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Saturday, June 11, 2011

my mother made me buy it...

when I was 12 years old... with my birthday money. 
 I was not happy. 

I didn't want it in the first place, and it was "old" to my 12-year-old-self as it was 17 years old when I was made to buy it.  If I was to have to have a sewing machine I wanted one that was bright, shiny and new.  My mother sewed and her sewing machine was the large version of the featherweight.  She had had hers for years and knew this one was of value, even then.  I did not.  Then, to make matters worse for my 12-year-old-self my mother made me take sewing lessons during the summer vacation that year....again, not happy. 

I did not learn to sew well that summer, or any summer for that matter.  I can sew straight lines and have made many pillows, napkins,  curtains (think heavy cotton upholstery-weight with a lining and tassel trim curtains ;), and lots of puppy scarves (our first dog, Kelsey, wore a lot of scarves:) and  I once made a slip cover for an ottoman.  Minutes after I had made it and put it on the ottoman Dan asked me how I did it, and I honestly hadn't a clue.  I figured it out as I went, and could not have recreated it if my life had depended on it! 
My point is that while " I " do not sew well (my kingdom to know how to put in a zipper- the pillows I make all have a "whipped" closure- I must have been daydreaming that day in sewing class;)  this little sewing machine is, well.... a machine!!  It can sew like the big-boys, so don't be fooled by its diminutive demeanor. 
I have grown to love and appreciate my little sewing machine over the years, which is now a collector's item.  It has served me well.  Just today I had to get it out to sew up a little tear in one of the slipcovers from the kitchen dining table. 
My mint Singer Featherweight was made in 1955.  I found the same make/year/condition for sale for $630!!

I guess it's time I thank my mother for making me buy it!

Note the price sticker on the spool of thread... it is from Winn's- a dime store in Texas that was a favorite store of mine as a child.  It closed probably close to 20 years ago... I guess you could say I don't use "white" thread very often!! 

so (no pun intended;) ..... do you know how to sew?!


  1. I can sew - good enough to fake it - but I wish I were better. I'd say thank you too! WOW! What value!~?!? xo,A

  2. My mom quilts- as in she whips those things out in days if she wants and even has one of those long arm machines to do the top quilting. She bought me a sewing machine th Christmas my husband was deployed- um, great- certainly made me feel a lot better! Apparently, she forgot that I was a Brownie drop-out after the sewing unit and that I didn't do well in 4-H sewing either. To make matters worse, when I opened it, she proudly exclaimed, "And it's a REALLY nice one, too!" So, I break it out once a year or so for straight lined sewing projects and then put it back in time-0ut! :)

  3. I was encouraged to sew too as a child. But I used my Mom's singer. I never enjoyed machine sewing very much. I liked hand sewing. Embroidery and sewing little details. I learned well enough that for a few years I made my living creating one of a kind fashions. But I enjoyed the design and hand embellishment more than the machine sewing. I clench my teeth while sewing. I do like to be able to whip up curtains and stuff when I need it but I put off dragging out my sewing machine. I hate getting it out and I hate having thread everywhere. I am glad I learned though because I can do it if I need to.

    My Mom still loves to sew...she always has. Now I have a Kenmoore bought for me by my ex just before he left me. Maybe that is why I hate to sew.

  4. Just have to comment because four of these little darlings are at my house. My parents gave me my first machine and I have the one my Dad gave my Mom when they were married in 1955. The
    Featherweight is a little powerhouse that never lets me down, even with daily use!!

  5. I sew straight lines too! That's it for me. Love my two year old $80 Singer. I store it under a draped table in the bedroom.

  6. That's so funny! I learned to sew on the same machine (although I can't tell from the pic how big yours is...)when I was 11. I sewed my clothes (and some for family members) all through middle and high school and when I was married in 1972 my husband bought me a 'real' machine for Christmas. I still have my Singer though and am teaching my new adopted daughter to sew on it.....she's not allowed to touch my nice Bernina yet!

