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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vicki's Fabulous French Life...

I'm so excited... the postman just delivered Vicki Archer's book (of the wonderful French Essence blog),
My French Life!
If you don't own a copy you need to! It is a gorgeous book filled with beautiful photographs, and I can't wait to pour a glass of bubbly and devour every word! It will take prominent residence on the book table in the Reading Room.
Now I'm thinking I need to go to France to get it personally autographed by Vicki!

all book photos by Carla Coulson


  1. Looks really good - have fun and thanks for the tip. I am in Boston - sort of in your neck of the woods!

  2. Joan, my copy takes pride of place on my ottoman, in front of the fireplace. I have read it and re read it, from cover to cover, and hubby and I are constantly scheming to sell the house and travel France again with our boys.... and it's all Vicki's fault! Enjoy, enjoy! A-M xx

  3. So glad you are enjoying MFL Joan, it's one of those books that you never tire of. I've had mine for over a year & I'm always going back & having another dip & drool.

    Although I did have to tell Vicki that all the boys bought mine for my birthday & Son # 5 was sent into the city to pick it up by the Bros. As you know it's not exactly a copy of the Best of Popular Mechanics, so he said he'd never do it again as people in the store were giving him strange looks. I'm not surprised all 6'6" of him in his dirty outdoor work clothes & muddy work boots shuffling up to the counter whispering to the Assistant about wanting a copy of My French Life! Vicki has given us all such a visual & verbal treat - enjoy every page.
    Millie ^_^

  4. It is a beautiful book. Another couple you may enjoy are Italian Joy by Carla Coulson(the very talented photographer of MFL) and At My French Table by Jane Webster.

  5. I enjoy Vicki's blog very much and will have to pick up her book. It looks wonderful! Deborah

  6. Oh...SUCH a great book. The photo's the words...what a treat! Vicki is a delight!

    And YES...go to france! I'll house sit for ya while you're gone...


  7. Thank you so much for putting this post up - I am very touched and I am just so happy you have enjoyed reading it and looking at the pics. France is my one true love and I am just so delighted that you share my passion too. xv


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