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Friday, March 6, 2009

floor plan

One of our sweet readers commented that it was a little difficult to tell how all our rooms fit together, so I drew some floor plans. They are surprisingly close to scale, but very primitive! I hope this helps you to see the "big picture." If you have any questions, just ask!

You can click on the photo and it will enlarge to make it easier to read.
As a reference the master bedroom is 14 x 30'; Imelda Marcos' closet is 14 x 17'!; the kitchen area (including mudroom) is 14 x 30'; the Barn room is 25 x 28'.


  1. Good Morning!!
    Happy (almost) Daylight Savings time. I see everything "in plan" so I love that you posted these - I should do the same - but that would involve learning how to scan.......
    so, your post says Tuesday but my calender says Saturday - where did we go wrong?

  2. Hi Mary- We'll have extra closet space, so you can borrow some!!
    We went wrong with me not being computer savy! Tuesday was the day I "tried" to get readable floor plans posted, but didn't and then saved as a draft!
    I am dubbing you my "administrative assistant!" The position doesn't pay well, hope you don't mind! Changes have been made, thank you (again!)for letting me know!! j.

  3. Hi, I have been following your blog and the progress of your beautiful home for some time but have not left a comment before. I just have to say that I really enjoyed seeing these drawings on how things are laid out as I was always trying to figure it out :-) My dream would be to refurbish an antique home as you are doing but the next best thing is watching you do it! Your area of the country is gorgeous as well!

  4. Hi Marsha! Thank you so much for leaving us a comment, and such a sweet one at that! I'm so glad to hear that seeing the floor plan helps. I sometimes forget that people don't see what I see!
    I am truly touched that you have been following our progress. I will try to post more about our area and more photos, because you are really is a gorgeous part of the country! j.

  5. Ahhhh.I see.Says grasshopper.

    Closet envy? Dayum, howabout whole HOUSE/Barn envy!! And throw in Church envy with Mary!

    I am loving all of those fireplaces...are they all double sided? Is the barn room two story? Is the outhouse really only open from the outside...or is it open in the house? Windows in the barn?? Where, what...

    Times up, too many questions you say? oh.

  6. Can I come live in your barn?
    It seems plenty big enough for me.
    I have always wanted to have a big barn space.
    Steve has already drawn plans for our "barn" loft addition to our
    Channel Islands home. One day....


  7. Linda- You are so dayum funny!! To answer your questions (and thank you for asking!): the only double sided fireplace is between the kitchen and dining room. Then there is a fireplace that opens into the living room and one in the master bedroom. The Barn Room is a 12' 4" (my master closet sits above it); the Outhouse opens into the Barn room (not to the outside!); as to windows in the Barn- there will be 4 windows on the North wall and two large french doors with transoms on the East wall which will flank a "future" stone fireplace! A post on the Barn progress is next, and hopefully that will help grasshopper (and everyone else!) see it!!

    Brooke- yes, of course you can live in the barn, please bring your beautiful clock!! I just love that piece!

  8. Joan,

    Your plans are fantastic. All the closet space is very good thinking. Actually, the whole house reflects a lot of good thinking. The fireplace between the dining room and kitchen eating area is double-sided? Or, not?

  9. Hi Kathleen,
    Yes the fireplace between the kitchen & dining room is a see-thru/double sided! The original fireplace only opened to the dining room, and while that was nice, the dream to have two rooms lit at once is that much better!
    When we bought the house even the inspector said it had "layout issues" so we really did have to spend a lot of time getting the house to have the all-important "good flow"!!
    p.s. thanks for the tutorial on how to get my drawings up!

  10. Just looked through your blog what a great project! your house setting is beautiful to :) congrats!

  11. Just came across this post while reading your blog from the beginning. This sure does help to put it all in perspective! :)

  12. Hi Joan!! Now, does your "Kitchen Area" ( 14' x 30' ) also include the Kitchen Dining/Breakfast table area by the fireplace?
    Thank you!! Melissa


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