  7. Aren't mommies the best? I love the machine! oxox, Diane

  8. I can sew, and I admire your machine. I wish I could still get thread for that price!!

  9. I sew...started when I was 6 years old. My mom was left handed and felt I would learn better from a right handed teacher. Went to Singer for classes. First dress I chose way back then had a scalloped neckline. Who in their right mind lets a 6 year old pick that pattern?!? I love to sew to this day. I go through withdrawal if my White 305 has to go in for a tune up! And I would love to get my hands on a machine like yours. One more thing for me to keep my eyes open for.

  10. Nope. But my dad use to upholster old cars for years at his dad's shop. He can sew like no one I've ever seen. He even sewed all of my dance costumes over the years. His mom taught me to sew years ago on an old peddle singer but I have since forgotten. I've been thinking about taking it up again. I LOVE your machine! Your mom was smart.

    ♥ sécia

  11. Artie- you are a man of many talents my friend!

    Tara- mine stays in "time out" most of the year too!

    Nita- I'm so impressed that you made a living designing original clothing! yes, I definitely think the ex's Kenmore needs to be traded for another with better 'energy';)

    Shawn- your description of the Featherweight is perfect!

    Lori- it's amazing all the things you can do sewing just straight lines, yes?!

    Miss F- you can tell the scale of the sewing machine by comparing it to the standard size spool of thread. That's great that you are teaching your daughter to sew!

    Diane- well, I certainly didn't think so back then;)

    Elizabeth- isn't that thread price something?!

    Comeca- thank you!!

    Ann Marie- a 6 year old sewing a scalloped neckline?! you must be a master now if that is where you started!! I be 'you' can see in a zipper;)

    Secia- oh you should definitely take it up again- it's in your blood, you'd be great

  12. I have a featherweight just like yours! My uncle bought it for me when I was around 12. My mom made me take sewing lessons in the summer, as well. I'm glad she did. I worked as an assistant designer in the fashion industry many years ago and still use my sewing skills to make pillows and draperies. I haven't used my featherweight in years.

  13. You have a gem... yes it's is a "wanted" machine by many. Me included. :-) Someday I'm going to get one. A lot of quilters love these as they are perfect machines to take to quilting retreats. I've even read where some gals are trying to find one built the year they were born and others have them renovated and painted in really cool colors. Like these that were featured at the 2006 Paducah quilt show.


    And this site will renovate and paint them for you. I have not researched the site.. but I love the idea. Something to consider if you are so inclined.. it would be a really cool accessory to set somewhere in your beautiful home.


  14. I can't sew worth beans but still am jealous of that beautiful little machine! What a beautiful little piece of history.....I am sure it must be thrilling to create beautiful things on something so special....love it!

  15. Yes I know how and took Home economics for 6 years and at one point I thought I would teach Home Economics. Do I sew now, Not at all. I found I can't do it perfectly enough and can't handle the mess. I hire all my sewing done by the professionals. sad but true, Kathysue

  16. Pam- I think you should dig yours out!

    Lucy- GREAT site! thank you for sharing it. I loved the fire engine red custon Featherweight, but $1169 is a lot of money! wow!! I could never paint mine;) it is in mint condition and I'm a purist at heart!!

    Enchanted Home- it really is nice to sew with as it sews so well!

    Kathysue- yes, I can get pretty frustrated "trying" to sew sometimes that it takes the fun out of it for me- I hire mine out too as I like my pillows to have zippers;)

  17. I love this - because you sew like I do! In all our moving I've made more sets of curtains and drapes than I can remember. I slipcovered furniture in Germany and made bathing suits, bedskirts and tablecloths everywhere else. I made a christening gown and coat for my godson - and when I looked at it recently there was not way I could imagine how I'd done it. It might as well have been something written in hieroglyphics!

  18. Loved your story! My friend and I used to skip sewing class to eat at Pizza Hut and told our moms "Oh, yeah...sewing is going great!" Never learned to sew until necessity...I became a homeowner and I wanted custom curtains and couldn't afford them unless I sewed them myself. And so I learned on my grandmother's old featherweight Singer. It works like a charm, and my best friend, who is an avid sewer, covets my old Singer cause it has such a beautiful stitch!

