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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Election day in our Town

Regardless of whether you voted Democrat or Republican I think we all agree what a huge success the election was with all the new voters and interest. New Hampshire takes their politics very seriously. A fun, new sight for us was when we would drive to/through larger towns/cities and you would find one or two or five people standing on the street or at a street corner holding their candidate's signs and waving to passing cars. Now this was never any kind of organized group these were just your typical-next-door-neighbor-types who decided to go get up from the sofa and go support their candidate on the street for an hour or two!

Last Spring when we went to our town offices to register our car we also registered to vote at the same time. After filling out the paperwork and handing it to the oh-so-nice lady behind the counter I asked if they would now be mailing me my voter's registration card? She nicely said, "no we don't have registration cards." So then I said, "oh, so I'll just show you my driver's license when I come in to vote," and she said...."no, no need to show your driver's license.... we'll just remember you." That's when I realized that Toto we're not in Kansas anymore!!!

Our first election here was so much fun. I've voted many times in my life, but can never say the experience was 'fun'! Our town hall is located on our small main street and all the merchants along the street had donuts and coffee outside their shops. One of our local policemen, Officer Mike, was there to help you cross the street and lots of people were standing with their party/candidate signs. There were dogs, and people milling about, it just had this really festive vibe, just as any important election should have! We went in and sure enough, no ID needed- we told them who we were and went into curtain covered booths I remember my mother voting in when I was a child, and when it was all over we felt as if we had gone too fast through a 'fun ride' at the carnival!

Our town offices are in the furthest away part of this building.

On the close end where you see the people standing (exit poll) is our local movie theater! The 'Town Hall Theater' has been showing movies since 1919 and before that had live entertainment including vaudeville shows. It is set in an old auditorium and shows current and foreign artsy movies for $6 every night and old classic black and white movies for free (with a donation to their charity of the week) on Saturday afternoons! And to top it off they serve popcorn with real butter!!


  1. Your town is so cool! I am jealous!! That is so neat about the voter people just "remembering" you. How far away is the town center from your house? Can you walk there? Can't wait to come visit! Jenny

  2. Hey Jenny! The town is a little over a mile away and yes you could walk there, but it would be a big walk as we are up a hill from town!


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