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Monday, December 7, 2009

Pearl Harbor Day

photo by Liz Condo

Growing up December 7th was always remembered and honored in our household, as my grandfather was a submarine-crew member in the Navy, stationed at Hickam Field when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Today the Baton Rouge Advocate newspaper published my mother's remembrances of that day. Here is her story.

Several months ago I wrote a post showing a lamp that was my mother's as a child.
That story is here.

Pearl Harbor Day...
Such a sad, fateful day for our country. God bless the souls who perished.


  1. Hello there Lady, I was born in Houston.
    Grew up there. My Parents were from Long Island N.Y.
    I am so happy that you escaped. Give Texas back to SantaAnna . I lived for years in Miami
    when people spoke English there.
    Give me MAINE anytime of year.

  2. Hi Joan, What a moving story, I can't even begin to imagine living through such an experience. It absolutely brings that part of our nation's history alive. Your Mom was a very brave young girl. xoxoTrina

  3. Joan, this is really amazing! You met Bunny Williams? And you have been in her beautiful house? Wow! I did not see your Bunny blogpost, because I started reading some other posts.
    But reading a few posts I was thinking all the time: Hey, this blog is like Bunny's book :-)

    About the translator, I will try to add one on my blog.

  4. Hi Joan: Thank you for sharing your Mom's story with all of us. I found it interesting to read the story from a 14 year old's eyes.
    After reading her story, I went and reread the story of the lamp. It had even more impact than the first time I read it.
    On a lighter note, your Mom is a very attractive woman. -Cindy

  5. Hi Joan

    I so enjoyed reading your mother's story. I can't imagine how frightening it must have been, especially for a young girl. I think it's so important that these stories are told so that these terrible tragedies are never forgotten. Leigh

  6. Hi Joan,

    What a fantastic story and piece of history. You must be so proud of your mom and her parents. Thank you you so much for sharing it.

    Have a beautiful week.


    p.s. On another note, you were asking if black and white were always my favorite colors and I have to tell you that yes they have always been my favorites. I grew up in a black and white uniform in catholic school so maybe that's where it comes from!

  7. You are so right ! It is a sad day!


  8. Loved this post. Such a different time then. And what a great way to remember a day that did have such a great impact on us. Your mom sounds like an incredible woman.

  9. Joan- I'm so happy to see you posting again. Sounds like 1st the flu then windows have been taking up much of your time.

    Thanks for posting your moms story- she must be so interesting and you must be so proud of her.

    Hope you are loving getting ready for the holidays.

  10. Hi Joan - love this post. We had a dedication and ribbon cutting here for a new addition to the Museum of the Pacific War on Monday. It is a fabulous building architecturally and if I can get my act together I will post about it. George Bush(senior) spoke and of course, Pearl Harbor was recognized - I think you would have loved the whole ceremony. On another note, I visited with Kelly Hallman the other night and she said "oh, I have been meaning to tell you, I know your blogging friend, Joan!"I ran into her at an art opening - what a smll, small world!


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