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Paint Colors


All paint is Benjamin Moore

All trim/doors/cabinets : White Dove in Latex Satin Impervo

All ceilings (except where noted) : White Dove in Pearl Finish
All walls:  in Eggshell Finish  (BM's Regal line of paints)

Living Room/Reading Room/Stair Walls & Upstairs Hall:

Ashwood OC-47 in Eggshell (a soft gray/green/putty)

Dining Room:

Halo OC-46 in Eggshell (a shade lighter than the living room. a whisper of a color. I wanted something that was soothing and would make my ironstone and white plates pop!)

Gray Owl OC-52 in Eggshell (a gray with green undertones)

White Dove in Eggshell

Guest Bedroom:
Overcast OC-43 in Eggshell (green with gray undertones)

Guest Bedroom:

Misty Air OC- 44 in Eggshell (golden with gray/brown undertones)

Guest Bath:

Moonshine OC-56 in Eggshell /ceiling also in same color (a gray/green)

Master Bedroom:
Titanium OC-49 in Eggshell (gray with just a hint of blue)

Master Bath:
Horizon OC-53 in Eggshell /ceiling also in same color (for me this color is that elusive french gray/blue color that is so hard to pinpoint! Sometimes you look at it and think it's gray and other times you think it's blue.) The tub-body will be painted Sleigh Bells 1480 in High Gloss which is a darker, deeper version of Horizon.

Barn Room:
Sea Haze 2137-50 in EggshellA gray with green undertones- one shade darker than the Gray Owl used in the kitchen.

Barn Board Stain:
Stains are: Sherwin Williams Woodscapes in Semi-transparent (an exterior stain with low voc's that can be used inside.)
This is a two-step process.
The first coat is Charwood #3542 applied full strength with a staining pad (much easier than using a brush) and the product is not wiped off (as many stains are.)
The second coat applied after the first has fully dried is Blue Shadow #3531 in a 75/25 mixture. 
75% is water and 25% is the stain.  This coat is also applied with a staining pad and is not wiped off.
That's it!  It's that easy.

Barn Room Ceiling:
Pine boards were stained using Minwax Water based Wood Stain in White Wash Pickling stain. 
Use a staining pad to apply two coats (both full strength).  These coats were not wiped off.

Floor Stain:
Stain is an 8 to 1 mixture using Minwax Wood Finish
8 parts Provincial to 1 part Golden Oak


Exterior White on the Farmhouse:
This is a custom-mixed paint color from Benjamin Moore
Product:  Regal Select Exterior High Build
Finish:  Low Lustre
N401 - 1X (Gallon)
S1        Ox   1.7500
W1       Ox 27.5000
R3        Ox   0.2500
Yi         Ox   2.5000

Exterior Black on the front door of the Farmhouse:
Benjamin Moore
Product:  Impervex Latex Enamel
Finish:  High Gloss
Color:  Black

Barn Gray:
California Paints
Legendary Gray

Porch Ceilings:
California Paints
DE5770 Smoke and Mirrors in Flat