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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Barn Windows & French Doors!

! It's been a big couple of days here at the house!
Yesterday the barn windows finally arrived! We were told they would take 3-4 weeks, they took 6. And, the order was delivered sans one set of windows which somehow didn't get ordered.... the Marvin people took full responsibility for the oversight, but that still means I'm three weeks (at least) out on one window.....arrrhhh.

And.....drum-roll please, our magic painter has arrived to paint the exterior of the house. For the two plus years since we first laid eyes this house I had always said the first thing I would do after buying the house was to power wash the front porch..... I did not... so many things (like a six month renovation, winter, an ice storm, unpacking 200-plus boxes, etc.) got in the way. It just never happened, until yesterday!! I cried.
The magic painter works by himself (with occasional help from a worker-bee.) Yesterday the magic painter did the work of three men! He is the nicest person, and has a "no-problem" attitude to any request! Our house is covered with shingles, and he's power washing and hand-scraping as prep. The house is currently a light yellow with a red barn, and will become a classic white New England farmhouse with a grey barn.

Here are some photos of all the progress. Some are very scary and you might need to cover your eyes... I did!!

WooHoo! Window delivery!

This is the north side/the garage side of the the barn. The first cut out for one set of windows

Second cut out was cut open before we realized the missing set of windows...arrhhh, again.

I have loved two-over-two windows for years! (I have saved images of them from magazines and longed for the day I could have some of my own!)

Here's a better angle for perspective of the north side of the barn. The new shingles show where an old window and door was patched in.

The first french door was installed yesterday! So exciting! Again I cried.
Several years ago (fyi- we have only owned the house for 11 months now, but first found it over two years ago) when I first walked into the barn I started gesturing with my arms saying "there will be a french door here, and another one here, and windows here..." and to see it actually come true is a crazy, amazing feeling!

This mornings activities involved installing the second french door.
Note: there is a 1o foot drop under the opening for the second french door!! Eventually the existing stone wall (where the guys are standing) will be moved to the corner of the barn/garage wall, and there will be a gravel terrace off of the barn room/french doors (can you see me gesturing with my hands again?!) Maybe we should have done that first?!!
In this photo the guys are loading the french door onto Big Blue (the tractor) to transport over to the opening. See how you can barely see Big Blue 10' over the edge. This is where the scary started!

View from inside the barn room. Eventually there will be a stone fireplace between the two doors.... eventually!

The french doors being placed on the forks of the tractor.

Down she goes.

In this photo Dan is raising our two framers and the french door over and up to the opening...

They are now suspended 10' off the ground. Directions: UP/DOWN/STOP/NO are being yelled over the noise of the tractor! It was fun!

This is as close as Big Blue could reach the opening. Close, but not close enough...

This is where my heart skipped a beat, as the 350 lb. french door is being held up by one framer, while the other ran to get the magic painter for an extra set of hands. I offered to help at this point, but it appeared I wasn't needed! I think they realized what an important job I was already doing by taking the photos!;)

The framer on the outside and the two guys in had to manually lift the door the last 6-8". The inside guys only had the hinges to lift on.... I had to look away at this point!

Almost there....

And it's in!!!

French door being leveled and nailed into place. (sorry about the angle of the photo, I was a little shaky at this point!)


This photo shows the stone wall that will be moved to the far right edge of the barn/garage wall, and the drop they were working with. (As you will recall the two small windows above the french doors are in the master bedroom closet.)
Both doors in!!
Another perspective photo. The two windows to the left of the closet windows are the master bath, and then the rest of the east side of the second story (with the porch) is the master bedroom.
Let the painting-prep begin!!
The shingles being scraped.
That's a lot of ladders for one painter, don't you think?! One of the most thrilling parts of all of this paint prep is that my exterior windows are finally getting washed.... with the storm windows on we couldn't access the glass to wash it and I'm a clean window fanatic!

A big couple of days I tell ya!!
[You can click HERE to see the interior framing of the barn room, if interested!]


  1. Wow Joan~

    What an amazing place you are creating! My jaw literally dropped while I was looking at all the barn pics! It's going to be so fabulous~

    Thanks for coming by my site! It is so exciting to see every comment...

    No worries on the wax treatment, but I'll be anxious to see the post when Dan does it!

