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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A brick wall

After the see-thru fireplace is put in we will cover the kitchen side with an exposed brick wall and hearth. Our contractor had some of the original bricks from the chimney that was removed laid out on the floor in the same size as the wall so I could pick and chose which bricks I wanted and which ones I didn't.

Here's where I could use some help... not long ago I came across a design blog that had a post about loving exposed brick walls- she had lots of photos which I would dearly love to see again! Of course, now I can't re-find it (you know how a blog leads to a blog, leads to a blog goes...) So if anyone knows of the aforementioned brick wall post I would so appreciate a shout out!!

And on a "sweet" note; Dan had to do some business at our town offices today and he brought home some hand-dipped chocolate covered cherries from the candy store! Our Main street is only about two blocks long, so I am very happy that one of the shops is a candy store! They've been in business since 1914 and make all their own candy and chocolates; at Christmas they even hand pull their own candy canes!


  1. Hand Pulled Candy Canes!! That is my weakness...even more than the chocolate you are so tempting us with.

    The brick is GORGEOUS. I know that Lisa at small space style did a post on brick walls, but it seems that was quite awhile ago...I'll go see for ya!

  2. How lucky are you?! Original bricks and chocolate!!

  3. Here is her post...

    Maybe Joni at Cote de Texas did one too...I kinda remember another too.

  4. WOW! Your house looks fabulous! I am so glad you and Dan are loving life up there.

    Kiss Ella for Vince and Roxi

  5. Hi 'y'all'!! I am Joanie's big sister in TEXAS! What lovely comments all of you bloggers have made to her.

    I can personally attest to the fact that she and Dan have the most fabulous taste! Y'all should see what all they did for our house in Austin!!

    Their Dallas home was beyond wonderful!!

    We miss them but we love knowing that they love New Hampshire!


  6. Linda- Thank you SO much for the brick wall link. It wasn't the post I had seen, but it was EXACTLY what I was looking for! You did good!! I wanted a photo to show the mason how I wanted the firebox bricked. I drew a picture, but didn't think he would understand my chicken scratch! The firebox is square, but I wanted to brick an arch (EXACTLY like in the very last photo with the bed) then brick in under the arch so it will be a squared opening. Seriously, thank you so much- now I have a photo! I don't even know that the original post I was looking for had any photos that were useful to me I just remember the post! The third photo also gave me another idea for the Barn room!

    Mary- yes original bricks and chocolate, a very good combo.... now I just need wine! (stay tuned for wine storage!)

    Hi Susan!!- Thank you for your sweet comments! It's great to have you "in the house!" I thought of you when I posted the chocolate covered cherries- I think I got my love of them from you!

  7. That's crazy. We don't have insulation in our old home either...looks like quite a project. Your house is moving along, it looks beautiful.
    Thanks for your kind comment about my photo...
    Your doggie is so sweet.
    Good luck, always nice to hear from you.



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