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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winter Essentials

With the exception of that crazy October snowfall we had last Fall,, we have had an extremely mild winter with hardly any snow this year.  Since it  finally feels like winter  (we've gotten over 12-inches of snow the last couple of days) I thought this might be a good time to share my winter "essentials" with you!

Favorite Winter Essentials:

 boot tray... I place this at the front door for wet, snowy boots and shoes.   I found this faux-copper alligator-embossed tray at TJMaxx.  You can find them here.

door snakes...It's inevitable, I guess, living in an antique house, but the antique doors don't fit perfectly anymore and there is a slight draft.  I found the snakes for sale at a local hardware store, but only in bright red-and-white checks and cutesy fabric. I don't do cutesy;)  I custom-ordered three for my antique doors in solid black.  You can find them here.

  Specifically my Bogs!  When we first moved here I went to a small, locally owned shoe store in a neighboring town and asked what their best boots were for walking in the snow.  I was surprised when they said Bogs.  I adore these boots.   15" of snow?  No problem.   My Bogs have a comfort rating to minus 40 degrees!  I can attest that they keep your feet dry and toasty!

 plastic snow shovel...  for the antique cobblestone front walk and the wood porches! 

driveway stakes... to guide Big Blue, the tractor, when plowing the drive! 

down...I learned quickly that when you live in New England you need several different "fills" of down coats for our daily dog walks! 
I wear the down vest (with a hoodie) when the temperature is "warmish"- down to 32 degrees, or so.  I wear the heavier down coat (in the middle) when the temperature is between 31 degrees and 0 degrees!  And I bring out the massive Eddie Bauer down coat when the temperature is below 0! 
Then, of course, there's the heavy winter down comforter for the bed!


smartwool socks...  I love these thin wool blend socks.   They keep your feet toasty without the bulk of thick wool socks.  

snow rake.... Until moving to New England we had never heard of a snow rake!   For my Southern peeps a snow rake is basically a flat shovel on a very long arm that you use to remove snow from the roof so that the weight of the snow doesn't cause damage to your house.  

my father's wool scarf
...  I grew up in San Antonio, where the need for winter clothing wasn't big.   Throughout my childhood my father only had one scarf, this scarf,  that he wore to work on really cold days.  I have sweet memories of how dapper he looked when he wore this scarf.  I wear it often to remember.

barn room fireplace... We love the barn room fireplace, and use it daily! At least once a year Dan has me recount a story from my early twenties because he thinks it is soooo funny:  Fresh out of college living in Houston in a rented condo I bought plastic-wrapped logs from the neighborhood 7-11 (convenience store) for my fireplace.  Not growing up with a fireplace (see San Antonio, above;)  I left the logs in the plastic wrap thinking I was protecting them, not knowing they needed to dry out.  On the night I decided to light the logs I merely took the plastic off and placed them in the fireplace.  I held a match underneath the log, thinking it would automatically ignite; like a candle!  I went through about 50 matchbooks  (remember the days when you got matches from every club and restaurant you went to?!) over several hours,  lighting one match after another and holding it under the log- no kindling, no paper, no pine cones; and of course I got nothing... except burnt fingers.  That story makes Dan laugh, so he has made it his mission to teach me how to start a proper fire!  Under his tutelage I have become fairly adept and am thinking I should submit my name for Survivor!

lots of firewood
  The firewood is stored along one wall in the garage.  It shares the same bay as Big Blue.  The garage has a radiant heat floor, so that helps the unseasoned firewood to dry out.

Sometimes we splurge on this... de-barked, kiln dried firewood!!  Sweet!  This is what I needed in my Houston condo, as it will catch by just holding a match to it!

This is my full kindling box.... Even though I'm now quite the fire-maker ;) Dan sweetly presets a fire for me before he goes out of town, but one time he didn't do that and I had to cut my own kindling (cue the violins;)  After retelling him the story of me with a dull ax and a couple of mishaps lets just say the kindling box has never been empty again!!! :)

heated steering wheel...  In cold New England this is a sweet thing indeed! 

Happy snow day from New Hampshire!

Would love to hear your winter essentials!


  1. My favorite is your daddy's scarf... Have a great snow day!

  2. What an enjoyable post..I devoured every pretty envious of your snowfall! I really want some! Love the picture you painted in this fun and creative post. Enjoyed it very much!

