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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bright & Shining

The vintage chandeliers for the two guest bedrooms have been cleaned, rewired and hung by the resident handyman (aka Dan;). They are now bright and shining in their respective rooms!

This is what the chandeliers looked like when I found them. If you missed it, you can read about it here. I removed the crystal festoons (also called garlands per the glossary from the book mentioned at the bottom of this post), which I think highlights the simple lines of the chandelier.

The silver ceiling caps were found at Cranberry Hill Lighting in Cape Neddick, Maine. It's our closest lighting store, and we look for any excuse possible to drive to the Maine coast!!
Here is one chandelier before the real-wax sleeves arrived.

The real-wax sleeves were purchased from Lumiere Candles.
I love this company!
Because my sleeves were not a standard size they were a special order- they were custom made for me on Monday, shipped on Wednesday and arrived on Saturday! I'm a firm believer that it's the attention to the little details that will make a room sing.

Close-up of the sleeve. (sleeves are in "white")

I also ordered sleeves for this pair of antique iron sconces in the master bath. These sleeves were only one inch, and yet the attention to detail on the drips is perfect! The sconces flank the antique tub in the master bath. We found these sconces at an antiques shop in Marseilles, France. I love the purple crystals.

Lights off!
If you love chandeliers you might be interested in this book, Chandeliers by Elizabeth Hilliard. I recently purchased this book, and have been so impressed with the sheer number of photographs of chandeliers (over 200 per the book jacket), not to mention, the history and information of different styles and periods.


  1. Hi Joan! love your new chandelier and sconces. The purple crystals are wonderful!

    Why don't you just run on down to Texas tomorrow and go to Round Top with me? Wouldn't that be fun!!

  2. Hi Joan - The chandeliers look beautiful! What a difference a little TLC made. The sconces are lovely too. Love the purple crystal. Great choices!

  3. Love the chandeliers and the wall sconces are gorgeous.

    Leeann x

  4. LOVE the chandeliers and removing the swags was a wise choice. Just lovely
    xoxo Pattie

  5. Oh. So. Gorgeous. Never seen purple crystals before...beauti-mus!

  6. Joan, Your chandeliers are gorgeous. I too think they look much better without the crystal draping especially for a bedroom. It definitely shows the beautiful lines of the chandelier. I always enjoy reading your blog.


  7. Joan,

    These are so gorgeous. And the purple crystals! Now if only you would show that antique tub in the bathroom. I cannot wait to see your rooms. Pretty please!


  8. Joan, I am speechless at how gorgeous these are! You're right, the detail with the wax sleeves makes them even more beautiful. I am thoroughly jealous - I have never seen purple crystals. You have exquisite taste!
    I agree with Janet - you must now show us your bathroom and that tub. :)

  9. Joan, these came out stunning! Definitely worth the work and every penny!

    Thank you for the link to Lumiere I love the wax sleeves and had no idea they existed so these are definitely in my future.

  10. Joan they're absolutely stunning. It's always so wonderful to see such beautiful things in the beautiful setting they were meant to be in. And I love how so many of your treasures have such romantic your purple crystal sconces from France. What a lovely memory to have every time you look at them. Trina

  11. Hi Joan

    The chandeliers look amazing. I love what you've done to them - they now look so understated and elegant. Just beautiful. Leigh

  12. Joan and Dan:
    Lovely! I like that you turned the chandelier into your own....and the purple crystals remind me of the window panes in some of the windows on Beacon Hill.

  13. Very beautiful Joan, you've done so well. I'm looking for chandeliers at the moment and the only problem is there are so many gorgeous styles. .Rachaelxx

  14. Ohhhh no! I just bought that exact same chanelier off of ebay for my master bath! I am not kidding. That is NOT a vintage chandelier, but was sold to you as one. I am more than happy to provide a picture so you can's the exact same, right down to the round ball crystal on the bottom (which I removed by the way). I love your blog, thanks for sharing! Margaret, Virginia

  15. I love light fixtures and yours are amazing! Thanks for the info on the wax sleeves.

    xx kelley

  16. Hi Margaret! I'm so happy you like the blog!
    No worries! I was an antiques dealer for ten years in Dallas and we specialized in lighting (chandeliers and lamps), and I assure you- from the original wiring which we replaced, to the wear on both chandeliers that they are indeed "vintage"...not antique (which means they must be at least 100 years old) but "vintage"- (meaning 50 to 100 years old). I would estimate the pair is from the 1950's/1960's earning them the "vintage" label. I too have seen new copies of this style of chandelier, and the "disco ball" is very common! Be sure to look into the real-wax sleeves for your chandelier- they make all the difference! Thank you again for reading the blog!

  17. I love the chandeliers, the sleeves, and everything you've done with your house! But I also love those light bulbs! Where did you get them?

    Can't wait for your next post!


  18. Hi Lisa!
    Thank you for your sweet comment! The light bulbs are 7 watt silicone dipped bulbs. I found these at a near-by antiques shop. I have purchased some at JoAnn's, but returned them as they had these really, really long top-stems that I personally didn't care for (and fyi- you can't just cut them off with scissors and have them the right length- I tried that and they looked awful, so had to throw those away;).

    Lumiere Candles sells them too! If you click on the link in the above post, and then click "bulbs" on the left hand side of the page- you'll find them as the second bulb down. They look like the stem length is perfect, and that's a great price too- that's what I paid for mine (I've seen them much more expensive.)


  19. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! You were so wise to take the garlands off. I am not sure I would have thought of that but they look so much better that way. Really...stunning!

  20. I love seeing your finished handiwork installed and brightly shining and would happily snatch the sconces right off the wall! It all turned out perfectly and yes, it's all in the details!

  21. The chandy is beautiful and the amethyst crystals on the sconces are perfection. -Brenda


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