  19. Mothers are very wise....even when we don't realize it. :) I loved your sweet story...what a treasure that Singer is now, though I doubt you'd ever sell it, right? :) And to answer your question, I DO sew! Not just a whole lot, but I grew up making clothes and projects with my very domestic mother and grandmother. I too have an old Singer machine, the ones that come in the wooden desks. I love it and its my favorite piece of furniture in our house. I also have a new Singer that was given to me by my grandmother as a wedding gift. I treasure it!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed weekend!


  20. Well, to say I can sew is REALLY stretching it.!!! I took sewing lessond once, in HS I think and made a dress. Then when my daugher went into her first "big girl bed" I made curtains and bedspreads out of sheets....all straight seams!!!! I don't have a machine but would LOVE to be able to REALLY sew! I had a miniature Singer sewing machine that looked alot like this as a preteen. Me and my 2 best friends each got one. I have no isea where it is now. Sadly!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  21. My mother taught her self to sew on that very sewing machine. It was given to her by her Aunt who bought it brand new, she was a home economics teacher in Virginia we lived in NJ so mom couldn't get lessons from her. There were six girls in my family so my mom learned to sew out of necessity.I loved that machine and still do. Mom passed it on to my older sister who does not sew.I sew and I love that machine...did I mention I love it LOL. I'm not jealous ...really I'm not.

  22. That's a beautiful machine! Scary how vintage it looks, huh?

    My mom and aunt were always making something and I learned to sew from helping them. I was probably better at it when I was 14 but I can hold my own.

  23. I can sew. I first learned in 8th grade as part of home ec and then went on to take just sewing for a couple more years. I'm sorry they don't offer it anymore (to both boys and girls) since it really is a valuable skill. I can make clothes but never enjoyed it so just do home-type projects now. My machine isn't as cute as yours but it is the one I bought for myself in 1974!

  24. My mother taught me to sew on her Kenmore when I was a kid. One of the best things she did for me. When I got married, I used part of our wedding money to buy a machine, telling my husband it would pay off over the years. Totally did!! I made clothes for our twins, and then when they were small I became obsessed with perfecting every kind of window treatment you can think of! That turned into a business, which turned into a design career and a major turn in my career path. So, yes, I sew, love it, and am so thankful for it. Of course, my two fourteen year olds want nothing to do with it! Go figure. Love that old baby of yours! :)

  25. I love that little machine, my mother in law gave one to me 10 years ago but I donated it when I moved, I thought it would be best for someone who could use and appreciate it to have it.

    I am a terrible sewer. My family ownes a leather manufacturing company and I grew up around all sorts of sewing machines but flat stitching machines are not my forte. I can sew a french-edge but not flat.

    I love your sewing story, moms do know best don't they?

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  26. Just bought my first sewing machine in April. I am 44 and I can not believe I just now have the desire to sew. (lol) My sister sews beautiful. She tried to teach me when I was younger but I could not sit still for the lessons. Since I have purchased my machine I have made a pillow, a doll outfit (for my daughter), a skirt for her and one for me. So, I guess I am not doing to badly for one who has just started to sew.

  27. I love to sew!!!! I took lessons from Singer when I was 12 years old. I was fascinated.
    By the way...zippers aren't so bad once you do a few! :)

  28. My mother—the least creative member of her family and terrible with a sewing machine MADE ME take home ec. Yuck! By the time I was in college, I was designing and making clothes. Now at 61, I sew for the house. I am a "serial" sewing machine buyer. Several years ago I bought a Huskavarna for the motor not the fancy stiches which I never use. That baby handles piping and chenille and does not whine about it. I need to teach myself the zipper thing again. Have not done that in years.

  29. I sew only as much as you do, but I intend on learning more and teaching my girls as I have come to believe it is a skill we should all possess. Not learning to sew has become on of my great regrets.