  3. Oh my god. What a difference an hour's drive makes. We have nothing here.

    It is pretty, though.

  4. These essentials are wonderful Joan... a heated steering wheel... now that is pretty fabulous... Enjoy your snow... xv

  5. Oh my...I love these photos. I thought I was ready for spring. I am probably one of the few that really enjoy winter and I was ready for it to be so long...but when I see this..makes me kind of sad. However, March in my world, even April could still look like this..and that fire? Wow...tonight...a fire for sure!

  6. Joan,

    The boot tray is handsome and for next season I would like to look into a pair of bogs for sure.

    We tried the door snakes or draft dodgers but our labs were sure they had to have been put there for their enjoyment. After repeatedly scolding them for dragging them away from the door and playing tug-o-war until they split and spewed all over the floor (which then gave them a second thing to play with), we just gave up and removed them.

    Don’t you know this is the first year in the 20+ that we’ve lived here in which we finally purchased fiberglass drive markers. Don’t you know this is the first winter we did not have to have the drive plowed!
    The only real snow we had was the ice/snow/no power for 6 days over the Halloween weekend. We also had out of town guests who will be the first to admit are true “city slickers” and were in awe of the way we “country folks” survive off the grid. Too funny.

    Ah yes the snow rake. We have several vaulted ceilings, the highest is 16.5 feet. Our son and my husband have gone up several years in the past to shovel the roof because of the weight. I get to stay on the ground (thank you) and use the snow rake on the lower roofs.

    A few years back we discovered alpaca socks. My husband (the outdoorsman) says hands down they are warmer than the wool. BUT, the heavy pair he used for hunting I accidently washed in warm water. Yup now they are so small, the grand magnificents can wear them. I’ll email you the link to a local shop that carries the very thick hunting style to a trouser style. I don’t wear socks ever, but hubs really likes them.

    Firewood, absolutely a must for us. We have a wood furnace in our garage which we used exclusively for heating the last two winters. We have property in northern PA so we go up cut, split, haul and stack back at home. Who needs a gym membership!

    Hmmm heated steering wheel cover, sweet deal. I’ve heard of heated seats before; must keep an eye out for that the next time we are in the market for a new vehicle.

    We also have heat tapes in our rain gutters. Many years back we had a heavy snow winter. Along the weeks the days would get quite warm and cause melting underneath the snow that would refreeze over night forming ice dams in the gutters. It backed up so much that we had water seeping under the shingles and into our walls, and eventually onto our floors. That spring heat tapes were installed in the gutters and when we get snow, we just plug them in.

    We do not have a fireplace, ugh. It’s been on our list for years but we can’t seem to agree on a type/style. He wants stone all the way up (it’s a 16.5 foot ceiling) and I say that will look like a ski lodge. The debate goes on.

    The last thing we have on hand, plenty of soup fixings. I truly enjoy making soups so whoever stops by gets a free meal.

  7. I cam to you via "lakeshore cottage living"...
    what a beautiful home you have...and excellent photos...
    please visit my blog, and advise if I may add yours as a favorite..


    Linda :o)

  8. loved this post, but the scarf.....priceless!!.enjoy the snow.

  9. Having spent most of my life in the snowbelt of Western Ontario and in Northern Alberta, all the essentials were familiar to me. I'd have added Mukluks for the dry Alberta snow.
    Here on the coast I never leave home without a jacket with a hood. It rains all winter and I don't have enough hands to make carrying an umbrella a good option. Even my dress coat has a hood - I just flip it up in the rain and save my hair!

  10. How about adding cashmere for scarves and glove linings--nothing like it for lightness, warmth, comfort and luxury.

  11. Winter essentials for Southern California.....hoodie sweatshirt. :)

  12. We live in Connecticut so my list is very much the same as yours. I would add my gore-tex jacket as a top layer for those days that start with rain and end in snow! I am adding Bogs to my shopping list! They sound like a great solution to by on-going boot quest.

    Have a great weekend. It's spring like here with 53 degrees and light rain.


  13. I wasn't exactly missing the lack of winter this year, until I read this post and now I'm longing for just one snow day this year!

  14. Looks magical and so foreign to us on the east coast of Australia. I want a winter's retreat with snow and all the essentials!! x

  15. Before I moved to Fort Worth a little under 3 years ago, I live in the snowbelt of NW Indiana, so I know all about surviving in the snow. We had two fireplaces in our house, and at least one of them was lit every single night during winter.

