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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

all sorts of progress

Lots of progress being made around the house! Today there were 4 plaster guys, 2 brick masons, 2 plumbers, 1 finish carpenter, 2 shingle guys and 2 framers at the house. Can I hear a ka-ching?!! Here are some photos of the various projects.

The transom above the pantry door- you saw this photo a couple of weeks ago...

Now it is framed and looks like this.

I mentioned the "skirt" on the exterior of the house; this photo shows the flare. I just love this detail.
The man putting up the shingles on the house noticed that our original corner trim pieces had moulded edges to them and were not plain, so he went home and hand-made some to match! We are so very fortunate to have true craftsmen working on all aspects of the house.

Master bedroom last week.Master bedroom today being plastered.
This photo of the living room fireplace was taken before we purchased the house. Someone along the way had removed the walls on each side of the fireplace, so the fireplace just 'floated' in the room and between the living room and a small room behind it. It was way too contemporary for a 150 year old house, so we added the dividing walls back to each side. Now it just feels right, and makes the small room behind the living room feel more important. The wood stove has been removed. The doorway underneath the staircase leads into the kitchen. The door has been moved (it is now the master bath linen closet door!) and the doorway, which was low, has been raised several inches.The walls have rounded corners. This close-up shows the metal guides which will round the corners out once the plaster goes up.
The bricks going in around the see-thru fireplace in the dining room. They will be painted black like the living room fireplace brick surround.The kitchen side of the see-thru fireplace.The bricks going in!This is how it looked at the end of the day today! It is so fun to see my drawing become a reality. The bricks are from the chimney that was removed several months ago. The mortar is wet in the photo and looks a little overwhelming- the end result will be a soft, muted exposed brick wall. Above the top row of bricks in the photo will be a large plank from the barn which will be the mantle.


  1. OH MAN.......I am really jealous. I love your fireplace - and the plaster - and the progress - and the skirt - and, and, and,....
    Great work being done here !

  2. How wonderful! I can only imagine your excitement at the progress! It's somewhat hard to imagine it all from this end, exactly how all the rooms are connected . . . but just keep posting pictures and we'll cheer you along! I love remodeling. It is so rewarding. You are building a brand new bit of history for your home, something that will go on and on for years and years.
    And just the whole process; I love it; every step along the way, all the decisions, colors, design, materials, right down to how many electrical plugs. Very fun indeed!!!
    Great job. Love the fine details. Really like the skirting on the outside!
    Enjoy!! Karen

  3. I love all the activity - I can almost smell that renovation smell, plaster and progress. xv

  4. Hi Joanie! Everything looks great and is all coming together! I love your fireplace and design, you did a great job! Love you, Jenny

  5. It's is absolutely fabulous. I envy the plaster. It's is impossible to find plasterers in Virginia. It's going to be such a wonderful house. I'm enjoying watching the progress.

  6. Oh Joan...spectacular. The details are what take the cake! The skirting (never seen anything like it) the brickwork on the fireplace...the molding. Spectacular...all of it!

  7. It is REALLY coming together!I can't wait to see the finished project!!!!

  8. Dear Joanie--I am so glad things are coming together for you-- I know how hard this has been --remember- what all your Daddy and I had to go thru on the Montfort house-- but I was so proud how it did finally turn out and we could move in !!--I know you can hardly wait!!
    I am hoping to see you all settled in you new HOME soon....Love you-Baby Girl, Mama

  9. fantastic! I can't get over the skirted shingles on the exterior. The details are gorgeous and it is really coming along!

  10. Yes, I love the flare as well! This is my favorite part of the design process; where you can really visualize it being done, and still have time to make changes (did I say that?)

    Keep us posted!

    and thanks for visiting!

  11. Joan & Dan, this post has come at just the right time for me. We have a hole in our bathroom wall leading out to the garden that I could drive my car through! And my wonderful Contractor (who's actually my husband!) has just informed me that he's really busy working on other people's houses for the next 3 weeks, so he won't have the time to do much about it - grrrrrh!
    Your work is progressing just beautifully, a truly inspirational renovation.
    Millie ^_^

  12. Joan, a question regarding your fireplaces. You are using gas logs in your living room fireplace and the fumes are vented to the outside via the original/restored chimney, right? If so, do you mind sharing the type/brand of logs you selected for that fireplace? The new see thru fireplace between the kitchen and the dining room is a direct vent gas fireplace as is the fireplace in the master bedroom. At some point, in one of the exterior pictures of your home, I noticed 2 vents on what looks like the attic level. Are those the vents for your direct vent fireplaces? I do understand that your barn room fireplace is a magnificent masonry work of art. I love all the details (the good, bad & ugly) you have shared with your readers regarding the restoration of your lovely farmhouse. We have restored a 100 year old farmhouse on a much smaller scale in western NC, so I always have a special interest in the (not so pretty) construction details of restoration projects. Thank you!

    1. hi Denise, Yes, that is correct about the living room fireplace. The gas logs are made by Monessen and are the "Duzy" series. Yes, those vents you noticed above the upstairs porch are for the direct vent fireplaces.


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