    I LOVE your little sewing machine! I own my mothers antique pedal Singer. It is one of my favorite things.

  30. I learned to sew on a Featherweight!!! And I still have it... Both of my grandmothers had them and my mom had the one that I used. I have my mom's and my mother-in-law's, both with the original box, neither one has a reverse! I, also, had a child's sewing machine that I won as a contestant on Art Linkletter's House Party in...OMG...1955...it's true...but it never sewed nearly like the Singer Featherweight. " A quality machine unlike any other," my grandfather used to say!

  31. What a handsome little machine. I'm so glad you're now glad your mum made you buy it.
    I was taught sewing at school. I don't really know how to do it, but it helps make sense of any patterns I follow. I kind of remember the language! xx

  32. Yes! I was making my own clothes in sixth grade...My mom always sewed, so I just naturally picked it up. Years ago, I bought a machine even older than your '56 model. I thought it worked better than any others I had used.

    I have not sewn in awhile....well accept for pillows and some upholstery sewing.

    Linda lime in the coco...

  33. Years ago at junior school we were made to embroider an apron. I hated doing it with every fibre of my being. Now I find sewing strangely relaxing. Your little machine is a beauty, mine is a plastic looking monstrosity and I hardly ever use it.

  34. Loved seeing your sewing machine! As you know, we have the same one. I have spent many hours with mine and have finally tried out some of the attachments. It is a great machine and I am so thankful I have it.

  35. I'm speechless with joy at the sight of your Featherweight. Mine is white, still in its original tiny little carrying case/box, waiting safely in my closet for me. When I bring it out for a project, I marvel at how my fingers automatically, quickly thread the needle and the bobbin, without thought. We must have lived parallel lives, mine was given to me by my mother for high school graduation in 1964, are you kidding me? What is THIS for? Where is the REAL gift?

    My adoration for this machine in my life is so pure that when I saw your photo my heart leapt, I'm that pitiful over this thing. Like you, if I wanted to reupholster a sofa, I just sat down and did it, with cording, and whip closed the pillows, absolutely. Saw a fabulous dress in Vogue, made a pattern, sat down and made the dress. Got a notion to cover a chaise in an old oriental rug, so I sat down and made it happen with this machine. Thanks Mom!

    For your files: http://singerfeatherweight221.blogspot.com/

  36. I am with you on sewing skills - straight lines, pillow covers - never clothes. I have made a few slipcovers, too. My machine is not quite as old as yours, but it is pretty old. I would never want another one. Every once in a while I need to get parts for it, but other than that it is a gem of a machine - 1950's Singer 301 Slant Needle.
    Yours is truly a classic.

    My best- Diane

  37. My mother made me learn to sew, too. I have never been good at making clothing (except for those hippy dresses in college), but thank goodness! I have saved thousands on making drapes, duvet covers, table linens, and custom pillows. Right now I am making cushions for outdoors and I can use any color or combination of fabric I want. Thank you, mom. I feel sorry for people today who haven't a clue how to hem or mend.
    Oh, and I love the spool of thread--a wooden spool too made in the USA. That is a collectable when the US had thread mills.

  38. Ha, I thought I was reading a story about my Mother and my own birthday gift. When I turned 21 my Mom bought me a sewing machine...... probably because I kept going and using hers. But i wanted diamond earrings like my Sister got on her birthday.
    A few years later I made the nursery ensemble for my first baby, and the sewing continue with many Halloween costumes for the kids, curtains, pillows and many other items for the house.

    Hang on to this baby...... she's a keeper.

  39. Hi Joan, Dan, and Ella: My Mom doesn't sew, but my grandmother was a fantastic seamstress, so I learned from her at a young age. Took lessons in junior and high school. Today, I sew but not nearly enough. I learned on a pedal Singer that was in a beautiful piece of furniture. I always loved going through the drawers to see what my grandmother had in them. You just brought back some great, great memories...thank you! Cindy

  40. I learned to sew years ago from my mom and the class in high school. I still have the chrome(?) scissors with my name on them. I just haven't done much lately. Can do a zipper though IF I want to which I don't often. Wanting to try slipcovers for my dining chairs so kuddos on the ottoman slip!! Haven't commented in a while but congrats on the magazine piece. Can't wait to see it!