    While your pictures are pretty, I don't envy you with all that snow, and all the snow gear - I've gotten used to the mild winters in Texas, where the warmest coat I've had to wear this winter is my LL Bean barn coat.

  16. The snow is so beautiful and I wish we could get that at least once a year. Down here in S. Louisiana we are lucky if it goes down to 30 degrees. Our winter essential is a lightweight cotton jacket. That's it.

  17. Here in So. Cal., I agree with Steph...I do go for a jacket when I leave to go to an early flea know, when the temperature is in the 40's! That's rare. I do have a pair of very thin, silk long johns that I wear occasionally. I can take them off and they fit into a tiny pocket in my purse.
    The trade off is that we don't have 4 seasons that include magnificent fall colors, barren trees in the winter, proliferous bulb flowers and peonies in the spring or the humidity of the summers. We have a form of persistent 'vanilla' weather and dry environment. Another case of 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

  18. I had all these essentials when I lived in Upstate NY...well maybe not the heated steering wheel, but I did/do have heated seats. My essentials are cashmere sweaters, flannel pjs, a down blanket, and a down comforter for really cool nights. That's all I need here in SW Florida. It is currently 82 degrees. It may get into the 70s over the next few days and my neighbors say it is getting cool. This old body doesn't have any tolerance for northern winters anymore. Temperate ones are enough for me. I love your father's touching.

    All the best...Victoria

  19. This is so interesting. I think I could use a couple of those products too. Thank goodness we had a mild winter in Virginia this year!! :) I don't do "cutesy" either. ;)

  20. I never heard of Bogs~I will have to check them out. Although in the Boston area we have had zero snow this winter~last year was a different story, it never stopped. Your essentials are great!

  21. Ah, this ATL girl is quite jealous of your snow! We've had not one flurry this year and having grown up in Amarillo, the land of big snows, I miss it... all i need is one good one!
    Hmmm, winter essentials for me would be my fur-lined Crocs, my Wellies, my blue pashmina, Yogi tea bags, and my gas fireplace (not the same as the real deal, but I do like the convenience). Oh, and a stash of good wines and a stack of books to read. :)
    Happy Saturday, Joan. Enjoy your winter wonderland.

    PS-- I love that you wear your daddy's scarf. :)

  22. I have seen Bogs boots before. Are they true size? I am a dogwalker in Chicago and I can add them into my boot collection.

    Love the beautiful snow pictures but I sure am glad we don't have any. I am sooo over the winter.

    Spring cannot come fast enough.

    Wanna turn my hot coco for cold lemonade.

    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Winter in Oklahoma is like a box of chocolates ... you never really do know what you are going to get. So we try to cover for all contingencies. In the past two weeks we have seen snow, rain, tornado warnings, and even a few balmy 75 degree days. Just the other day I was thinking how funny it was to see my son's skateboard shoes, flip flops, and winter boots all setting beside the back door. I'm glad to know about those Bogg's! My feet are cold when it's fifty degrees outside.

  24. My favourite winter essential is a Manhattan = preferably drunk in a draft-free library in front of a warm television.

    We had our first mid-seventies earlier this week and I must say it was wonderful to sit by the duck pond with the car windows wide open and watch the ducks and turtles sun themselves.

  25. Hi Joan, great post. I can't imagine what it must be like with all that snow. Here in Brisbane we only have two seasons - comfortable and hot! I love snow, probably because I've never lived in it. Would most likely change my opinion of it if I had to shovel it out of the way. Have a good weekend. Adriana

  26. My favorite thing in your list is your father's gorgeous scarf. I am a sucker for nostalgia. Even though I live in the south, a heated steering wheel would be a treat on many a cold morning. I'm just happy to have a heated seat in my new car!

  27. The only add I would make to your list are my Hot Chili's that are not only great for keeping warm skiing, but for all the other outdoor activities we New Englanders engage in. Like Steve, we saw snow, but none of it stuck. We're too close to the ocean here in Salem.

    Got to check out those Bog boots. They sound great!


