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Saturday, June 27, 2009

tractor love!

me mowing!

Dan grew up on a dairy farm in Oregon. Tractors are in his blood. At the age of three and a half, yes three and a half, he was driving a tractor on the farm. After realizing at a very young age just how much hard work it was to run a farm Dan chose another profession and got off the farm as soon as he could! So, he's never actually owned a tractor of his own... until yesterday!

I fought this purchase for months. It was too much money, too big, too blue, too much money, too, too... But, the grass desperately (as you will see in the photos) needed mowing and after getting bids of $1000 a pop to cut our 4 acres (boy, do we miss cheap labor in the South!) I soon realized that big-blue would pay for herself within a couple of years.

Please don't tell Dan (actually, he kinda figured it out after the fifth time of me saying "my turn"!) but within minutes of driving the tractor I had tractor love!! I was then asking if the tractor was big enough, and if we needed a bigger scoop!! I'm thinking a big hat, my iPod and I'm good to go! Now, if it only had a seat for Ella it would be perfect!

tractor love.... who knew?!!!

Okay, this next sentence is for my niece-in-law, Allison, to tell to my nephew, Forest. For the rest of you it will read blah, blah... blah, blah, blah!! Forest, Dan says it's a New Holland, 45 horse power, diesel, it has a 72-inch finish mower with turf tires, a scoop, adjustable forks that are interchangeable with the scoop, and an 84"blade for grading the gravel drive and also snow removal. You'll have to bring Eli (when he gets here!), and teach him how to drive a tractor!

She's kinda pretty, isn't she!

Ella didn't notice much when Dan was on the tractor, but she thought I was crazy!! Maybe it was the hootin' and hollerin' and waving at her from across the field?! Ya think?!

dang... had to let Dan have a turn.


  1. Boy--oh Boy !! t is a big one alright!!!
    I believe Ella wants her turn to drive it!!
    Please be very careful both of you and Ella too!! Love Mama

  2. I too just mowed our grass for the first time - OHMYGOSHITWASSOMUCHFUN!!! Who knew? I also did a lot of waving (the parade wave) to Lucy and Mike as I sailed on by them. It totally enhanced the mowing experience ; ) Congratulations on your tractor - and your tractor love ; )

  3. Hi Mama- yes, we'll be careful, promise.

    Trina- Exactly... who knew?! Yes, the wave really helps the mowing doesn't it!! Next time try the hootin' and hollerin'- Lucy will like that too!

  4. She sure is pretty! Who knew a tractor could be so much fun???

    Enjoy! Connie

  5. Hi Joan: With all of our rain this year, "Blue Blue" will get lots of use. Enjoy!

  6. oops.... I meant "Big Blue"

  7. New Holland's are great! We have one and are looking for a second, use them for all kinds of ranching things!

  8. This looks like so much fun! I can see why you would enjoy it.
    I love seeing this side of you, Joan.


  9. Wow! Pretty tractor-its a great color! You've got to figure out a way to build a seat for Ella on the back! She'd love it!!!

    Forest's eyes lit up when he saw the pics of the tractor. He said the only thing missing is a disc for planning the food plot for hunting season. He also said to tell you to make sure you wear your seatbelt! Love you guys!

  10. That does look like a lot of fun. I bet it looks gorgeous when you finish cutting all of that grass.

    By the way, re: the sink grills - I don't have them and no problem with splashes either.

  11. You are so cute. I have to admit, we have had a tractor and my husband loved it. I never did try it, though! I think I was still too busy driving carpool. It is great to see you having so much fun!

  12. I love it! Who knew you were a tractor girl at heart!? (I admit, I like to have my turn at the wheel too!)

  13. Your post made me laugh! You said that you were in the market for one....there is a certain something about a tractor.

    An update- ours sold on Saturday....and there is now quite possibly someone else feeling exactly the way you are now!

    What fun!

  14. I would never have known of tractor love, but your enthusiasm and giddiness is so infectious, I think I want one now! (Too bad I live in a little townhome with no yard. Will have to upsize!) You go, girl!

  15. Never picked you for a Tractor-Lovin' Mama Joan! This post may well get you a whole lot of new Blogging friends with names like 'Massive Massey Mike' & 'Crunchin' Case Charlie'. Won't their take on your charming decorating posts add a whole new dimension to FTLOAH!

    Thank you sweetie for your lovely Get Well messages - I appreciated them so much.
    Millie ^_^


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