  41. much older sister SusanJune 12, 2011 at 2:35 PM

    Oh yeah, that's nothing. In 1969 (when you were nine years old) Mother made me buy my Singer with my wedding gift money!! I DID NOT want to buy it! I think it was $75.00 and just like hers, the one I learned to sew on. I did buy it just to get her off my back! My machine is bigger than yours. I have only had it serviced twice in 41 years. It was an antique even then. I would never sell it, I LOVE it. Mine is in a standing wood cabinet that I 'antiqued' in that nasty avocado green back in the day (circa 1970's). I'm sure you remember it.

    Also, in 1969, when Doug and I were getting married she would not let me buy the avocado green cook ware that was the rage and made me get Farberware stainless instead. Sometimes Mama does know best. Wow, was I the perfect daughter back then or what?

  42. By the time I learned of how cool Featherweights are they were priced way out of my league! I have a 1935 Singer thats in perfect shape, a 1960 Bernina, and then modern industirals. I wish I had my moms old singer from the 50's learned to sew on it as a kid, first thing I made was a sleeping bag from a kit. Kept sewing over the years and now make my living from it, sew for interior decorators and designers. And quilt. Wish I had a long arm, no room. Boy would your barn have made an amazing workroom, I covet! Your mom was smart! And doesnt that sting! Oh well give her a kiss.

  43. Joan,
    I enjoyed reading about your sewing machine. You have a real treasure. My mother got a new Singer in the early 1960s. She made a lot of my dresses. When I was in high school, I took sewing and made a dress. I was required to wear it to school-never put it on my body again. I have done some hand sewing over the years. Now I'm wishing I had a machine. My brother has my mother's old machine. Wish I could get it from him now.

  44. No, but wish I could. Anything that requires stitching has to go to a tailor. Love your sewing machine.

    That's funny- I have a sister who always tops my stories too, so your not alone;)

  45. No! But I so wish I knew how! Must take lessons one of these days...

  46. Cute post Joan and yes you should thank your mother for the machine. I learned how to sew from my mother and grandmother, my mom used to want to be a designer but life had other ideas. So yes I know how to sew and you would be surprised how easy it is to put a zipper in pants or pillows.

    P.S. Your sister is funny!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  47. Joan - I was so excited to see this post! My grandmother bought this very sewing machine for my mother when she was young and my mother recently gave it to me! I learned to sew using it and pretty much can't sew on any other machine (not that I'm an expert even while using it). It's in the original case and the smell in it reminds me of so many wonderful memories every time I open it. It's so simple, yet perfect!

  48. No I can't and I really wish I could. My Mother didn't but both of my Grandmothers did, oh how I wish I had let them teach me. One grandmother could knit too and made me so many beautiful Barbie outfits.

    My Grandmother had a Singer sewing machine with the cabinet I hadn't thought of that in years. Thanks for the memory.....

    What a little beauty your machine is :) and it goes to prove size does NOT matter lol

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  49. Ahh, I first learned a few things from my mother and then took a few sewing classes in Junior High and High School. The rest I learned as I went. I got a Kenmore when I was 18 and still have it. I'd like a new sewing machine but I haven't justified it yet since I no longer sew a lot. It's a good thing to know though and I am grateful I learned.

  50. Thank goodness for home ec class, because I can do the basics, if I really have to. My newer, "improved" Singer can't be nearly as easy to operate as yours and it's not nearly as cute! Your mom's pretty smart!
    Transitions Home Design

  51. My first and last sewing experiment was when I was 10. We had to sew a heart for Mother's day at school and I couldn't get the heart shape to look round enough... The teacher said my mother wouldn't like it and I cried for days. Since then, I haven't tried anything else than sewing a button! But I wish I could! My mother isn't very patient though, so she doesn't want to teach me!!!

