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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brimfield or bust...

We made Brimfield yesterday, and all I can say is Oh My Head!! To say Brimfield is a 'big' show, is the understatement of the year.
It is Huge... period. And overwhelming! Brimfield would qualify as the Olympics of antiquing! The fields (field upon field, upon field) had opened on Tuesday, and two shows and one field started on Wednesday (the day we were there), and then more shows were opening today. (The "shows" are also in fields, they are just enclosed and you have to pay admission to get in to those areas.)

We made fast time, often perusing merchandise from the isle without going into a space. Dan and I shop quickly, and don't waste time, as you see more ground that way and don't loose your momentum. We are a good team; if one person misses something the other person generally spots it.
I do not buy to buy. I've been known to go to Round Top and not purchase a single item. I never buy something unless I absolutely love it. So, that being said, my goal was to just experience Brimfield and learn our way around. I really had no expectations to find anything (mainly because I don't "need" anything), and because the only thing I'm really looking for at the moment is my kitchen chandelier. For my perfect chandelier I had in mind a general size, a feel: I was thinking antique French, iron, graceful lines...., but since I want something old I had to "be open" to what finds me!! Well, I'm happy to say that the chandelier found us!!

It is a hand-turned, hand-carved wood (walnut- not the iron I had thought I wanted, but I think in the end it will be a better fit for our farmhouse), antique French chandelier (when we took the piece apart to start the renovation we found French writing on the underside of the base). The scale is perfect- it is large at 31" diameter, and has the fluid lines I was looking for. So... at the end of the day at Brimfield I purchased my elusive kitchen dining chandelier and two linen dish towels.... perfect!


Once again, you're going to have to "trust me" on this one.... I promise it's going to be gorgeous! Really, I promise!! As is our method of operation we always find antiques in need of some "love." In this 'as found' photo the stem is separate from the body of the chandelier, and the small ceiling cap and chain will be changed out. We just happened to have a ceiling cap in our surplus that will be perfect. The fixture will be cleaned, waxed, rewired, and have hand-dripped wax sleeves.

loved these orbs made from old farm implement discs



  1. I was recently inquiring about grain sacks from a seller in NY...she said she was inundated with dealers buying her out in prep for Brimfield!

    Did you get a headache?

    I LOVE that gorgeous chandy and habve no doubt it'll be stunning after your care!

  2. Love the have such a great eye. What made me gasp was the disc orbs...oh my goodness...I. must. have. ;)

  3. Oh my. I want so much to go to Brimfield someday soon just to experience it, as you said. My favorite local flea market has 800 some dealers and it can get my head spinning. I can't imagine what something the size of Brimfield would do to me!! Great chandelier btw. Can't wait to see it a spruced up.

  4. Your chandelier is gorgeous!

    And , oh I would have been there ! What an amazing place to find antiques! And so much swedish antiques!
    I can feel the atmosphere in the pictures you took!


  5. Linda- I saw tons of grainsacks... Yes, I "did" get a headache! How did you know?!!

    Shelly- I adore all things round! And these orbs were stunning!

    Tracy- You would love Brimfield, and yes, your head will spin!!

    Greet- Lots of Swedish!! So fun! I have as my screen saver the photo of the hydrangeas at the barn from your Garnier Antiques post! It is so stunning- every time I turn on the computer it takes my breath away!

  6. I'm overwhelmed just reading and looking at your pictures. Hope you have good weather.

  7. Joan,

    All I can say is that I am so very envious. I would have gone nuts just seeing all the garden "stuff". You definitely hit the antiquing jackpot.

    BTW, I can truly envision your old/new chandelier to be a thing of beauty when you get it finished. It will be gorgeous. YAH!!!!!


  8. Good choice on the chandelier. Love it. And, I kind of want one of those orbs.

  9. Joan: My best friend and I went to Brimfield years ago and were overwhelmed. I took our truck because we were convinced that we would load it up; what we ended up with fit behind the seat! It is an experience! Your chandy looks great already. I know that it will look perfect in your home. Cindy

  10. What a fun story! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself and found your chandelier. I am heading to Round Top/Warrenton in a few weeks and of course, do not need one single thing, but is is just such fun to see what is out there! Still trying to get up your way - someday!

  11. Hooley Dooley Joan - medals to you & Dan the Man for bravery in the face of such 'difficult' conditions! MOTH would have to consult MJ's Dr. for a little anaesthesia to numb the pain prior to embarking on such a challenge.
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. Your chandelier will be awesome, no doubt there.

  12. oh, how I love those rugs next to Mora clocks!
    thank you for sharing!


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