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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There was a MOOSE in our back meadow !!!

"Toto, we're not in Texas anymore!"

We've lived in New Hampshire now for two years, and have never seen a moose! We've heard about them, see road signs for them- warning of moose crossing the road for the next five miles, you can even get a license plate with a moose on it... but we have never seen one here. We talk about moose often on our drives.... looking in marshy fields to spy one, wondering where they live, asking each other when we will see our first New Hampshire moose, but nothing, nada, zip.

Until tonight. Only moments ago- standing in the master bedroom looking out over the back meadow in the dusk of nightfall and Dan proclaims he sees a moose on the hill behind our house! A mere 300 yards away. "Yeah, right" I say as I'm running to get the binoculars, the whole time thinking he's delusional and needs to get his eyes checked! And then, sure as rain, there it is ....


Not on some back road, not in some marshy wetland on one of our drives..... but in our very own backyard!!!!

(I tried all different settings on my camera and this was the best shot I could get... he (has a rack) is in the center of the photo and his legs appear white. Hope that helps you to spot him in the photo!)


  1. Yay! What a wonderful sighting. We don't have them here, just the odd cute possum..Rachaelx

  2. How special! That must have been amazing to see. We don't see anything at our house but we do have a cabin on the river and have seen the most amazing wildlife.
    Thanks for sharing ~

  3. I'm so jealous! I'd love to see a moose in my back yard! Let us know when he comes back.

  4. I love that your bedroom looks out onto a meadow. And, now it's even better. A meadow with a moose. Way to go!

  5. How cool is that! We used to live in the hudson Valley and had all kinds of wildlife in our backyard- I really miss it
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Oh, that's so great Joan that you get to see some local wildlife right on your property! What a wonderful view you have from the master bedroom too!

  7. Okay. I am thinking that is so cool but then again as your sister I am thinking "Oh My Gosh! Stay away from that moose!!!!!" Was he as big as a Teton Moose? The next think you will be saying is that you saw a BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Isn't it special to see such animals? I am glad you were able to see the moose. I saw two once while in Canada. Very special creatures that God put on our Earth!! :>)

  9. Cool! I have only seen a moose once while we were driving in Maine! My son went to school in VT, he saw them, it was my wish to see one while he was there, but I never did! Four years of gosh knows how many trips to/fro and never saw a moose. I would have been so excited to see one. I have also seen bears! Enjoy all that nature has to offer!

  10. Hi Joan, Oh what a sweet moose! How very exciting to see such a lovely creature passing through your property. And how very wonderful that your very first moose sighting was right at home. That's the best house blessing ever. xoxo Trina

  11. I would love to see Moose in my backyard, 'cos our Moose is one of MOTH's mates who's the best GC in the world! If Moose Dunlop appeared here @ The Hedge that bathroom would be finished in a flash! We have 'Koalas Crossing' signs on our Freeway into the city. I always hope they are smart enough to read to avoid the fast cars.
    Millie ^_^

  12. I hear if you give a Moose a cookie....

    (children's story I read over and over thosands of times to my little brood)

    They are beautiful...until they bring their friends and eat all your plants and siding off your house. Wait, that was Colorado.

    Enjoy your moose....and leave a cookie for him.


  13. I have a house in NH and have been going to it for over 40 years. I have NEVER seen a moose there. Have seen tracks, antlers, rubbings, but never a moose. I am so envious!

  14. Wow! How cool! You guys should give him a name. Forest had a carved moose head with a very comical smile hanging in his office when we first met. He is now hanging in our utility room above the washing machine. The moose, not Forest. :) His name is Toulousse. Toulousse the Moose. I hope he becomes a regular visitor!

  15. HA! I am glad that someone has seen one! My sweetie and I have traveled a bit in Canada....down many, many roads that have that moose sign....seen none....smiles.

  16. Wow Joan,

    I've seen one in person too. They are HUGE. I clicked on the picture and enlarged it. You must have been shaking with excitement taking the pic! But I could clearly make it out.

    I was sitting on my father-in-laws deck in Northern Utah. A very isolated property and lo and behold a moose just came walking right by. He told me they can get very aggressive. I was frozen still with my mouth hanging open! Lucky you!

  17. OH !!! Your very own MOOSE in your yard
    WOW, Remember the Moose tried to feed
    carrots to in the TETONS thru the window??
    Say safe and don't you or Ella get near it!
    Love you ...Mama

  18. Lucky moose! He has a Texan in his meadow!!!

  19. That's kind of scary! A moose? Pretty amazing!

  20. that is wild!! I thought of moose as more of a western thing. interesting!

  21. hahaha...halarious + cute!

    im loving your blog. halarious.
    will be following your adventures..


  22. Hi Joan,

    I just wanted to let you know that I've saved a couple of your pictures (I never do that)of your hotel silver and flatware. You are making me crazy with that tabletop setting. I'm going to the Rose Bowl with Eddie Ross tomorrow and I'm hoping to find some hotel silver. Anything silver.
    Your house is GORGEOUS!


  23. A moose! None of those over here in Australia!! How cool is that photo? Funny!

  24. What a way to end your day-with a moose sighting. In your very own backyard. I don't think there are many of us that can say they've had that experience!

  25. Hi again Joan, a MOOse!!! I just saw this post and I cracked up. They are sooo huge. I saw one in Wyoming many years ago but to have one in your backyard is so great. Did the dogs bark?



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