  52. Hi Joan
    Yes I can sew. I make nearly all off my own clothes. I love making soft furnishings. Curtains, cushion you name it anything to be creative. I just finished making a trench coat. I have my sister in law to thank for teaching me .My Mum did try but I wouldn't listen
    Kind Regards

  53. I'm like you, somehow I turn out pillow covers and curtains, and once I made a quilt, but I have no clue how I actually got from point A to point B. I fake it to get to the end result. :o)

  54. Your post made me laugh because I, too, was enrolled in a summer sewing class and we had to make a sundress! Actually, I ended up being pretty good at it and over the years made a lot of things including one of my sister's prom dresses! The funny thing is I really don't like to sew even though I have ended up being very good at it!

  55. I can sew enough to fake it. I taught myself when my oldest daughter was five and I couldn't find modest clothes. I've learned to love sewing and making things even though I'm not super fantastic at it.

    I love making the kids' costumes at Halloween. That's fun.

  56. well hey, lookie there! your beautiful machine looks a lot like the one i just inherited :) I am just old enough to appreciate it...boy do i love it!http://salliekate.blogspot.com/2011/01/sewing-crash-course.html

  57. Hi Joan,

    It's Ruth's sister (the one who accidently sent you an e-mail in error!!). Our father had a fabric store in Connecticut so our growing up years were surrounded by fabric, notions and my grandmother's Singer. It is the exact same machine as yours and I was the fortunate one to inherit it! I just reinforced the seams of daughter's riding pants last week before sending her off to her job as a counselor at a N.H. horse camp!! When I open up the carrying case that the machine sits in and the scent drifts out, I am transported back to my childhood! Mary in CT.

  58. hi Mary, Ruth's sister! (yes that was funny and others have done it too; and yes- we're still having too much fun;);)
    I'm so happy you left a comment, thank you. Another person mentioned the smell too, and it is oh so true! Every time I open the case the smell brings back memories and always gives me the feeling of hopefulness- hope of the possibility of projects!!


  59. I have the exact same one (as does my sister) that our mother gave us as girls. Do you also have the box? I do!! I unfortunately don't have my mother's expert seamstress skills - she was truly amazing - used to make everything from Chanel suits to clothes for my girls' American Girl dolls. Although - she did so many things so well!!

  60. My mom can sew beautifully. She used to make her own clothing - tailored suits, dresses, blouses, you name it. She never taught me because she had to make her own clothes as a teen to help with the household budget and was always embarrassed to be wearing homemade clothes and wanted me to only wear the best store-bought ones. If we didn't live 1,000 miles apart now, I'd spend every weekend demanding she teach me how!

  61. Oh my God, that's my sewing machine. My Mother died in 1956 and I have carried that Singer feather weight around ever since from Kansas City to Los Angles to Honolulu and now Bethesda Maryland. It is my constant source of enjoyment. I can patch and make stuff and each time I take it out of its case it brings me in touch with my Mother. I love that machine and will not let anyone use it but me. Never have had a moments mechanical trouble in all these years.

    Thank you a million times for putting that picture up for all of us. Ann

  62. One more story about that Singer feather weight. When I was a child I used to show gaited horses. These horses looked great in the ring partly due to their long flowing false tails. Well, we couldn't afford that so my Mother went down to the livestock auction yards in Kansas City. This was during World War II and she went into the mule pen and cut off the tails of half a dozen mules. Back home with all that hair she set up the Singer portable and made false tails for our show horses, wigs and switches they were called.

    But my Mother wasn't satisfied with just bobbing the mules, she and I went back to the auction on sale day and watched as those bobbed tailed mules came into the ring. Ferd Owen, spelled Ferd not Fred, was the proprietor of the sale and when he saw those mules he had a fit. My Mother greatly enjoyed her theft. Ann

  63. No, unfortunately I never learned to sew...I have always wanted to learn. My step-mother sews beautifully...amazingly....and she sews many, many things for us so I haven't had to learn.

