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Friday, July 3, 2009

fireflies & fourth of july

Don't you love fireflies?!
To this day I still get excited when I see the first one of the season. I once met a woman who had never seen one? You do have them, don't you?

In Texas they would

But here they
like little strobes! I've never seen it before, and don't know why the difference. We have some that slow blink, but the majority are little strobes. What kind of fireflies do you have? Growing up we called them lightning bugs! And if anyone can tell me why they blink differently I would be most obliged!

I wish you a very fun, happy, and safe Fourth of July weekend!


  1. Lighting bugs ! I already confessed on someone elses blog - we used to make jewelry with them - ouch - I am much more humane these days.

    Happy Fourth to you too !!

  2. Hi Joan! I so miss fireflies!!!! Having grown up in Southern California, I didn't see a firefly until I was a teenager on a trip out east. And I just loved seeing them when I lived in Maine. They are so magical, so beautiful, so summer. As far as the blinking goes, I looked it up online and found out that the blinking is determined by 'courtship flash patterns.' Apparently the males have their own distinctive patterns to attract the ladies and ladies respond with flashing back. How cute is that? Love them even more!

  3. I had never seen fireflies until fifteen years ago when I came to live in Atlanta. I remember the first time I saw them was one June evening I looked out to the sunken, very damp,communal garden and saw a ballet of light - it was magical and remains so each summer when I see the first.

  4. I have not seen fireflies in a long, long, time. I don't think they can compete with the lights in Boston! Have a Happy Fourth! Deborah

  5. Aha...and here I thought maybe Texas was more eco-friendly. You know, their lightening bugs were more like a cfl bulb than a regular bulb.


    I miss em. As a kid we used to try and put them in jars and make lanterns.

  6. I don't believe I've ever seen one, either! We don't see them here in SoCal. From reading your and Blue's descriptions, we're really missing something! If I ever travel east, I'll make sure it's in summer just so I can see the fireflies.

  7. I love "lightning bugs"! I could sit outside and watch them forever. But, it gets lonely ... mosquitoes love my husband. :(

  8. Brings back memories of growing up in Dallas. We used to catch them and put them in jars - after, of course, punching holes in the lids so they could breathe!I am not sure if we thought they would be pets or lanterns!!

  9. Thank you for the comments! It was so interesting to hear what parts of the country have fireflies and which do not! I didn't know...

    Trina, much obliged to you for finding out about the blinking! Very interesting!!

  10. Hi Joan!
    Growing up in Manitoba Canada north of North Dakota I seem to remember seeing a firefly over at my step family's home as they lived near a forest. It wasn't until I moved to Kansas that I saw my first firefly 'show'...I had only seen this in movies but to see it first hand is breathtaking! It seems there were hundreds of them all blinking on and off. Oh it was the blink.....blink.....blink kind like you had in Texas. Last year I don't think I saw any here on the farm so hopefully this year will be a good one for them. Sorry to read about your computer (June 2011)...hope it's up and running soon. Have a wonderful day!
    Maura :)


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