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Sunday, July 12, 2009

come along with us on our walk!

I thought you might like to come along on our walk this morning!
It's a gorgeous sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. It is 75 degrees and the high today is supposed to be 79.
(note: that is said with a wee tinge of guilt and a wee bit of gloat for my Southern peeps!)

We live in what is referred to as the town center. Not to be confused with the center of town. In New England the "center" is generally the original or oldest, historic part of the town. Often times the "downtown" was relocated when the railroad came along. For example, our downtown is a mile down the hill from us.

When we were looking at houses we would always consider "where do we walk the dog?," as a daily dog-walk is a constant in our lives! One of the many things we loved about our house was that there were many directions that we could go, and with all of the quiet roads and antique homes every way proved a beautiful walk. The walk today is 3-miles. It's basically one big circle. This walk is on the road- most of the walk is paved, but there is a stretch where we are on a dirt road. (There are many off-road trails around us and sometimes we walk those too.)
So put on your tennies and grab your sunglasses, here we go....

(photos are in exact order as we see them on our walk)

starting off down our driveway

our beehives at the end of the drive (disclaimer: landscaping is next year!) we'll turn left and head south to start the walk

ella taking the lead

this estate is a summer house for some lucky family

the carriage house that goes with the summer house

antique farmhouse

beautiful pink roses growing on the stone wall

this is Mr. B's house. he's 90 years old- still drives. he's the sweetest, most engaging elderly man; we love chatting with him when we see him on our walk

one of the many trails in the area. some days this is one of our walks

the road to the girl scout camp that is at the bottom of our road

antique farmhouse

hidden reproduction cape

love this house! it's circa 1791. they have the most beautiful grounds

old church which is now a home

the building on the left was once the meeting house. it is now a children's summer playhouse. the congregational church, circa 1763, is on the right

close up of the congregational church. the original town pound is to the right of the church. it's a square stoned-wall fence structure that would house lost or run-away animals. generally the owner would have to pay a fine to retrieve their animal

our town police officer stopped to say hi! turns out he's an ex-pat texan too!

sadly this is the best photo I could get of this house, circa 1850,- it is a really wonderful and has a great view of the mountains

this house, circa 1850, is one of my favorites

the yellow house, circa 1800. you can be my neighbor, this house is for sale! they just lowered the price to $990k

the yellow house's barn

a golfing green open to neighbors

charming antique cape. sadly they lost their huge tree next to the house as you can see from the shadows on the roof... no leaves

oh wait, I lied, "this" is my favorite house!!

this is the center's tennis club. there are two clay courts. the setting almost makes me want to take up tennis

a country auction house. we've never been, as we've yet to see it open

dan & ella setting the pace

antique homestead, circa 1812

this house is a bed & breakfast

this antique cape, circa 1811, is called the daffodil house as in the spring 5,000 yellow daffodils bloom on the property

charming home that belongs to a new friend

antique granite road marker

oh wait.... this one IS my favorite house! it is circa 1819 and there is a cemetery on the hill above the house and a well-known ghost lives there. a group from harvard has even been out to study the ghost! this is where we start on the dirt road

and just a few yards up we come to this! it's our town reservoir

to put it into perspective, this pond is a 10 minute walk from our house

mama & baby ducks enjoying the sun

ella: city dog turned country dog!

love this tree and it's roots

no, that's not an alligator coming out of the tree, it's a tree fungus! don't miss the one growing at the base of the tree- cuz I'm not; I'm watching them!

a small stream

moose (the big horse) and cj (the pony)

finally home. that's one tired pup! the only thing that got her back was the promise of "puppy popsicles" aka ice cubes!

Hope you enjoyed the walk!
Now go take a nap on the sofa... that's what Ella's doing!


  1. Whew! I need a vitamin water! Stop by & enter my drawing tomorrow,

  2. Um...don't mind me...but I'll be staying on this gorgeous shady path for like a day or two. Just Hangin'.

    That was so gorgeous, and reminds me a lot of where we lived in NY. ALSO reminds me a lot of how I am here...This is my FAVE THIS is my favorite, wait...THIS is...

  3. What a beautiful walk! This may sound silly, but it looks like it smells really good too. Gotta love fresh clean air! I really like the little church that is now someone's home. What a cool conversion!

  4. Oh...Me again.
    If you would just let the people in the antique farmhouse...and the 1800's estate...oooh, and the church house ...not to be worried. It's just me.

