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Friday, April 24, 2009


Look what arrived today! Isn't she lovely?!! I think I'm in love!!!

One little, tiny hiccup..... somehow, the all-important "electrical outlet" was not installed on the range wall... Can you say "oh my head" ?
The Sub Zero didn't arrive with her sister range today, as it is on back-order because it only got ordered a couple of weeks ago (I've only stated I wanted this particular refrigerator since October) and I should have it mid-MAY!!!
Oh, and one more thing... we move in next Thursday :O!!
In the big remodel picture these are little, tiny problems, but considering that every day brings about 9 of these little "surprises" we are exhausted! Excuse me while I go open a bottle of wine!

Happy weekend to you!

She really is a sweet little thing isn't she?!!


  1. Hi Joan: Your range is beautiful! I know that these are little 'hiccups', but it doesn't make it any easier. Sit back and enjoy your wine this evening. I cannot believe that move in day is next week! I wish you a pleasant weekend and years of happiness in your 'new' farmhome.

  2. I thought "hard times called for hard liquor"

    1. I wish I were there to help you move in
    2. I wish you were here to help me pick a paint color for the studio.


    you are MAH - VE - LOUS Keep the chin up - you're on the home stretch. (Then comes the punch list) heeheehee

  3. Oh yes Joan, I can feel many wonderful meals being produced on this little Darling! Hang on in there & yes, alcohol is the great panacea - so use it accordingly!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Um. I have a plug where the range goes. Send her over here. No prob.

    They must be building your hand!
    7 month back order??!

  5. Cindy- Thank you! I can't believe we move in this next week either!!

    Mary- NO we are NOT having fun yet!!!I had to give up the hard times/hard liquor thing or I would have to then divide my time between the house and AA;) Too many hard times lately...

    Millie- Yes, Dan has already put in his order for pancakes!

    Linda- Sorry, that was misleading on my part- no, frig order was place a couple of weeks ago. I'm just sayin' the order "could have" been placed months ago for this delivery date and then it would have been here. But the person running the show (Not me) likes to put things off til the end...

  6. I was wondering about when you were scheduled to take up residence at your house. Won't it be great to start settling in?

  7. Welcome to my world, Joan! Even people like Steve and I, who do this every day, forget things. Once you are in your home all of these things will fade away.
    On a happy note, your range is gorgeous!!


  8. You move in THURSDAY!?! Wowy! Congratulations that is so uber exciting. Sending lots of good wishes for your homecoming-- and lots of strength for those last minute snafus that have and will arise. You'll get through them and have your beautiful home to show for it. Love the range... cannot wait to see the final kitchen reveal!

  9. Oh my goodness! It is GORGEOUS!
    Wow you move in TOMORROW!!!!! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for you!!!


    good luck! karen

  10. Hi Dan and Joan

    I have major closet (as well as range) envy. Your house is amazing! Dan told me all about your home odyssey on a long trip across the pond. I'm glad you are finally in your gorgeous house. I have really enjoyed the photos and stories!


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