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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kitchen Ingredients

I am so excited about this post!
Here is a preview of my dream of a kitchen! The kitchen cabinets have arrived and are installed! Before I get to the goodies and the photos I thought I would explain some of my basic kitchen design ingredients:

-I've always been a white kitchen girl, so a painted white kitchen was a given.

-Our previous house was a 1950's ranch with drawers under the counter tops and cabinet doors under that. My lower cabinet shelves were stationary (they didn't pull out), so it was always a pain to have to get on hands and knees and dig to find something way in the back of the cabinet. While I'm a pretty organized person when we were moving out I still found many items I had forgotten I had because they had been pushed to the back. About a year ago I read a kitchen design article on the benefits of using of lots of drawers instead of under-counter cabinets and because of the aforementioned issues I loved this idea! Even if you have the pull outs with cabinet doors, it's still a two-step process. I was all about making the kitchen functional, and easy to use. So, I'm using lots of drawers (with a self-closing mechanism); that way I just open a large drawer next to the range and lift the heavy LeCreuset right up!

-All my cabinets (drawers!) were custom-made by a local cabinetmaker. His work is beautiful, but I had issues with his finished product because it looked "too perfect." His baked-on paint finish read plastic to me and my hundred-and-fifty-year-old house, so... I am having the cabinets hand painted at the house. This way they will have brush marks and look more like they've been there for a long time instead of brand new (no one I'm working with seems to "get" my want for imperfect perfection, but it makes perfect sense to me!)

-Because of our beautiful views, I opted for windows instead of more overhead cabinets. The overhead cabinets that I do have flank the sink and have glass-fronts. In the cabinets we will use antique glass taken from salvaged windows and doors from the house. Cabinets are very tall and go to the ceiling. (I have issues with that "dust shelf" on top of cabinets.)

-As previously posted, counter tops will be soapstone and the island is honed bianco cararra marble. Island is 3 x 7' and has a dual-zone 24" Kitchen Aid wine refrigerator which will have a paneled wood overlay rimmed door (made by the cabinet maker.) Island will also have a 24" cabinet with slots for cookie sheets, cooling racks, pizza paddle, etc. Oh, and drawers, lots of drawers!

-Backsplash will be real wood bead board. Ceilings will be tongue-and-groove boards .

-The island will have two antique glass pendants lights above it, and there will be a pendant light above the sink.

-Hardware on the perimeter cabinets will be polished nickle pulls, bin pulls and cupboard clasps. Hardware for the island will be reproduction iron bin pulls to match the original antique iron bin pulls on the built-in cabinet to the right of the fireplace. (I was thrilled to find an exact reproduction!)

-Floors are random width wide plank Eastern White Pine from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

-A walk-in pantry with a window!
-Oh, and almost forgot: a see-thru gas fireplace that I'm sure will always be on!

In this photo you can see a hint of the tongue-and-groove ceiling going up.

A glass front Sub Zero will go in the built-in at the end of the island.

There are no overhead cabinets going in on this side of the kitchen...

...but this is!

A 48" Wolf dual-fuel range with 6-burners and a griddle will find a home beneath the hood cover!

This photo shows all of the overhead cabinets installed.

All the kitchen windows are wood casements. I love the morning light in this photo!

My Shaw's Original single-bowl 36" fireclay apron sink! Isn't she a beauty!

A close up of the cabinet doors that will have the antique glass. The brown panels are templates for the glass.

Here's a photo of our new kitchen french doors. They aren't staying however. I designed them, and they are supposed to have a larger inset panel on the bottom, so corrected ones are being made. The kitchen dining table will sit approximately where the table saw is now, and you can see the brick fireplace wall in the right of the photo.

Other kitchen goodies:

Perrin & Rowe bridge faucet in polished nickel with side sprayer.

Bosch dishwasher (note the flattened handle, you'll hear about it again!)

