Your house is simply gorgeous and that bath is to die for! Beautiful!

  36. Ok. Elisabeths bf is working here for Ben for the summer!!! I showed him your blog. They are going to nh tomorrow!!! What town ate u in? He is from stratham. Is that close????

    Ok, back to design, Omg. Your bathroom is to die for! It's fabulous!!!!!!! I just love it!!!! It's so big and the tub is fabulous.

  37. Oh my goodness!! This room is so awesome. You have done such a beautiful job. I have just found your blog and am so glad that I did!!

  38. As a fellow Texas (I'm from Plano) and a lover of decorating, I can't tell you how much your blog inspires me. Your design expertise and your attention to detail, especially in traditional details with modern twists, mystify me.

    My husband I hope your inspiration continues as we would like to follow your lead by forging our dream to do the same. Thank you for sharing and keep on sharing. You both are truly blessed with talent and the energy to make it happen. I will be watching from afar.

  39. I'm is utterly perfect!

  40. hi all! Thank you so much for your comments!
    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you and answer your questions....

    Erika- yes, I do know what Pinterest is! I have fought the urge to join, as I think it looks 'very' addictive;)!!

    laney- I am always so happy to see you here. I think the farmer's wife would approve of the master bath as there is also an upstairs washer and dryer which I think she would have like to have had;)

    Corinn- I found the antique starburst frame (I added the mirror) at The Mews, an antiques shop in Dallas. You are correct that they are "popular" right now, but I've had this one for about 10 years now!! If you are looking for an antique one I would look on 1st dibs.

    Pamela- Of course you can come live with us!:)

    Karen- I would love to hear what you do with your silver trays!

    Stacy- the original master bath used to be half of the space where the master bedroom is now.... the el is original to the house (well, a 100 year old addition if not totally original;) but it did not house the bathroom when we purchased the property. In making the best use of our space we decided it would work best to put the bath in the el.

    Sharon- I didn't find the green glazed terra cotta balusters locally- they all came from an importer in Seattle. I do see alabaster lamps around in our antiquing, but don't know of any particular antique shops to send you to. If you want to send me the size/ht you are looking for I would be happy to email you the next time I come across one.

    Joni- email headed your way;)

    Thank you ALL again for your wonderful comments to me. I can't tell you how much I appreciated them.


  41. Joan,
    Everything is perfect. If you could just add a hotplate, that would be a studio apartment in my neck of the woods.

    I notice you didn't use baseboards. Was that a design decision or for some practical/functional reason? S.

  42. Steve- good eye as always... I decided not to use baseboards in the master bath(I actually have this same wainscotting "with" baseboards in the half bath;) as I wanted to accentuate the the height of the peaked ceilings- in person it makes the room feel even taller with the lines of the beadboard not being broken up by a baseboard. It also gave the room a more feminine feel, a softness that I was looking for to make this room feel a little special/a bit different from the rest of the house, which all has 7" baseboards. Since this room was in the el (a later addition to the original house) I felt I could get away with it!

  43. It is such a inviting and beautiful bath, timeless as well. I love everything that you did and you inspire me. Thanks for sharing. Heidi

  44. Again I am in awe with your decor! Thank you for the details! I love the sorbet concept. I did have one question, what is a water closet?

  45. hi jessica!
    thank you! A "water closet" or also heard as the "WC" is an old English term for a room with a toilet in it!

  46. Bellisima!!!
    Love each and every detail... and everything else you touch :)

  47. What an absolutely incredible bathroom! I would be happy to live in this bathroom. I certainly would take my morning cup of tea in that chair while reading a decorating or design book. I am keeping my eyes open while antiquing for a buffet to use as a vanity as you did. Could you tell me what would be a good buffet height to look for, considering that the marble has to be added? I am average height at approx. 5'4" and my husband is about 6'(maybe 6'1"). Also, did you apply some type of waterproof coating to the vanity to protect the wood from splashing & spills? Thank you for sharing all the specifics about your bathroom. I will be incorporating many of your ideas into my bathroom redo.

    P.S.-Looking forward to your post on orchids. I love them, but don't have a green thumb so have been reluctant to try them.

  48. hi Karen T! Thank you!
    My buffet has a height of 36" total (including the marble). When we found the piece it was 36", and we took the 1" wood top off and added a 1" piece of marble- keeping the total height at 36". I find this to be a very comfortable height, but I'm 5'7"! Since your husband is tall I'm thinking he would like a similar (no taller;) end height.
    Most kitchen counters are 36" if you want to "feel" what that feels like.

    The buffet does not have any type of coating or protection. The marble hangs over the edge an inch on the sides and 3/4" on the front and I have not had any experience of having water going over the edge.

    Good luck with your hunt! Let me know when you find your buffet.

  49. Bravo! What a beautiful room. And my hats off to you for incorporating a nice soft chair. I love the feel of a bathroom being a lounge also. Really beautiful Joan.

