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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Road Trip

Yesterday we drove two hours north to Franconia, New Hampshire into the White Mountains. The fact that we can drive only two hours and be in grand mountains brings Dan and I great joy- in Texas we would have to drive a day and a half to get to see mountains like these in Colorado! Franconia, besides being known for being home to Robert Frost and Bode Miller, is also the corporate offices of Garnet Hill (home of lovely linens and wonderful down comforters) they have an outlet there and they were having a Sale! It was a beautiful clear day and the high in Franconia was 9 degrees! It's a good thing we went yesterday, as last night we got 11 inches of snow!

This is a New Hampshire rest stop... they have fireplaces! This is reason #1,000,527 why we love New Hampshire!!
Views along the drive...

The tiny town of Franconia.
Garnet Hill outlet..
The moon rising on our drive home.

In the end I didn't buy a single thing for the house. But I did buy two really cute Spring jackets (and for those of you in the South, who knew?!, but Spring jackets really do have a purpose in other parts of the country! In the South we just thought they were some "funny figment of a clothing buyer's imagination" because it's too hot in the South to wear jackets in the Spring!!)


  1. yay garnet hill! one of my favorite stores. we were in manchester VT this november and the garnet hill there was having a huge sale- bought a gorgeous quilt that is currently being stored in our car(!) until we move in but i can't wait to throw it over the guest bed. i love your NH photos.... especially the one of the moon. gorgeous! glad you had such a nice weekend.

  2. Joan, I was just looking through a Garnet Hill catalog today. How fun that you got to visit the outlet. What gorgeous photos you took along the way. :-)

  3. what beautiful countryside - even in the dead of winter - can't wait to see the same drive in summer!

  4. So sad that the Old Man on the Mountain finally fell, that was one of my favorite sights on the drive up North.


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