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Friday, February 6, 2009

master bedroom fireplace

The master bedroom fireplace was installed yesterday and today. The fireplace is made by Town & Country . Searching for a direct-vent gas fireplace was very eye-opening for us as there are many unattractive, cheesy units out there and it was a real hunt to find a unit that looked as realistic as possible. What we love about this manufacturer is that they use what is called a disappearing glass which is a non-glare ceramic glass (really difficult to find), the firebox is very minimal, and you get to "design" your own fireplace- you pick the lining of the fireplace, and the type of fire you want. The see-thru fireplace between the kitchen and dining room is also a Town & Country.
We are looking for an antique mantle for the master bedroom. I have found one in an antique shop about 10 miles from us that I think is the one- it is very simple yet lovely. But, to be sure be drove to Vermont today to go to a salvage place we've been hearing about. It is in a little town called White River Junction and is about two hours North of us. We didn't find a mantle, but did find some interesting lighting fixtures and saw some pretty sites along the way.....

The master bedroom fireplace being framed in.

To the left of the fireplace will be the french doors

Vermont Salvage in White River Junction, Vermont.

Thought this fixture might be fun in the kitchen pantry.

Or this one...

This charming lamp shop, in the same town, was a fun surprise! The artist hand paints the shades!

I love the one with the circles!

A covered bridge on the drive home.

This tall "tree" is really a cell tower camouflaged to look like a tree!

Oh, and this is the antique mantle that we are looking at for the master bedroom. Yes, it is $299!

Close up details.


  1. Oh very FUN! I know every time we remodel, I get so antsy . . . I can't stand the wait!
    We have a few of those "pine" cell towers here in So Cal, but we have even DORKIER ones that look like PALM TREES! They are good for a laugh...well, and a phone call.
    Love the mantle, I wish we had these kind of shops here. Maybe we do and I just don't know where they are. Maybe that is a good thing? lol
    Enjoy! Have a good weekend! Karen

  2. Oh I am beyond green with envy. A fireplace (WITH a beautiful antique mantel in the bedroom??!)

    LOVE it!

    The covered bridge is SO New England. How is your weather of late???

  3. I am so jealous! A fireplace in the master!!! How will you treat the mantle? Paint, stain? ... just wondering! Can't wait to see the final reveal!

  4. How exciting. I would really love to talk to you about your fireplace and mantel. We are in the process of building a Farmhouse and I have one fireplace that I'm struggling with. I really want it to be perfect! We are also using a direct vent fireplace and we looked at the Town & Country unfortunately it was out of our price range. I would also love to use an antique mantel but haven't found one. My guys are drywalling this week so I have to make a decision soon. I would love to have your advice. Sherry

  5. Karen- I thought ours were silly, but "palm" trees! You win!!

    Linda- Weather is a getting better! In fact it's 50 right now at 8am!, which is outrageous! Snow is melting like crazy! And I'm happy to report that the days are getting longer again, it's getting dark around 5:30/5:45 instead of 4pm!! I'm sure you remember the Winter early sunsets here!

    Ivy Lane- I will paint the mantel trim color, which has yet to be determined!

    Sherry- I would be happy to talk to you- just email me at
    I tried to leave a message for you at your blog, but was having difficulty, so I hope you see this reply. We're off to Maine today... more mantle hunting (wish I could look for you too!),so might not get back to you until later tonight.

  6. I'm really not sure who is more excited by all or me! Wow on the progress...yippee skippy on how wonderful it is all going to look. Love that fireplace...and in the bedroom...even better.

    I have a Kingsdown is lovely to sleep on. Sorry to fall so behind on my comments. I will continue to look for the magazine with Linda's house...I know I have it here...somewhere in my stash of about 10,000 magazines!

    And yes, I did see Joni's piece on our favorite girl, Ginger...I thought of you!

    I am loving the sidebar pics of your old house...just dreamy. Do you have them stored anywhere else with public access? I would love to see them bigger. OK...I'll stop rambling now.

  7. Hey Miss SS! Thank you for your very sweet comment! Nice to see you!
    Thanks for the name of your mattress; I will check it out! Yes, please find Linda's house. My box of mags that has her house is MIA- but she sent some recent real estate photos and I remember her house!!
    'Bout my pics, now you're talking funny! I'm doing good to make blog posts! What is this public access you speak of?!!!


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