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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

fun finds and Matthew Mead too!

( iron industrial baskets - we think were used in some sort of manufacturing process - that will make fabulous candle holders on the the iron table below....)

This past Sunday Dan and I (and Ella!) did our usual weekend routine of driving 4o minutes west to eat some of the best pancakes in the world at a diner in a tiny, little town in southern New Hampshire! After breakfast, we always go to one of our favorite antique malls in the same town- lots of dealers, great prices, and constantly changing merchandise....

We were walking down an isle when we passed a man moving a piece of furniture and Dan asked him if he needed some help. I turned around and saw the man and thought "I know him!" Well, I didn't actually know him, but knew of him!! Turns out it was Matthew Mead! Matthew was the Style Editor at the dearly departed Country Home magazine. I remember seeing his photo in CH, and also on some segments he did for HGTV. I also recognized him from the photos in his new book that I had purchased (but forgot to mention to him) several months ago.

Matthew also has a Halloween magazine on the stands right now! Matthew was delightful to chat with and I was excited to hear about his new venture with Ki Nassasuer... a new magazine called Flea Market Style which will be out in Spring 2010! This blog is a behind the scenes look at the making of the magazine! Be sure to pop over and check out the magazine and Matthew's website!

Matthew, it was great fun to meet you!
Hope Oscar is feeling better...

We bought this 8 foot iron table for the barn room. It will be placed in front of the original barn door that will be mounted on one of the walls in the barn room as a large piece of art! The wood top will be replaced with a slab of limestone.
We've been looking for a large table for a while as the running joke is that I keep talking about all of the things I want to put on this one table! Like: my collection of antique Chinese blue & white ginger jars and vases/ my collection of antique French confit jars/ my huge clam shell- it measures 36 inches /and now the above candle holders! I think I'm going to need another table!!!

The day after I first spied the above table, we saw this table in Maine. Loved the stone top (this is where I got the idea to use limestone), but at $1200 I liked my table better at $105!! And 30%off never hurt any sale... don't you agree?!


  1. Great finds, Joan and fun to hear about meeting Matthew Mead! I can't wait to see your table and barn room when finished.


  2. Love the table...and I can't wait to see what you do with it. A friend gave me a table that is very similar to yours and I keep changing my mind about how to use it...hmmm...good to know somebody else is doing the same thing!
    Oh...and wow! You met Matthew Mead!

  3. Hi Joan! (wink) What a fabulous meet someone as wonderful as Matthew Mead (I just became a member on his web site), and then to have also found your beautiful barn table! That's gotta be one of the best 'antiqueing' days EVER!!!!! ; ) Trina

  4. What a heavenly day! Pancakes and maple syrup (I assume) in a beautiful little town, then antiquing...Then Matthew Mead...then a table for less than 100 clams! Wow! You live the charmed life ma dear!

    Loving those little "candleholders"...and the touch of fall on your porch. Do I spy wellies in the corner of your pic?

    Giant clamshell??? Oh heavens! I have a perfect place for it if you find it is missing the ocean climate...K?

  5. The table will look fabulous with a limestone top - can't wait to see it! Leigh

  6. Can't wait to see what you do with the table!

    And with all the money you saved...goodness, the possibilities are endless!! I'm thinking more pancakes are definitely in order.

    : )

  7. What a perfect day and a perfect find...and your post just before this, with the gorgeous fall colors...there is nothing like it. This is my most favorite season. And it doesn't last long enough!

    xoxo MC

  8. Joan and Dan: Another great post; love your finds. I like how you are using the baskets as candle holders and the table...what a deal! Is the wood top in good condition because from the picture it looks to be. Isn't breakfast out the best meal?!

  9. SOOOOOOOOOOO COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Great Purchases, love your blog, cheers Katherine

  11. Excellent buying here you guys, I love the new addition. Are you sure you weren't stalking MM Joan, I'm a bit suspicious of your story about 'Just running into him!' Will we see you on the front cover of next week's National Enquirer with the screaming headline - New Hampshire Celebrity Stalker Strikes Again!
    Millie ^_^

  12. LOVE the table and those baskets will make the perfect candle holders! great finds.

  13. Great finds and beautiful decorated for fall!

    Have a happy weekend:)

  14. Oh, yes. Your table is the better choice. Does Ella like pancakes??

  15. Beautiful these tables!!
    I am looking forward to see the result!


  16. Joan and Dan... Thank you so much for the great review of me and my book... honestly, meeting you was the highlight of my day... thanks for the thoughtful words for Oscar, too. Can't wait to see your house and that table... AMAZING. Can't wait to make plans to stop over and maybe you can star in our second FLEA MARKET STYLE MAGAZINE... BEST, MATTHEW

  17. Hello, I found your blog from Howdy from Cowtown...beautiful your posts...maybe because we have the same thing going on in our lives..but we start from new construction but do all the work ourselves also....will keep checking in...Sheryl

  18. Great find! What a fabulous table!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog! I'm happy to find your wonderful blog here. Love what I see... xoRH

  19. Lurve M. exciting! You got that table for HOW MUCH?? Durn...score!! I'm laughing at Linda trying to lure away the clam shell.

    Your life is good, eh? :)

  20. Oh all of your finds are great! You sooooooo make me want to visit my brother in law in New Hampshire, just so I can go and visit all of the cool antique shops there!! Antique shops here on the Mexican border are NOT GOOD! When I lived in Houston there were some good ones, Oh I miss digging!! Can't wait to see what you do with all of your finds!

  21. I just LOVE the little antique stores in Southern NH- which one were you at this time? Everytime I go home to my parents I spend an entire day antique shopping, they have some great deals!

  22. well hello "gorgeous" i mean joan! (you know where i just was)

    first bunny and now matthew. what are we going to do with you? love all your finds!

    have a great day.


  23. My friends with the architectural salvage business took apart a metal finishing shop and got a ton of those industrial iron/steel baskets. Whole Foods came in and bought a bunch for their stores!

    Cool beans about meeting Matthew Mead!


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