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Saturday, February 28, 2009

the finished brick fireplace

A quick post to show the finished fireplace! Didn't it turn out great?! It looks like it has always been there, which was the point, and I guess since we used the original bricks in truth it always was there! It is a wonderful anchor for that end of the kitchen, and provides great texture for the room.

For your masonry education the bricks over the firebox that stand vertically are called "soldiers." The arch is called a "lock roll" and the two sets of three bricks (hard to see in the photos) that protrude out to hold the mantle are called "knees." Now you know everything I know about masonry!

This remodeling business can wear out a puppy dog! (I did not move a single toy for this photo!)


  1. The fireplace looks absolutely wonderful!

    Poor Ella. Looks like remodeling has taken it's toll.

  2. Oh Ella, you gorgeous thing. Every house build has to have a puppy. We have a site dog, one of the builder's dogs, 'Diesel' - a mean looking bull terrier who is so fat he can hardly move. He would be mean if he could actually run. Your fireplace is looking fabulous! A-M xx

  3. Nice work on the fireplace. And, your dog is a cutie pie.

  4. So cute. Your place is looking great.
    It's so fun watching the progress. Can you believe all this snow?

    Julie from SHELTER


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