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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I decided the kitchen table we were "thinking" about would be perfect for the room. I had wanted an oval, but finding antique dining tables is difficult at best, and an oval one would prove even more challenging. But we did, and after vacuuming it off and placing it in the kitchen it is indeed perfection! When Dan does his "Dan wax," as we call it, it will be beautiful! The current casters are plastic replacements, and we'll replace those with antique iron casters which would have been what was originally on the table.
Now, on to finding the chairs and the antique iron chandelier that I can see perfectly in my head, I just can't find!

And...We also purchased this table for the master bedroom. I love it's lines. In a lighter tone it would look like a Scandinavian piece. The bottom shelf was installed upside down, hence the nails showing.... that has already been corrected.

And this.........

Okay, you're going to have to trust me on this one!! Sans the 1990's polyester floral, this is a stunning antique barrel back chair.

I mean, look at this wood detail on the arms....

And these gorgeous ball and claw feet!

The chair just happens to have been painted along the way, and is the perfect shade of turquoise that is in the pillows that I am using as a bit of color in the master bedroom. here

The chair was so happy to get that fabric off!

See, now you can see how pretty she'll be covered in a natural linen.

And finally....

This wood floor lamp! I've looked at the lamp several times now, but didn't have a place to put it. I still don't, but at $35 I just couldn't leave it behind! It will also get a "Dan wax" and a wonderful new shade!

Regarding your requesting;) of more room photos, I know you are being extremely (okay, kinda;) patient with me.... and I thank you for that! And I ask for your further indulgence, as there are just so many little projects and things to finish in each room before I am comfortable showing them (the bedrooms are even further out... .) I know (hope!) you understand!! Know that as soon as I am happy with a room you'll "see" it!

(Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes for Dan! He was very surprised and happy to receive them! He left a comment for you in the previous post. We had a really fun day-trip and Dan had a wonderful birthday!)


  1. * Oh, this is SOOO FUN today!!! Fab table & side piece for SURE~~~ I'd love to have them, too!!! (We have G*O*T to buy an old cottage!!!)... BUT, the CHAIR???? Ahhhh, the CHAAAIR... hard to believe you found it already "dusted" w/ old blue paint... that is SURELY going to be a MAGNIFICENT PIECE when reupholstered, and I HONESTLY can't wait to SEE IT DONE!!!!! The wood is stunning... it's going to be SUCH a joy to ENjoy!!!

    I dislike asking you to "rush", buuut, "more, more, more" please!!! (Lord grant me PATIENCE, but HURRY!)... HAPPY SMILES!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  2. (P.S. I LOVE that you love & support taking good care of DOGS!!! BLESS YOU, from a BIIIG-TIME dog lover!!!)

  3. S C O R E !!!!

    Love it all - the two of you are a deadly combo - and I mean that in a good way - okay ..a great way. Love it all. Man! you are good !

  4. Oh I love the chair! What a wonderful find.... and look at the little darling in the background.... hello Miss Ella! A-M xx

  5. I love all of those great finds... but mostly I am ooohing about that FAB porch and the view of the countryside... so welcoming!

  6. I love all of your new treasures and yes, I am waiting and waiting to see at least one of the rooms in this wonderful "new-Old-house" ♥

  7. Oooooooooooh. I'd say you scored big time! The tables are both gorgeous and the chair I can't wait to see finished! I bought a really pretty old and I believe antique round table for my kitchen back in the was perfect in every way except if sat too low and I just couldn't get comfortable around it. Last month I moved it to my den to try out as a game table of sorts...but it messed up my traffic flow. Several days ago I moved it to my living room and it is just perfect. Sometimes it takes me awhile to find the right spot...I don't give up easy if I love something. I also found a 5 legged french-style wingback chair yesterday. It has pink striped fabric...all I could picture was some heavy old belgian linen on it...oatmeal colored. Still thinking on the chair...where to put it would be the issue. Your new lamp is great too...I would have purchased that too!

    Do tell...what is the waxing thing that Dan does? :)

  8. Hi Joan and Dan,

    Love what you have purchased recently. If I saw all those gorgeous things in an antique shop here I would hypoventilate - you know, brown paper bag and slow deep breaths!!! It will be great to see the finished products. (Notice how patient I am sounding!!) No wonder the chair is happy and finally breathing, if I had to wear that fabric for 20 odd years I'd be pretty happy too. Tearing my hair out today as I still can't find the paint colour I want for the lounge and dining rooms and if I go back to the shop I'm loathe to bringing anymore sample pots back home 'cause they are mounting up fast in the garage but I think that's what will have to happen 'cause I've got to get this right. Hope you are both having a good day. I'll call in again soon.

    Take Care

    Love Janine
    Tasmania, Australia

  9. I absolutely love those two tables. Gorgeous! What kind of fabric are you thinking of using for the chair?
    Oh, by the way, I attempted to find the Antique Store that you told me about. I'm wondering if it went out of business, as it doesn't seem to be anywhere around.

  10. Great finds! The chair is going to look so great! :)

  11. What a really fun post! Love all your finds!


  12. the gardeners cottageAugust 23, 2009 at 10:54 PM

    Well I can see, the plot thickens. What will all these gorgeous finds look like in Joan's house? I'll keep coming back to see!

  13. Great finds!! Love the base on the dining table... I'd like a coffee table version for myself :)
    Have fun cleaning them up. I'm sure they'll all be gorgeous.

  14. Everything you brought home is fantastic. That chair breathed a huge sigh of relief when you got rid of that fabric, didn't it? What is this special wax? I need to know more about that!

  15. Great Score or rather scores. "Dan Wax" sounds like a how-to post topic to me.

  16. What a wonderful collection of treasures - the old chair is just gorgeous and I can't wait to see your choice of fabric for the re-cover. Also, love the table you're going to use in the bedroom - the legs are beautiful. Leigh

  17. You guys always amaze me with your fab finds. When you want the perfect item it always seems to be waiting for you with a big sign attached 'Only Joan & Dan need bother thanks!'
    Millie ^_^

  18. What wonderful finds! I can just imagine the table in the kitchen, what a beautiful addition to the room. And love the elegant legs of the table for the master bedroom. The chair is so beautiful - I LOVE MAKEOVERS! Can't wait to see the 'after.' ; ) Trina

  19. Fun finds!! I love an old chair that has been given a facelift! I need to do that to a chair I have....and have been draaaaggging my feet on it. What is the secret to the "Dan Wax?" Do tell!! :)

  20. OK, clicked on "you also may like" from today's post to here, and as I read through it again, I saw "Dan Wax", ok I need to know what that is. Is this post in the works? :) donna

    1. Donna, if you go to my sidebar and towards the bottom you'll see "labels." Click on "headboard" and the first post there talks about Dan's waxing method.

  21. Love your blog! I was born and raised in Maine, now living in Virginia, so I always enjoy your posts on life in New England. I just purchased a mahogany antique round pedestal table. I don't think it has ever been refinished and appears to be slightly crazed (although I'm not sure that is what it technically is)--the finish is dark and dull. I am not ready to invest the time and money into refinishing it right now, as I have three small children. I am interested in putting a little elbow grease into cleaning it and was curious if you (or Dan) thinks his "Dan Wax" method would work. Are there other methods or products you think would work to give this kind of table a new luster? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hannah- I love a bit of "crazing" (yes, that's the term;)on old furniture as it gives it patina and shows its true age! (Don't refinish, it will take away all the age and you can't get it back;) Yes, I definitely think the Dan-wax would work great. But, if you'd like to send me a photo I'll have Dan take a look at it and give you his opinion!


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