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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

what's your drink of choice??

It's been a very difficult three weeks- we've been told we are over budget by our contractor (if I told you how much you would not believe me), a thousand important decisions needed yesterday, in summation...THIS IS NOT FUN. At the end of the day our drink of choice during this difficult period has been a dirty martini with a jalapeno stuffed olive! I'm usually more of a wine (or whine girl!) and Dan's a beer guy, but as I told my friend Mary at St. Mary's "hard times call for hard liquor!"

So.... make me feel better and tell me what is your drink of choice?!

No, I'm not trying to emulate Beyonce doing her 'If you like it then you shoulda put a ring in it..." (And trust me I do this all the time- I love that song!!) Three weeks ago I slipped on some ice in the garage, of all places, and caught a finger on the bumper of the car as I was going down (don't ask about the precious pitcher I had just purchased at an antiques shop that broke...) Dan immediately wanted me to go to the emergency room, but I thought it was just a badly sprained finger. Three weeks later we decided I was wrong- turns out it was really an avulsion fracture. Gross. Please ignore the cuticles and the lack of a manicure (it's been a long three weeks) and please ignore the age spots (it's been a long 48 years!!!)


  1. It sounds like you are going through exactly what we are going through at this very moment. We have resorted to cask Chardonnay. If it's any comfort, we WOULD believe you if you told US! I have been shopping around for appliances all day just to save a few dollars... it's getting that tight now! A-M xx

  2. Cask Chardonnay-- I'm on it!!! I hear ya about shopping around- me too, just today! Tell me what you are looking for and maybe we can help each other!! When I say I am sorry you are going through the same thing, I mean it with all my heart-- I think "Women" contractors could rule the world!!!

  3. Oh Girl....sometimes it just sux! But your finger will heal, you'll find more money (somehow, somewhere) and you will be that much stronger. Promise.

    Here's a recipe for ya... first pretend you are in Peru (got the mind frame?). Find some Pisco (our liquor stores carry it) add about 1/4 cup pisco, Ice cubes ,1TBSP of sugar 1 TBSP of fresh squeezed lime (Or more) 1 tsp pastuerized egg whites (I don't usually do just adds a froth) to a blender....whirl until smooth..pour into martini glass.

    2 of those, and you won't feel your pain!!

    Strength to ya!!!

  4. Linda-- Pisco, yum! I'd be driving to said liquor store now, but I've surpassed my one-martini-a-night-rule already! Thank you for your words of encouragement- they mean the world to me!! j.


    You couldn't pay me enough to show my hands.....well, actually you could......desparate times, etc etc

    You already know that's my fave drink - and I only have one - but you saw the size of my glass.

    It's all DIY around here - but we'll get through it. Hang on !!

  6. Oh, I feel your pain. Really. We are just getting over our contractor induced stress and strain, and know how bad it can be.

    Our drinks of choice were red wine for me and dark beer for John. Never thought of going the cask or keg route. That's kind of a good idea!

  7. I just hate to tell you "I told you so", but what is a good sister to do? Remember several months ago when I told you that your sooo warm feeling your contractor would soon be so over AND you would run out of money, and you told me "no way"! (teasing you)
    I am sorry about your finger. Your hand doesn't look bad. It kind of looks like mine now with the age spots. Next time -- show some thigh. I really hope they don't look like mine! I love you and everything will work out (or we would hear more about women in prison for killing contractors)

  8. Hi Joanie! So sorry about your finger! and the contractor mess. My drink of choice is white wine, but can't have that for another 8 months! Your martini looks great though and I LOVE olives! Things will get better. I love you, Jenny

  9. Kathleen- OMG, you DO know what I'm talking about... your kitchen cabinet story makes my head spin. And the, so sorry.

    Patti- I was being mistakenly optimistic. Oh so true about women not being in prison for killing their contractors... Good insight.
    Ah, the lovely age spots... did I inherit those from you? I would rather have had some of your antiques or oil paintings!!

    Jenny- thanks for your concern and support! Means so much! xoxo

  10. I'm a martini girl. Most evenings I have a gin martini with a little vermouth and an olive. The only bad things about martinis is sometimes one isn't enough, but two is way too much. We remodeled our kitchen, dining room, bar and living room last year - those martinis were definitely flowing during that time! Hubby sometimes walks in the back door, takes one look at me and walks directly to the martini shaker. Hey, cheaper than therapy.

  11. Mary- too funny! OMG, that is so true about one not being enough and two is over the limit!! I totally agree about the cheaper than therapy! I can't tell you how much it means knowing I'm not alone... this remodeling isn't for light weights is it?!! You have a very sweet hubby!

  12. Gosh Patti doesn't take any prisoners does she!!! I sooo relate to this post, I look down at my 53 year-old hands & nails & see my 20 years of renovating all laid out in them! What was I thinking when I scraped a whole room of very stubborn wallpaper off with my nails, when all else failed! Hope your finger is on the mend very soon.
    Millie ^_^

  13. Rereading a few of your posts and came across this one. It's got me laughing through my tears for a few reasons! 1) I think I need to take up martinis if it helps avoid therapy during this reno--especially since the reno means I can't afford therapy! 2) I had forgotten about your broken finger...renovating sure does cause injury somehow. So far I have broken my foot trying to move a piece of furniture (and dropping said piece of furniture on my foot), gotten frostbite during this hellish winter while trying to shovel snow away from the doors so the workers didn't track it in (and, yes, I was wearing boots. Apparently my low blood pressure--somehow I still have low blood pressure despite all this--makes me more susceptible to cold), and fainted twice from forgetting to eat, once in a faculty meeting which was hugely embarrassing. 3) Don't even get me started on the ever escalating budget. In the last three weeks we have found an old and unknown brick chimney in the wall to our new master bathroom which had to be removed by a mason, a cracked toilet stack, and roots in the main. Ugh. But thank goodness for you, Joan, for making me laugh and keeping my hopes for this 180 year old house alive! -- Shannon in Rhode Island

    1. I feel your pain Shannon- ughhh about the chimney and the roots in the main, and.....;)
      Yes, martini's help:):) Best of luck for the rest of the renovation!


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