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Monday, June 13, 2011

making a list and checking it twice...

In preparation for our Renovation Style magazine photoshoot this Wednesday and Thursday (:O), we've been slowly working on a big to-do list for a month now.  All last week and this past weekend have been crunch time!!  We've always done house projects best under pressure, so this is actually good for us!  We figure we're doing a year's worth of little projects (all the small ones that you keep telling yourself you will do "later") all at once!

  Then, to top it off we're still working on finishing up Phase II of the barn renovation.  Unfortunately the barn room will not be ready in time for the photoshoot.  Today we have the heating/ac man finishing up, the electrician hanging fixtures, the man-tv being installed and the excavation man putting in the remaining portion of the gravel driveway- the part from the street to the garage.  Knowing we would be having large (and lots) of trucks here working on the barn renovation we didn't put that portion in last summer knowing said trucks would have wrecked havoc on it.  So today's the day.

 plus the day to finish this....

might this be a good time to remind you of your to-do list?!  :)
do tell...
what are the top three things on your list?


  1. My list looks like this: 1) fly to the US the 20th. 2) walk through "new home" on the 22nd. 3) close on new home on the 23rd!!! Then we'll begin the renovation "to do" list! :)

  2. Can't wait to see the magazine after the shoot! I thought my list was long but after reading your blog today I'm feeling pretty good. My two on the burner projects are cutting down a dinner table and refinishing it and making a new butcher block island counter.

  3. Inhuman! I hope you get it all done with sanity intact-- I do know that at the end of it all, it will look amazing!

  4. Top 3:

    1. repaint all trim work around the house. a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference in the world.
    2. have the carpets & sofas cleaned
    3. add color with potted plants


  5. I have so many projects started, I don't know which one to finish first! You are working on a deadline though, I am not, thank goodness. Please let us know the magazine posting.


  6. I have always heard that to get long overdue house things done, have a party. But in your case, just have a photoshoot! It's gonna be terrific...donna

  7. forgot to mention....just wrote down all your wall colors in prep for deciding on our new master bath're my gal...donna

  8. Good luck with your photo shoot-I am certain that it will be beautiful!
    The current top three items on my to do list (it is a good thing you said top three because I have a very long list ;-)
    1. Hang trellis on front of house
    2. Plant Clematis to grow up trellis on front of house
    3. Strip, sand and re-stain new front door

    It is fun to see the things on others' lists.


  9. Our to-do list lives on the fridge and I swear it never gets shorter. Every time we cross something off, three more things are added. Ah, the joys of home ownership.

    My fantasy number one (and yes, it's actually written on the list) is a kitchen re-do. Another is putting in the last two new windows that have been sitting outside for two (three?) years. And another is tiling the master bath shower. Again, we've had the tile for four years. And now that I've said that out loud, it makes me cringe that it STILL isn't done.

  10. I'm like Mindy. My to do list is just getting longer and longer. I feel like I only add things to it. I never get to cross anything off.

    1. Pull carpet staples out of hardwood floors.
    2. Steam tarpaper off of kitchen hardwood floors.
    3. Bang head against wall.

  11. So exciting!! Sometimes it takes a deadline to get things done!!

  12. How exciting to get so many things done. I know it is all stunning. I can't wait for a tour. Hugs, Marty

  13. Hmmm, I'd have to say my current top three are:

    1. Office reorganization
    2. FInish the living room (ie: hang mantel, art, etc.)
    3. Paint the kitchen


    ♥ sécia

  14. Wow! That is so exciting! I'm looking forward to your post about the shoot. :) Yay! Good luck!

    In light of a party I'm throwing this Friday, I DO have a lot on my To Dos list. My top three are:

    *Finish painting frames black for studio wall/hang frames with pictures
    *Finish decorating/accumulating vintage items for the party
    *Clean & make amazing food!!

    Should be a busy week!!


  15. Ugh - my list is sooooooooooooo loooooooooong, and with my brother visiting from Nova Scotia for July 4th, I'm near panic mode. We're in the middle of renovating and the recession hit us particularly hard so we've been in limbo for a while and the "to do" list transformed into the "can afford to do" list. That being said, the following are our top 3 "can afford to do's":
    1. Refinish china cabinet
    2. Finish painting half bath
    3. Build media console for living room

  16. Hi Joan, Dan, and Ella:
    I am sooo excited for you! My thoughts will be with you this week..remember to enjoy the whole process!
    My list: 1) finish spring cleaning my parent's condo, for them 2) decide on flooring for our place, 3) train for my annual triathlon (yikes! way behind on that! may have to move that up to second place!) Cindy

  17. Here's the top three on my list:

    Pressure wash all outside concrete patios, walkways, etc.

    Wash all exterior & interior windows

    Clean refrigerator

    I'm having company in two weeks and this is just the top 3 items on my list. Wish me luck cuz I'm gonna need it. I'm better under pressure too!