  28. My winter essentials are pretty much the same as yours (we live just outside of Chicago). Love that scarf! The only thing I would add to my list is a mellow glass of red wine. :)

  29. Hi Joan, I'm from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia too and as Adriana above said we don't really have a cold winter being more tropical and definitely no snow so am suffering snow envy. I adore your scarf and how special it must be for you each time you wear it. Beautiful photos and I love reading about your lifestyle - so different to mine....B:) x

  30. I second your winter essentials... although I haven't heard of Bogs before. Will have to check 'em out.

    I'd add flannel sheets to the list. In our drafty, old house they're a necessity! And for those winters when we get really frigid temps, there's nothing like a hot water bottle fitted with a handknit cashmerino cover to pre-warm the bed.

    We got just about a foot of snow here in northern Mass. and I'm very happy to have a wee bit of winter, finally.

  31. Love the addition of your father's scarf. I miss the snow. Your house looks so dreamy in that first photo.

    ♥ sécia

  32. People who have lived in New England, much longer than you, already know what essentials they require. You're not telling old time New Englanders nothing the don't already know. Go home to Texas and tell them what your essentials are.


  33. Bet-
    You're one of those people who give New Englanders a bad reputation. Luckily I don't encounter the likes of you in real life, only as anon trolls. Now, bugger off.

  34. Love your blog. I'm your newest follower. I've been perusing your rooms and your style is so restrained yet so trés chic. Especially love your pieces from France as I'm a Country French style girl at heart.

  35. dogwalker- because I wear my "thick" wool socks with them (not the smartwool;) I did go up a full size.

  36. I Love this post and I love Winter! Grew up in Iowa and now I'm in Northern Japan where there are "snow monters"! Love your selections and I plan to try the bogs - thanks. Currently wearing: sorel boots and a parajumper coat, husband has a canadagoose coat. Dale of Norway hats make me smile... Automatic car starters are popular here and it is flurrying as I type! One more essential is keeping our feathered friends fed with bird seed and suet. Lisa


  38. Wow you are prepared! I love all your finds! How clever to put the driveway stakes in!

  39. What a lovely post, your home looks so beautiful, and who would have thought about the snow pickets to line the driveway.x

  40. One more winter essential for me is a small plastic snow shovel with a collapsible handle, which I keep in the back seat of my car. I use it to dig my car out at the end of a snowy work day so I can drive home. I do envy you that gorgeous fireplace and stack of wood. I have a little electric heater that looks like a small wood stove. It helps take the chill off while the real heat kicks in, and the "flames" add a touch of psychological warmth!

  41. Hmmm, I think you have the snow essentials covered. But I would make sure I had a nice Pinot Grigio to drink while I enjoyed the fireplace and the view of the flakes falling outside my window.
    Enjoy the winter wonderland.

  42. My winter essential? A plane ticket to Florida!

  43. Joan,
    If I were to ever live where it snowed I'd rely on this the boots and would consider them even for the rain we sometimes enjoy.
    The kindling looks great and snow, or no snow, we love a fire in the fireplace. Here our one winter essential is an umbrella.

  44. Looks like you two have picked up on how to "survive" in the wild of New Hampshire! Marking the driveway is smart! Once that white snow covers everything it's easy to lose sight of things...Like where the heck is the dirveway?? Snow rakes are great and essential. I am not familiar with Bogs boots I have a very non sexy pair of Sorel boots! I always keep a hat, scarf and gloves in the car as well as a blanket and small plastic shovel in case I ever find myself in sudden need of warmer clothes or digging myself out of a bad situation!
    We just got hammered with 14" of snow last night. Sometimes snow is beautiful sometimes it's not! We had a wood furnace in a house back in the 80's. We went through 15 cord of wood each year. We burned out on carrying the wood and keeping up with it. Now we have a natural gas fireplace that heats up a room very nicely. I do miss the smell and sound of crackling wood though! I think you two are official New Hampshireites!

  45. Nice neat stack of wood. We've been getting wood from our country clubs tree cutting. Nicely split and!

  46. Gosh those snow pictures are really making me home sick. I grew up in Western PA, but have lived in Northern CA now for the past 27 years and still get homesick for the seasons. Thanks for the post and bringing back happy memories or snow rakes and shovels!

  47. I want some of those boots and socks! I love that you still dog-walk in the snow. :)

  48. Our Winter essential is "imagination". We have to pretend we've had Winter :)
    Hello from Houston... I enjoyed this!