    Take care & can't wait to see more updates


  2. Very much being done at once...I know that feeling...enjoy! Smiles.

  3. Oh Joan, you must be so excited. You are creating such an exquisite home. Your windows and doors are just beautiful. It is a surreal feeling when it all comes together, isn't it. When you said you were gesturing where the doors were going to go and there they are now. Show's you that plans work! I often think, OMG I am living in my floor plan, OMG the plans have materialised into a house! Thanks for all the wonderful photos! What a treat for us! A-M xx

  4. I remember the day the Marvin truck pulled into our driveway - I was hysterically happy and I'm sure I hugged each and every one of the Marvin boys. ; ) IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL JOAN!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! And I couldn't help but smile as I could see you running around to each vantage point taking pictures. ; ) AND all of those paint ladders leaned up against the house looks like an art installation project! Such an old-fashioned visual. BIG HUGS for a very exciting two days! ; ) Trina

  5. Wow....stunning! I admire that you two are retoring a NE home. Isn't it hard to watch the workers on high ladders? When our home was being painted, last year, I heard one of the painters slide down a portion of the roof and my heart skipped a beat. I love that you are painting your home white...very traditional! Cindy

  6. Hi Joan and Dan,

    WOW What can I say but WOW...Your house is going to be HUGE!!!! I must be very brain dead today but it was a few photo's in before I realised that the barn is attached to the house and will have to go back and read it a few more times to get your meaning on what it where and your main bedroom is going to be where???? Like I said very brain dead!!!! Very exciting for you both, well done and thanks for sharing. Will call in again soon, take care both of you

    Love Janine
    Tasmania, Australia

  7. Love the french doors!! Am I turning green yet?

  8. Wow. Too much nail-biting drama for me!!
    It all looks so exciting and beautiful... even in it's current state.
    And those are a lot of ladders! Maybe that's his magic?!

  9. It will so be worth the wait .....and the tension, xv.

  10. I LOVE 2 over 2 them. Also love that you have used a variety of grids, they all mesh together with perfection and give the farm house the look that it has been gradually added to over time.

    I did not realize the house was yellow... always saw white !

  11. Your house looks wonderful and what a great job your doing! More photos please! Leigh

  12. I get so excited every time I see you have a new post. I am living vicariously through you! I don't know how you stand all the waiting and delays. I think I would be a raving maniac. This is all just so fabulous!

  13. That is soo awesome! I love seeing all the progress. It's so exciting.

    Your idea about the chaise gave me an idea for an antique rocker I have. I think velvet turquoise might be the thing for it.

  14. joan- what a dramatic day! i was on pins and needles just reading about hoisting that door up 10ft- I can only imagine watching it in person! Your home looks as lovely as ever. xo julia

  15. Joan,
    Beautiful windows and doors. Hey, you are quite a storyteller. I was in suspense about the fate of the French doors!

    Isn't it grand to find a good painter?

    The painter who worked on my house has gone out of business. Go figure...

  16. Joan this a late post to the photos you shared with us the other day in the woods by your home. I bet you will have some amazing photos when fall arrives. Good luck on the house , it looks great. Julie in Holland......

  17. My heart rate is normally fast Joan, but it doubled as I scrolled through these images! Now it's slowed done enough to say 'YOU GO GIRL!' I can almost feel the house saying 'Thank you for my beautiful new outfit, I feel soooo gorgeous.'
    Millie ^_^

  18. No words...just a happy heart today. Cannot wait to see the paint...grey is my favorite!!!!! Yipeeeee. OK...sorry...I said no words. :)

  19. That anonymous is me again...having problems posting with Google. ugh. S/S from Bham

  20. this is an amazing project. Can't wait to see more progress pics and the final reveal! WOW!

    love your blog by the way! :)

  21. GORGEOUS! That barn is going to be a stunner!

    I may even come out of your fridge to partake in all of its gorgeousness! Yep. Maybe.

  22. I logged on today hoping for a new post. It's 95 degrees in Dallas today and I need a Fall fix. I'm so jealous of you guys!

  23. French doors are so exciting. We had two sets go in about 6 weeks ago off the back of the house. The painters took our scraping to the bare wood. It took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Your barn is going to be fabulous. Can't wait.

  24. Hurray! Jumping up and down and clapping for you! Awesome!



  25. ooohhh I so feel for you! How incredibly exciting for you to be realizing your dreams come true. Love your home! I am constantly telling my husband that we should pack our bags and move to the East the history and the pace over there. He reminds me of the humidity in the summers and I shut up. Would love to visit New Hampshire in the fall..if it's anything like PA, I doubt I could leave.

  26. Hi Joan,

    Boy is this going to be beautiful. Reminding me of Bunny's barn. I bet it will be just as gorgeous!


    ps Joan, I awarded you the Honest Scrap Award. Go to my blog to check out the rules, it's pretty easy.

  27. I have barn envy, Joan.
    The windows and doors are perfection. Love those transoms.



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