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Friday, July 24, 2009

our tub moved to New York...

Today one of our antique cast iron claw foot tubs moved to New York.
No, it didn't just get tired of living in New Hampshire and decide that it would rather live in upstate New York...
Instead, when we redid the guest bath we made the room slightly smaller (which gave a few more feet to the adjacent master bath) and took out the iron tub and put in a marble and subway-tile shower. My new friend Melkorka, at The Little Big House, had made a post several months ago on iron tubs. She's redoing an antique Greek Revival, and I mentioned if she could use one we had one she could have.
Today she and her "crew" (her delightful parents, and cute & charming boyfriend) drove the 5 hours (one way) from their home to ours to pick it up! The tub (the claw feet had been removed for transport in the photo above) was very excited to be going to a new, happy home!
Melkorka was a doll, and it was a wonderful, fun afternoon!
A couple of newer pedestal sinks and mirrored medicine cabinets, several light fixtures and some bath hardware also sneaked into their car.... they must have wanted to go live in upstate NY too!!

Thank you to Temma for the beautiful, and ohmygosh-so-delicious blueberry pound cake that she made for us! Dan is on his second BIG piece as I type!

Here is Melkora's lovely post on her visit to our house!!


  1. I'm sure it will have a happy home. We have our original 1920's tub and we both love it -- but it's not a claw foot -- it's more "modern"!

  2. You are a Renovation angel...that's what you are!

    ...And should your subzero want to go for a walk...oh, let's say to FL...Let it know it will always have a home.

    ...Just sayin'.


  3. Oh, just love Linda's comment! I love to see things go to good homes, & especially if brought together by the magic of Blogworld!
    Millie ^_^

  4. I love it!!! the tub gets a new home! thank goodness it did not become a garden fixture!!!

  5. Joan,

    What a great story of generosity. Your blog title says it all. We would all do just about anything for the love of a house.


  6. Joan,
    Thank you so much – my family, Jeff and I had such a fun trip coming up to see you in NH. You and Dan (and Ella!) were such gracious hosts – I am going to do a post as soon as we unload all the booty from the car so I can take a photo :) - I am so excited by imagining where I am going to put the tub and I was so incredibly inspired by seeing your welcoming house in person – so very beautiful. My mother and I keep talking about all that light in every room (so very rare in an old house) and the beautiful proportions, and your kitchen, and the way you picked a paint color that made the light just reflect everywhere... (I could go on and on )... Most of all it was nice to meet with a kindred spirit – blogging can feel like such a solo endeavor that actually meeting another blogger who is as excited and passionate about their environment was truly a moving experience for me :). Now, per your encouragement, I am excited to share the 'nitty gritty' photos of our renovation project – It will be a fun adventure :)

    Thanks so much again! Best,

  7. I ;ove a post like this...we recently upgraded our lawn mower, blower & hose & reel.....
    they were on the blonk & needed some TLC. A friend of my hubby's has a daughter getting married, right out of a lawn stuff at all...her dad is a tinkerer of things so we gave them the equipment, a few spark plaufgs & cleanings carburators later...running like a gem!
    I love to reuse, recycle ,& repurpose!
    Great tub story.....too!

  8. That's such a good story. Beautiful tub. Nice to see it go to a good home!

  9. What a great story! I love it that your tub went to a good home. Thanks for your visit and you will be pleased to know that I am back in Texas! You can't even imagine how many things are just a few minutes away from us in the hill country that we have not seen - so, do not be embarrassed about not seeing the sights in Boston! I think we are all guilty of the same thing - everyday life is too busy and we do not get to the treasures that are right in our own backyards! We tour more when we are on vacation! I guess that means you need to come to Texas!

  10. I am glad that sweet tub is off on an adventure to the big city....xv


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