  49. California has had super warm days lately too, only our warm is 85 degrees, feels like summer already. I enjoy seeing pictures of your home covered in snow. My boys would love the snow, hubby not so much :)

  50. Seeing all of that snow in your beautiful pictures makes me miss it so! I'm a midwestern girl, now living in Southern California. I really miss the way freshly fallen snow looks!
    I love all of your winter essentials. but my two favorites were your Daddy's scarf, and the barn room fireplace.
    Thanks for sharing! xo-Lisa

  51. Beautiful! Very touching that you have and wear your dad's scarf-so sweet. We had a mild winter this year after having a horrendously snowy one last year-but that's crazy New England!

  52. Since we live in the same area the only things I can add is a jacket that's wind proof and yak tracks, can't live without my yaks on ice!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  53. LOVE the boot tray and your Dad's scarf.))... Living on the Canadian East Coast in an old farmhouse makes your essentials hit home. Two of our winter must haves for walking the labradors are ski pole and/or snowshoes, leaning against the back porch door....Your photos are beautiful.

  54. Long underwear, hot chocolate, and slippers. :) We got more snow last night...the locals say the first day of spring is March 1 every year...I think they're a bit off!

  55. Couldn't live without my bog boots! They function just as well with a nice coat to go grab dinner as they do with snowshoes in the sugar orchard. Other essentials for us are a kettle always on to fill my cup with aveda tea, lap cat, and a Pendleton blankie. I tend to be a couch potato come winter...

  56. I have to have really good and hot coffee!

  57. Thanks for taking the time to stop by Joan..You inspire me everytime I visit! Thank you..

  58. i'm for the door snakes, as well. not the best to look at, but so necessary in an older home! and a heated wheel. oh yeah...spoiled but boy does it make life great! your dad's scarf is the best ;) love that!

    ashley over @

  59. Since I live in the south, I'll probably rarely need those winter essentials. We haven't gotten any snow this year! Looks like you're covered up right now. Wish we had a few days of it to enjoy. I miss it. Your pictures look so pretty. You have tools that I didn't even know existed (like the snow rake). Ha!

  60. Wow, that's a lot of snow! We didn't get too much snow either in Vancouver or Oxford, where I live; it would have been fantastic to have a snow day! It's always a bit of a learning curve moving somewhere new, isn't it, but your house is beautiful, you have loads of firewood, so I bet you had the loveliest time at your fireplace.
    I'll be reading thru your beautiful blog now...
    All the best.

  61. This year we haven't had ANY accumulation here on the Jersey Shore, but I dutifully organized the closets back in November. I keep baskets in the foyer closet with winter essentials sorted out. One for gloves, one for scarves, hats etc. On the floor is an oversized basket that holds our thermals and snowpants.
    We have hooks in the garage for hanging our wet and snowy clothing to dry then make a quick dash across the breezeway and into the warm house.
    I loved your list and pictures of the weather we missed out on this year. Boo!

  62. It appears Joan that your winter has been very similar to ours. (Ottawa, Ontario - CANADA) One winter ensemble staple that I consider a must is, interchangeable mittens that convert to fingerless gloves. I can't live without them! Great when strapping on the skis or the skates. :) -Brenda-

  63. I know you were WAITING for this storm!

    Loved your essentials...I had most when we lived up north!

    Our essentials now?

    Good flip-flops...

    and a margarita. For an ocean sunset walk.

    Glad you asked. ;)

  64. A broom will work most of the time on a snowy porch, with even less damage than a plastic shovel. We use your winter essentials here in Wisconsin, too.

  65. What a lovely post. We had almost no winter to speak of here in the Kansas City area. Most people were in heaven, but I missed the snowfalls. I enjoyed living vicariously through your post.

  66. Oh the memories (smile). Pretty much all of the above was on my Upstate NY must have list. That and I never did get around to getting an auto car starter so that I could warm up the car from inside. Now in the Pacific Northwest, I'd add the following to my winter kit: At least a small generator (to keep the fridge going because power coming back on here takes forever); a stash of "saved for the moment" books so that I'm not bored to death with no internet when I'm stuck at home and, a sled/saucer/sleigh. Something to skid around and have fun on.

    Happy winter!


  67. Joan, Dan, and Ella: I loved your list; with the exception of two corporate moves, we have always lived in the NE. I do love the heated handles on the snow blower, YAK's for ice, Hot Chili's, hot cocoa w/Fluf after enjoying the outdoors, Dale of Norway sweaters, and a positive attitude! I am thankful for the four seasons and for you embracing my home state like you have! Cindy

  68. Hi there! We recently moved from our little town of Amherst NH..back down to our home state in Mass. We lived in an antique in the village and boy do I miss that house! We left the snow rake with the new owners.. and love your dads scarf! Glad to hear you like living in New England..enjoy the new snow!!

