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Saturday, September 12, 2009

in progress...


chandelier in the basement being waxed:

And while we're in the basement, here is a shot of our Buderus propane-fueled boiler. This unit heats the water for our heating system in the house, and the radiant heat in the garage floor. In the background of the third photo you see our tankless Rinnai water heater. We don't worry about running out of hot water as our plumbers installed this same single unit in a laundromat that had 22 washing machines!

Oh, and by the way........
in case you were wondering.... Ella loves the tractor!
(What you don't see in this photo is Dan eating lunch on the tractor.... shrimp salad on an ironstone plate, water in a glass, and a cloth napkin.... we're fancy farm people!! Actually, I just couldn't get him to come in for lunch, so I took it to him!)


  1. Your chandelier is looking amazing as I knew it would. What a terrific "FIND"!!!


  2. Hi Joan and Dan,

    Just called in for a quick look, love the chandelier, it looks amazing with the wax on it, it has bought out all the details of the carving. If the computer people ever come with my scanner, printer and speakers I will send you some pictures of our farm/tractors (yes including "Johnny" tractors. Also a little update - after much painting with sample pots of paint have decided on "Dulux" "Antique White USA" for trims in dining and lounge room (which is the same colour as the kitchen) and for walls "Dulux Buff It", which is a really lovely linen colour, so it is a small diversion from the cream colour I was initially after!! The plasterer came and had a look at the damage around the skylight during the week and can roughly be here in around 2/3 weeks - then the painters can come through!! So there will be action here soon!!! Have a lovely day both of you - I will call in again soon.

    Take Care.

    Love Janine
    Tasmania, Australia.

  3. Oh gorgeous on that Chandy? Secret polishing wax? Linseed oil? Briwax? Prey tell. Not that I ever get any antiques worthy of polishing. Sigh.

  4. The chandelier know is a beauty!


  5. Carolyn- Thank you & hope you had a lovely holiday!

    Janine- Thank you so much for the update! I think you need your own house-blog!! Your colors sound beautiful!

    Linda- I'm going to get Dan to do a wax post (yes, it's wax!) He has some techniques he picked up on our antiquing trips to France that make all the differnce!

    Greet- Thank you!! It will be so nice to get it hung and not have to look at a bare bulb any more!

  6. Sweet puppy! :) And a beautiful chandy!

  7. What a great find! I wish I had more time to scour some great flea markets! Looking forward to seeing more transformations!

  8. The waxing on the chandelier looks wonderful - can't wait to see it completed and in place. Leigh

  9. You really spoil the Tractor Guy Joan. God forbid if MOTH ever sees this post.
    Millie ^_^

  10. Wow, it's really going to be beautiful. Perfect for fancy farm folks such as yourselves!

  11. Oh I love the chandelier! I too have a Rinnai tankless, way down here in Australia... great minds! Love the tractor shot! A-M xx

  12. What a great find! Can't wait to see the chandelier hanging in your home:) You have inspired me to make a trip to Brimfield.

  13. Glad about the hot water...nothing worse than worrying about that. The chandelier will be gorgeous, what a great find. xv

  14. Hi Joan and Dan: Your chandy is looking great! I understand about not wanting to take a lunch break....this great weather is not going to last forever; I love getting outside on days like this. Dan is lucky; I don't think that many farmers get a delicious lunch served to them in style while on a tractor!

  15. I'm burning with curiosity about the special wax. What is it?

    That's a nice tankless water heater. Never running out of hot water is the best.

    Lastly, you are indeed fancy farm people. Did you serve just a one course meal on the tractor?


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