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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What would be in YOUR dream kitchen?!

HELP!!! I woke up in the middle of the night and thought how I was missing a valuable resource by not asking YOU what you would want in your dream kitchen! I'd love to hear anything and everything since I am so frightened of moving in and thinking "darn, I should have added this/that." Your contributions will be greatly appreciated!

Sooooooo.... what would it be? Big item, small.... anything and everything at all that you would want to put into a new kitchen! Or even anything that you currently have that you hate! List away....!!
Oh, and thanks again!


  1. In a perfect world - two dishwashers and double 'what you think you need' refrigeration. My other essential is an oversized sink - I can't bear it when the biggest pans don't fit in for a soak. I also use my sink for flower arranging and potting plants so the large size is really useful. If there is enough space a real luxury is to have two sinks - one on each side of the kitchen so two people can prepare at the same time when you are entertaining.
    Dreams ... but so fun, I love kitchens! xv

  2. Welcome to New England! How do you like the winters?
    I love your description of NE.I was born and have lived here in Mass. my whole life and my customers have opened my eyes to the beauty that is all around Dorothy!

  3. Hello,

    What an exciting project!! I love checking in on your blog.
    As an interior designer, I couldn't help but leave a comment. I'm sure you have started style files with tear outs of everything you love, love, love.
    If I have the opportunity to design a kitchen for myself someday {my dream is to design and build a home} I would include a built-in cabinet that has the look of a found piece. It would have gorgeous glass doors and ample interior lighting, I would use this piece to store and display all my white dishware, china and one of a kind pieces. I would also have a large island in a different finish than the cabinetry. I would tuck a small open shelf pantry out of sight. What else? I would include plenty of counter space with a honed surface of some sort, oversized pendants over the island {again something unique} and well placed lighting on dimmers. {of course I could go on and on} Have fun and good luck!! - Julie

  4. Vicky- I love kitchens too! And if I could have two of your gorgeous sinks with the roses in them I definitley want two!! I LOVE white roses and LOVE a wall mount faucet! My husband & I spent a night in Saint Remy de Provence several years ago! What a magical place you call home! Thank you for your suggestions!

    Roberta- Thank you for your welcome to New England! After arriving in the middle of NH's second snowiest winter on record and being a little sad to learn that it didn't always snow this much I think we can safely say that we love the winters! One of the many reasons we moved here was to get to have all four seasons! That's funny you mention Dorothy, because my husband and I are always commenting that living here we often feel as if we were dropped in 'Oz.' You are very lucky to have been born and raised in this beautiful part of our country!

    Hi Julie! What a pleasure to have one of my "favoite blog" authors here! I'm so glad you left a comment! Yes, you are right I do have a huge file on my kitchen loves (acutally have huge files for every room!) I love all your ideas- in fact many of them are in my kitchen design! Would love to hear more about your different island and counter tops! Thanks again for the comment!


  5. My Dream Kitchen? Hmm. Lots of windows to bring the outdoors in; definitely a fireplace to cuddle near by with my children, honed marble or soapstone to roll out lovely pies, subway crackle tile to keep my neat and symmetrical self calm; radiant heated floors to keep my popsicle toes warm and huge double ovens for making lots and lots of yummy foods... Love your blog!!
    Gina :)

  6. Hello Joan:
    Love your blog. It's great that you update so often. I don't get to cook a lot, but what I enjoy in my kitchen are the heated floors, plenty of counter tops, under cabinet lighting helps with reading recipes and makes a very homey atmosphere in the evenings. My large sink is nice but sometimes going too deep can make the back hurt when washing dishes.

  7. Hi Gina, how fun to have another of my favorite authors here! When I was reading your post I was thinking "check, check, check!" We are thinking alike!! Thank you for you comment!

    Hey Debbie! So fun to see you here too! Good point about the sink being "too" deep- I have heard that mentioned before! Would love to see pictures of your end product!


  8. Hi Joan, I just linked to your blog from the Great Impressions decorating forum. Love what I see so far and so do many others!

    My dream kitchen would not be large it would be small enough to move around in without making me tired. In my dream kitchen I would love to have a large pantry with open shelves for storing canned goods and glass canisters of food. Cabinets with glass doors that sit right down on the base cabinets (think antique cabinets) to display my many dish collections, and also a low marble counter to roll out doughs and twist pastries on.

    There are so many considerations aren't there? I working on the same thing myself. I look forward to watching your progress through your blog.

  9. Thank you so much for your comment and Welcome to you and the Great Impressions forum! Please tell them to feel free to comment on any of my posts- I would love to hear any and all comments! I'm honored to have you all here!

    I really appreciate your personal comments! My cabinet order went to the cabinet maker last week, so I will do a kitchen post soon showing what all I have decided to use in the kitchen. Hope you like it! I'm thinking we think alike! One thing I haven't mentioned yet is one of the many things I feel in love with about the house is that it has a 'walk-in' pantry! With a window, no less!! Sweet!

  10. I'm a little late in commenting but here's my list of 'must haves'.
    1) Farmhouse sink (had one in a house we sold but haven't put one in here at the farm YET)
    2) Fireplace ...if we lived in a larger home that is.
    3) LARGE stove like your Wolfe
    4) LG windows and...
    5) Breakfast nook with huge window
    6) LARGE island with prep sink
    7) Pantry...walk in with window
    I'll never have most of these things in this little farmhouse but I can dream :)

    I'm in awe of your renovations...I'm so excited to see the after pictures. Thank you again for sharing this with us! Take care.
    Maura :)

  11. I just recently found your blog, and it seemed only reasonable to start reading at the beginning!

    To answer your question from almost 6 (!!) years ago...

    One thing I *despise* about our current kitchen are all the deep blind corners! It makes for quite the headache.

    A couple of must haves are a large island, plenty of counter space and double ovens!


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