  69. Oh my did I need this!! We are moving from our sunny warm South Carolina to Minnesota! Looks like I will be making some investments!

  70. Hi Joan,
    Love all of your posts, no matter the season or subject. Wanted to let you know that you're one of my essentials, so thank you for every post.


  71. I enjoyed this post. My winter essentials are hand cream, (Gold Bond CoQ10) ....burt's bees lip balm, my sons' old baby blanket on my shoulders, a hot cup of coffee & a good book.

  72. I live in Kentucky, and the only thing that I have on your list are the smart wool socks. However, my daughter/blog partner lives in Syracuse, and I am going to give her a link to this post.

  73. I couldn't do without my Bogs either! They are wonderful for the snow or the wet (esp. since part of our backyard is a bog!) Will have to check out the Smartwool socks...
    Loved the post!

  74. All of these items are like second nature to me. Growing up in NH its guaranteed that it will snow every winter and it will get VERY cold sometimes. My favorite essentials now that I'm city living are my Bean boots and my not-so-pretty-but-oh-so-warm Lands End down jacket. I call it my walking sleeping bag. Man can that wind in Boston whip up and bite you sometimes :)

  75. Great post. I've been in New England (outside of Boston) for 13 years now, and it took me until the last couple years to figure out how to manage winter. A good pair of boots, shovel and snow melt by the front door, definitely a good down coat and comforter. My biggest love during the winter, though, has to be my automatic car starter. Especially with two little kids, it is a pleasure to be able to get into a warm car in the mornings!

  76. A heated steering wheel Wow! Remember back in Dallas during summers and you have to drive with the tippy tips of a finger because it was too hot to hold properly?

    How things change. :)

    The winter here has been pretty mild, though we were dumped with snow in January. The girls got the whole week off from school. They still haven't realized they have to make up for it at the end of the year.

  77. I just have to say that the 'driveway stakes' are a brillant idea. I've never thought of that (and glad I haven't had to). you can tell I'm not use to snow.

  78. Since we live in California, I can't comment on winter essentials, but I do have to tell you that I love you don't "do cutesy." Thank goodness. I've often thought of doing a "my style" dos and don'ts list. On the don't side would be cutesy. Unless we're talking about my little girls' room, that is.

  79. I moved to New England (Boston) from South Africa, so I also had to learn quickly! My absolute favorites are Smartwool socks. Although South Africa isn't as cold, the houses aren't heated as well so you really feel the cold - so now my family there is addicted too! In a strange way its a bummer it hasn't been that cold (I really miss the snow!) because I haven't worn my lovely Smartwool socks all that much.

  80. I enjoyed reading about your winter essentials. We are moving back to CT, this time we purchased an old (1900) home so I think I may need a few door snakes and a plastic shovel for the stone and wood the wood porch. Your home looks beautiful in snow...well anytime of year, but so pretty under a blanket of white. It makes me miss snow! Winter essentials in southern California...i don't think there are any.

  81. I cannot wait for winter ! This has been the longest summer here yet ! It started in late November and is still going strong .. grumble grumble.

    I am going to actually be in the position for needing things like snow shovels and snakes for doors and boot trays and the like. No idea when but that is the plan ..
    I have bookmarked this AND made a list .. there are so many lists already :)

    Perhaps I should just copy everything you do ..that should keep us alive in snowy places :)

    besos, C

  82. Thank you so much for the Bogs boots recommendation! Even though I'm a New Englander, I've never owned a really good pair of winter boots - these are the best. Lightweight, comfortable from the moment I put them on, they keep out snow and wetness - just the best! I ordered them online just from your suggestion. Thanks for the great advice.

    1. I'm so happy to hear that you like them Marcy! Thank you so much for letting me know.

  83. i'm from Buffalo--born and raised. I buy lots of those inexpensive little black gloves (rite-aid, walgreens) and stick them in the pockets of our coats and leave a few pairs in each car--their great. Pet friendly deicer for walk is a must have in Buffalo. Long fireplace matches or a long lighter for the fire--especially for those intimidated by a gas jet. Oh, and lots of Carmex for chapped lips.


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