    Well...go ahead and broadcast to the whole walk route (including the horses). I'll be "visiting".

    ... and I'm *relatively* harmless.

  5. Beyond beautiful! Every single house.

  6. Hi Joan: Weren't we lucky this weekend, with our weather? We deserved this. Like you, I have a great route that I walk/ride my bike. We have lived in other states, but we always move back here; there is something special about these towns. Thank you for posting such great pictures!

  7. I just found your blog and love it. We just finished renovating an old house too. Your "walk" was beautiful. Will keep reading and learning, as am just starting to blog. Thanks. Janet
    The Gardeners Cottage

  8. Wonderful walk! Isn't it wonderful to be able to have such at beauty a few steps from your front door?

  9. Ugh, I pressed send before I proof-read my post...anyway, I loved your pictures. Best to you!

  10. How lovely to get my exercise via you guys! What a truly delightful meander I've had - stunning houses, delightful gardens, friendly locals & sweet companions.
    Millie ^_^

  11. Wow! I would walk every day too if that's what I got to look at! Wait a minute... I live in a pretty neighborhood, so maybe lack of scenery is not really my problem...

  12. Loved seeing your daily walk. It is so beautiful and peaceful. While I am enjoying the excitement of the city, I will welcome the quiet of the hill country when we get home. Check your email later for an update on the antique market yesterday!

  13. That was a lovely walk. Thanks for sharing it. I liked the dark brown 'favorite' house, too. Does Ella ever take a dip in the reservoir?

  14. Lovely! That pond is instantly refreshing!

  15. HEAVEN ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A-M xx

  16. This is just the most beautiful walk - what a magical part of the world, xv.

  17. Now this is my kind of walk - I sit and drink coffee and you show me pictures.

    Have you had any peeks into the church - turned - house ? wonder what they did to theirs....

  18. I had such a lovely walk with you all! Thanks for taking us along! What a beautiful's a combination of my two favorite things - gorgeous old houses and country scenery. Ella is one happy cutie pie ; )

  19. I so enjoyed your walk - thank you for giving us a look at this lovely place where you live. Beautiful! Leigh

  20. I am so jealous of where you live! It is beautiful and peaceful, and like another poster said looks like it smells great!

  21. Thank you all so much for coming on our walk with us!! It was fun to have you along!
    Linda- neighbors & horses have been warned!;)
    Kathleen- no, even if there wasn't a "dogs are prohibited" sign Ella would never even consider jumping in the water, she's not that kind of girl;)
    Mary- no peeks inside, yet! Maybe we could get Linda on it!!;)
    Allison & Catherine- very perceptive, as it really does smell amazing!
    Thank you all for your comments! joan

  22. I wish I could go on a walk with you everyday, Joan.
    You live in a gorgeous place.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.


  23. Joan,

    The greatest thing about blogging, that I'm finding out, is the ability to see how others live. Your walk has shown me a piece of life that I would never have known existed. What a beautiful place you live in. I'm going to copy you and take a walk with my camera in my neighborhood. Just for the joy of sharing. Thank you so much.


  24. wonderful - i really feel like i know where you live now - how beautiful it all is!!!

  25. Andy's!! Oh my gosh, that brings back so many memories! I never acted there but alot of my friends did and I watched so many plays there, love them all!

    I grew up in NH and my parents still live there, its so nice to read that you are taking the time to renovate such an amazing house and take it back to its glory.

    Going to read the rest of your blog, I love it!!

  26. Oh my goodness... I know just where you are! I have been on that road many times on the way to a certain mill. You live in one of the most beautiful spots in of New England!

  27. Dear Joan, Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such lovely comments, I truly appreciate them. I'm just exploring your blog and took this 'walk' around your town. What a beautiful place you live in! Lovely to have such old houses and all the gardens to look at on your walk! Thank you again for stopping by, it's lovely to meet you and your lovely lamps :)


  28. I am just tickled that I have found your blog. I have read through several of your posts over the past couple of days. Your walk with Ella was so much fun, I felt like I was there:) I grew up in Maryland, lived in Knoxville, TN for 22 years, and for the past 5 have been in rural west central Ohio. In my late teens/early 20's I spent a lot of time in NH and VT. My boyfriend in high school moved to NH (from MD) because his dad's company transferred him. They lived in Londonderry. I spend many a summer exploring NH with him. Absolutely LOVED it. Now, I get to explore it again through your eyes........


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