This glass front Sub Zero! I have coveted this SubZero since I first laid eyes on it! In our previous house we had a stainless front SubZ which we absolutely loved, but I think it would look too contemporary for this house. I think the glass gives it that turn-of-the-century look of refrigerators of old, and a softness and casualness that will be nice for the room. Instead of the tubular handle (as seen in the photo) which is the norm, we are using what is called a Pro Handle which is shorter in length and slightly flattened as opposed to round, which also gives it more of an older look and feel. It is the same handle that is on the Wolf range.


  1. SWOON. And that's all I'm going to say tonight! :) and maybe a happy sigh...

  2. Woo hoo!!!! Before I got to the photos, just reading your description I started smiling and getting so excited... and the photos didn't disappoint :) I'm really excited to see the final product! The sink is a BEAUTY! Do you just love her? ...and I think your faucet choice will compliment her perfectly. Your views are amazing, I'm so glad that you were able to forgo upper cabs in places... and we did the same thing with drawers on the bottom and I have to say we love them. Sooo exciting that your kitchen is going in-- really makes it start feeling like a home, no?

  3. WOW - it will al be so wonderful and I am so impressed with your vision. I, personally, am not brave enough to have a glass front refrigerator....maybe you will change my mind.
    Love it all !

  4. Oh let her change your mind Mary...LET her!
    That has been my dream fridge...way back since the old traulsen's.

    GIRL!! WHAT a dream kitchen. Everything is spot on...and in my dreams too! The Fireplace,Those cabinets look gorgeous...The range, the sink, the faucet....The EVERYTHING!!! I mean...STUNNING! I think you are living in my head.

    This is sooooo fun to watch...wish I lived closer, cause I swear I would make popcorn every night and just come over to watch!!

  5. wow..absolutely wonderful... down to the detail... just wow!

  6. I have just discovered your blog! Ooooo I am going to enjoy this one :)

  7. You guys are pure genius, no doubt about it! I can hear your magical home weeping tears of relief that it is being so lovingly & beautifully restored to health by 2 such stars. My favourite feature is the amount of light that just streams in through those gorgeous windows. Sweeeeeet!
    Millie ^_^

  8. It's glorious, completely glorious. I share your love for lots of drawers and the 36" shaw sink. We went with those things too and are glad.

  9. Lovely! You know that I enjoy reading your posts.

  10. It is all going to be so beautful!!!! I can imagine all your beautiful things in this home.

    I don't know how y'all are doing this! Week after week with all that construction and so many decisions to make. We had a sprinkler system installed last week and I was a wreck with all those workmen around and that was only for a week! And then, of course, it rained for three days!

  11. thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of you for your comments!

    Dan and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to write us a note. These posts take me hours to do, and while I get many lookers, not many leave us comments. We are so touched by your kind words, compliments, and encouragement, and we thank you so very much.

    S/S- I'm swooning too! Especially after we got some of the lights on the other night for testing of the task down lights- it was magical!

    Julia- Yes, it is "finally" starting to feel like a home! The counters were templated this week and I can't wait to get the faucet with the sink! I'm so excited to hear that you used lots of drawers too, and that you love them!

    Linda- yes, the traulsens (but until I looked it up after your comment I didn't know the name, so thanks!) The GC and the door company wanted the glass and the bottom woood panel of the french doors to be equal 25% each, but I wanted more glass and a larger panel. I might as well have been designing a skyscraper for as many times as we went round and round with drawings. For some reason the door company just couldn't get it- finally I signed off on my design, but as you can see they forgot to build it that way!! I wish you lived closer too- it would be SO fun to have you at the house to see the progress!

    Diana- thank you!!

    Katrina- we are so happy you found us!

    Millie- in all honesty, yes- you really can feel the house being happy for all the loving hands on it. It was unloved for so long, and now it does everything it can to make things work out in our remodel. If you look at it long enough, you would swear it is now smiling! The soul of this house is palpable.