  18. SO excited for your appearance in that magazine! That's awesome! I have so much on my list: new carpets, house needs pressure watching, and paint on the porch needs to come off! Any suggestions for that one? Lol. Good luck this week!

  19. ah, my list is crazy..... but here's the perspective of having a list:

    1. Congratulate yourself when you scratch something off of the list.
    2. Step back and marvel at each accomplishment - even for a minute. but remember to give yourself some applause.
    3. Remember 'i cannot do it all'...... thus the invention of plan B.

  20. 1. pray.
    2. breathe.
    3. give thanks for unknown blessings on their way.

    (you can borrow my list if you like.)


  21. I can't wait to see the article! This is so exciting! I am amazed at your to do list! I would need more than a month to get ready for a photo shoot!!!!! On my list this summer:
    1- get new carpet
    2-install new flooring in hallway
    3-paint downstairs
    4-keep cleaning out and purging closets!
    XO, Pinky

  22. 1. Paint the second guest room
    2. Paint our ensuite
    3. Paint the upper hall
    Hmmmmm...there's a theme going on here.

  23. So exciting ~ can't wait until the magazine comes out! My top 3?
    1. Tackle my home office-- purge, organize, refresh.
    2. repaint my kitchen.
    3. master bath (you've inspired me to get all the clutter off the counters).
    Hope i can finish before the summer's over. ;-)

  24. Love your blog, your work deserves to be published! Congrats, you are such a hughe inspiration to me! Your friend from New Brunswick!

  25. 1. Get rid of all excess "stuff."
    2. Get rid of all excess "stuff."
    3. Get rid of all excess "stuff."

  26. My list at the moment consists of lots of painting jobs! Paint my room, paint my headboard, and paint/finish my lamp!

  27. Oh My, where do I begin. That is the problem I just need to begin,hehe!!! Having company or a photo shoot would be a great way to get going on the unfinished projects around here. Unfortunately my handy man(hubby) does not have the same way of thinking that I do!! KAThysue

  28. Well, I have a mental list. When I get off this computer, I am going to paint a coffee table that I have been intending to paint for a few weeks now. Then I'm going to fertilize my roses. And...who knows?
    I'm just so excited for you guys. Can't wait to read your posts about the photo shoot.

  29. My list is embarrassing: finish garden clean up (almost summer, egads!), wait for the contractor to show to install mouldings, redo powder room; begin rebuilding stone steps.

    Remember to have FUN these next few days!

  30. My three...

    1. Make a to-do list
    2. Wait...go find a pad of paper...resort to a piece of paper
    3. Um...try and find a pencil. will an eyeliner work?

    well...there you have it. whoooopeee


  31. ohhhhhh my list is so long, I'm overwhelmed. I did start a list on our blog, but I have to update it. Mostly yard work stuff (which I hate!) also have to repaint some trim and some spots on the ceilings. (where did those spots come from?!?) lol

  32. My list depends on the season! Right now it's about gardening...and a wedding!
    Stake up peonies
    Get ready for son's wedding in PA

  33. Wow! You must be so excited.
    Top three things on my list?
    1. Packing everything downstairs for the re-tiling;
    2. Applying vinegar to the mean Japanese Knotweed in the garden;
    3. Collecting all the props needed for end-of-the-school-year show (most things come from my house!)

  34. fun! can't wait to see the magazine shoot!
    1. get exterior painting bids
    2. finish up greywater system
    3. spread mulch around garden beds

    enjoy tomorrow and thursday!

  35. 1. clean my office
    2. organize my office
    3. Do it again.....smiles.

  36. oh my gosh!!!! how did I miss this!! I didnt know RS was coming to shoot your home! WOW Congratulations. Thats one of my fave magazines! Cant wait to see it!!!! So excited for you!!

  37. Hi Joan,
    I'm Yvonne @ StoneGable~ so nice to meet you. What a wonderful and rich post. Sounds like this is a busy, hectic, new and exciting experience. I had to giggle as I read about all the staff and work that went into a photo shoot. And the people and equipment at your home are just the tip of the article iceburg!

    We as bloggers don't have staff, put out posts several times a week, think up our own content,research, move everything ourselves, cook, clean, buy, write, edit copy, photograph, edit and pick photos, work on layout, publish, do PR work, network, answer comments and e-mails and monitor our blogs... All with a great love for blogging and people.

    Once I did a post on roasting the perfect chicken. A week later Martha Stewart Mag came out with a roasted chicken on the cover. She commented it took 40 chickens to get that shot. I made 1 chicken for dinner!!!!
    So, I love this post. Kudos for you for being featured in such an impressive mag, but even more for having a fabulous blog and doing it on your own with such great style!
    So very nice to meet you. I am a new follower!

  38. Hi Joan, Dan and Ella!

    Oh...the list:

    1) Design the island (wanna help?)
    2) Create the island
    3) Call granite guys to come measure and install!


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