    Funny that you posted about that sewing machine. We just moved over here to Lakeshore February and as we were cleaning out closets I found a sewing machine identical to yours that was my Grandmother's machine...I can't believe what you say it is worth! I am going to get it out and display it now...I thought it was beautiful! Yours looks like it is in mint condition.

    Your home is gorgeous...I am going to snoop around and check out every room!


  64. Joan, I gasped when I saw the photo of your sewing machine--because I sew with the exact same one!

    It was my maternal grandmother's originally and both she and my mom used it before my mom gave it to me recently. (My sewing repertoire is currently limited to pillow covers and curtains.) :) I can attest to the sturdiness and reliability of this Singer model and I think she's just so pretty and feminine, too.

    Though sometimes I wish I could do a zig-zag stitch, or something else that comes "standard" on today's machines, I enjoy knowing I'm the third generation to use this machine. And that alone makes me overlook the lack of bells and whistles.

    It's so great to see someone else sewing with this kind of machine--thanks for sharing! :)


  65. Love your little Sewing Machine. It has such undisputed character! As a hobby sewer who has always had a keen interest in Fashion Design and Interior Decor I presently have four machines and my very favourite happens to be an old Singer. IMO it makes the greatest button holes on this side of the planet and I hate to think how many miles it has on it. "They just don't make them like they use to". :)
    P.S: My son who is a bonafide Fashion Designer (who has credentials in Haute Couture) totally agrees. He would love your machine.

  66. I sew a LOT. Mostly home-dec items.
    The day that you really want to learn to put in a zipper, e-mail me. I will have you putting them in like a pro in less than an hour!!
    You home is astounding, and I love reading your blog!
    jbmusik at yahoo dot com

  67. Thanks Jaybird! The next time I make pillows I'm emailing you!!!

  68. Looking at your old posts, came upon a link that showed a featherweight, well, I had to go see what this was all about! I have 5 of these babies. I was raised by a seamstress in the 60's, my mother, she taught me to sew at an early age, doll clothes, then in highschool designed my own clothes, (highschool graduation present was a brand new singer) made clothes for my children, curtains, pillow, you name it. Before her, my grandmother and great grandmother were quilters, and in the 90's, I caught that bug. And anyone who was really great in quilting had a featherweight, well, I had to have one...bought my first one at auction, an estate sale of an old quilter. $460, I had to have it, wanted to buy the tredle machine that was also hers, but couldn't afford both at the time. It is my favorite machine. I'm looking forward to the day when I can teach my grandchildren to sew on them. Don't ever sell it, they are indestructable!!! Love your blog and house, have learned so much from you...keep writing!!

  69. In 1952 my mother had 3 children under age 2. One day a door-to-door salesman showed up selling new Singer sewing machines. She called my father at work, explained how she could save so much money sewing our clothes, and got his OK to buy the cheapest model he was selling. Mom signed up to pay 50 cents a week until it was paid off. The salesman went back to his boss and told him about the lady with the 3 kids and not a lot of money. The boss shipped Mom the best Singer he had for the price of the lesser model. Mom made all of our clothes until we got into high school and we were the best dressed kids in school. She made sure that my sister and I knew our way around that Singer. Although Mom is gone now, I have that Singer and, like many others, the smell when I open that carrying case takes me back to my childhood and Mom working away at her Singer.
    Can I sew? Anything I want! In addition to her Singer, I have 12 other models from older to newer ones, from pedal to surger, but her Singer is still my favorite. Thanks Mom! Love you!

  70. Auntiepatch- that is a sweet, beautiful story. ahh yes, the smell! I opened my box two weeks ago and was overcome with sweet memories! Thank you for sharing your story! I'm so glad you still have that special Singer!

  71. Hi Joan! While attending a bad cold, I've been reading your blog like a well written novel (from the very beginning). Such a wonderful way to convalesce near the warm glow of our Christmas tree! I recently spotted one of these on a closet shelf in my Mother-in-law's home. I'm sharing your story with her and I know she'll be thrilled to read about your Featherweight. Wishing you, Dan and Ella a lovely holiday season in New England.


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