  50. the bathroom was so amazing the way you place it and you design to make it more attractive..
    Website design Dallas

  51. Thanks, Joan for the info. Hope I can luck out and find a buffet anywhere near the price you paid for yours. I saw some on the same style as yours yesterday that started at $795 and went up (way up!) from there. I'm sure they're worth the asking price, but I'll continue the hunt & let you know when I find something.

  52. Oh my goodness! I didn't know if I could possibly love a room any more than I love your kitchen, but now I am not so sure! I adore you bathroom. You guys do the most amazing transformations! The perfect mix of elegance and simplicity!

  53. Way too much beauty for one, single post. ;) Everything is absolutely gorgeous in here and I love how each treasure has a special story, from a far away place.

  54. This post spoke to me as I too chose to go for a traditional safer career and decided to be a teacher instead of pursuing my dream and go into interior design. I totally thought you were an interior designer by profession, your home is stunning. I love your classic, clean style.

  55. Love your bathroom and home. We are starting renovations on our home and your home is an inspiration. We, too, have an older home (1924) and are having problems with layout for our Master Bath. Saw your shower and was inspired to make ours a corner unit as well. What are the dimensions of your shower? Thanks!

  56. hi Linda-
    These measurements are all inside measurements...

    -left wall 26.5"
    -back wall 44 3/8"
    -right wall (faucet wall) 44 1/4"
    -front wall 26 1/4"

    -the door opening is 25.5"
    -the shelves measure 11.5" x 11.5", with the soap shelf at 5.5" x 10.75"

    Hope this helps and good luck with your renovation

  57. I just found your blog today, and I love it. Your house is gorgeous and I absolutely love your part of the country.

  58. Thank you for this tour of your beautiful master bath! Your posts are inspiring me so much as my husband and I prepare to move to our new home next month. What I love most is your focus on details as well as the whole, as neither can work without the other. I can imagine spending many, many hours in this gorgeous room! xo Gigi

  59. Gigi- Thank you, and Congratulations! How exciting. I hope your mother is well. We meant to make it to her last show, but didn't.

  60. Hi Joan,
    As I type, you are on your well deserved sabbatical. I was just looking over some older posts of yours and this one caught my eye (well honestly, they all do!!). I just love that your husband makes your birthday gifts. So romantic and so meaningful.
    Happy New Year to you and your thoughtful and talented husband, and of course Ella!!!

  61. Hi Joan,

    I really love your house. What brand of tung oil did you use?


  62. Hi Joan- I know this is an old post, but I am currently remodeling my bathroom and I find myself constantly referring to yours as my inspiration. It is just beautiful. I wanted to ask how the tung oil finish on the floors has held up, and if you have to renew it, and how often. Also, how has the marble tile in the smaller bath held up?

    1. Pam, the tung oil has held up well and we have not had to re-coat the floors. The marble tile on the floor in the guest bath is still as perfect as the day it was installed. The same marble was used on both the shower floors and it too is in perfect condition.

  63. Dear Joan,
    An additional question following your response to Pam....would you make the same choices again to use
    hardwoods on the Master Bathroom floor and natural marble in the shower?

    Thank-you for allowing us to learn from your design decisions that you made 2 years ago! And the fact that people like Pam and me are still referring to your beautifully designed bathroom for our current remodels is
    certainly a tribute to your timeless taste!

    1. Thank you Charlotte,
      Yes, I would make the same choices in a heartbeat! I love having the wood in the bathroom- it is soft to the foot, warm/cool for the seasons and is an easy keeper. I love how it makes the room have more of a "room" feel as opposed to a "bath." I also love the marble in the showers- it is not as slick as porcelain tile, and I just love the subtle colors and texture it provides.

  64. BEAUTIFUL!! Regarding the lovely silver-rubbed frame above the vanity - did you find that "as is" or did you apply some specific finish to get that look? LOVE IT! - Marilee

    1. Marilee- that was the original frame on the painting when I found it! Isn't it great?! The painting has a fun story- I should do a post on it:)

    2. Great is an absolute understatement. :). Wonderful find - I'd enjoy reading about the painting's history. Thanks for the response!

  65. Popped back in for inspiration on our upcoming remodel. Will you please share the name of your faucets? Thanks!

    1. You'll find the name of the faucets, along with a link, in the commentary above the 8th photo down.

  66. Love love! My husband and I are redoing a old house and are planing a redo to the master bath. Your shower looks just like the size we hope to put in. My I ask if you would share your measurements?! So smart to have re used them from your old house!

    1. If you look about 11 comments up ^ ^ (not including my replies) you'll find the measurements.

  67. Do you remember how many drops of black were added to Horizon?

    1. I couldn't find any notes on it,but did find the can of paint in the basement. I have "2" after "added black"; I assume that was 2 drops, or 2 units?


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