    Kathleen- I'm so glad you love your drawers. When I was designing the kitchen I would lie in bed at night and mentally walk through my old kitchen to make sure there was nothing I would miss from those bottom cabinets.. I could never think of a thing!

    Cindy- thank you! I love knowing you like my posts- means the world!

    Susan- We get through it one day at a time and with lots of martinis! Yes, some days I think if one more workman asked me one more question I'm going to pop! And every decision is something you do not want to screw up even if it's something as simple as where do you want a particular switch. I wake up tired! I fantasize about the day when there are no more workers in my house, and at the same time can't really beleive that day will ever get here!
    Wow, a sprinkler system after what... 30 years? That's a long time to hand water a Texas yard! You are going to feel like a new, FREE person! In a month, you and Doug won't know how you lived without one! Puppy hugs to Roxie & Vince from Ella.

  12. Everything is really coming along. and EVERYTHING looks stunning. You may be getting alittle tired of it all, but I know that you are also having the time of your life!

  13. Well, I bet you are just CHOMPIN AT THE BIT to get in there and cook your very first meal. My goodness what a beautiful room. I can't wait to see it done, primped and lookin' like home. That first morning - cup of coffee - standing at the window looking out at the sunrise. AWESOME!
    Workers in the house. I know the feeling. You just want everyone gone so you can . . . breathe. Me? A glass full of a good Pinot Noir helps at the end of the day!
    HAGD! Karen

  14. All I can say is... WOW! I love you, Jenny

  15. Wow your kitchen makes me totally jealous! It looks so well thought out! I love the idea of drawers instead of cabinets, so convenient!

  16. Have you seen Stella with the bow?

  17. What an exciting time. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. So glad to have found your blog.

  18. Me again...Just eating up your kitchen (pass the popcorn)

    Drawers...YES. No comparison, and you can fit SO much more in SO much more efficiently. Hey...I was just sent a book by a blogger~Designing your dream home~ It is REALLY good. A workbook of sorts, I'm going to do a post on it. But I think you would LOVE it...I'll get you her info!

  19. OH, this is going to be something extra special. I love the drawers in the kitchen instead of cupboards. I cannot wait to see this all done. I not only love your home I love New England, what a great place to relocate.

  20. Just discovered your blog. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing each step as you complete your home. I did not see an email address on your about me page. If you would, please email me at

  21. Can you tell me what paint color you chose for the cabinets? I am having such a difficult time finding a white that isn't too stark or too yellow. The kitchen is beautiful!!

  22. hi Lori!
    The cabinets, trim and ceiling are Benjamin Moore's White Dove. It's a wonderful color that has a hint of gray in it. For reference, all of my paint colors are listed on the side bar. Just click on the photo of the paint brushes right below "My Paint Colors" header.
    hope that helps... if not feel free to email me!

  23. I have to know where you got your cabinet hardware - I want pulls just like you have pictured here! You kitchen is my dream!!!

  24. Sheryl- Since I don't have any cabinet hardware in this post I'm not sure which hardware you are referring to; sorry. If you click on my kitchen photo on my sidebar, then scroll to the bottom of that post you will see "the room details". If you click on that you will find the kitchen "details" post which should have all your answers!

  25. My wife and I love your kitchen too! In fact, your whole house is exquisite. You have given us such wonderful inspirations for our own renovations which are just getting underway.

    Would you mind telling us the width of bead board from groove to groove? My wife has her heart set on the same look. Also, did you have a millwright make the bead board, or was it your cabinet maker who made it?

    1. I'm honored to provide inspiration for your renovations Joel, thank you.
      The bead board is 2-5/8" groove to groove. It was not custom made, but was purchased from a local lumber supplier. The key is a new/fresh blade on the saw;) as you want perfect cuts! You also want to make sure that your contractor knows that you won't be using a trim piece to hide any bad cuts, and trust me they'll try to talk you into that, but stand your ground! I've loved the back splash and it has held up perfectly. Best of luck to your and your wife on your renovations.


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