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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hope you are having a beautiful Spring!

It's Spring in New England and it is absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy to see leaves on the trees, and green again!
We've been busy working on our house "to do" list and are making great progress!

I love living in a rural setting where my neighbors have their own chickens. These eggs were a thank-you from a new friend and neighbor!
I don't think I've ever seen such huge yolks.
Simply beautiful!

Hope you have having a wonderful Spring!
(and if it is not Spring where you are I hope it is still wonderful!)


  1. Hi, this is my first visit to your blog...I came via Millie...and I'm loving what I see. So much loveliness, except for the sump pump of course!

  2. Hmmm. When will you get your own flock? Wouldn't that delight Ella?

  3. Hi Joan, What lovely country eggs! And what a beautiful photograph you took of them in your sunny window. Bon Appetite! xoTrina

  4. Hi Kerry! Welcome!! So happy you are here!

    Kathleen- That is so funny, as just yesterday Ella came within about 4 ft. of another neighbors chicken. She was off leash and just stayed completely still- she was mesmerized by it! The owner of the chicken was just shocked at how calm Ella was! And yes, we did have the discussion today about "me" wanting some chickens:), but I don't think that is going to be happening anytime soon!

    Trina- Thank you! I made a scrambled egg sandwich and it was delish!

  5. Hi Joan: I was so happy to see a new post from you! Pear tree is in full bloom, cherry tree budding out, gardens are greening up, painters are prepping home exterior for painting...spring is here!

  6. We had chickens until someone gave us a large black dog - they took one look and jumped over he garden wall, never to return!! Such a shame, I loved gathering the fresh eggs, and their manners always made me laugh.

  7. Hi Joan,

    The eggs look lovely. How nice that a neighbor gave them to you. That's my kind of neighbor. I wish you lived next door to me, I'd whip you up a frittata to end all frittatas! I really do love sending food to my neighbors.


    ps ~ I was eating farm fresh eggs last year but gave them up in January. Some days I really miss them. A fresh egg is nothing like the ones from a supermarket.

  8. Oh it is still wonderful down here in Oz as we are finally getting some relief from our hot, hot summer. April is the most perfect month world wide isn't it! Oh so jealous about your beautiful eggs. I could really handle living in your neighbourhood. A-M xx

  9. Joan girl, get yourself some chickens! Just two or three is all you'll need. They're wonderful and they help keep the bug and spider population down around the house if you let them roam free now and then.

    Yes, spring here is California is glorious too!

  10. Home grown there anything better? smiles.

  11. Hi Joan,

    This is such a lovely anecdote of rural life. Years ago, I too, was welcomed to the neighborhood with a basket of farm fresh eggs (it is amazing how large the yokes are!) and a rhubarb pie. I feel grateful, every day, to live in such a place!

    Happy spring!


  12. How lovely. Once I ate an egg fresh from the coop I realized that I had been eating but a pale imitation for my entire life. It was both a revelation and a misery to me, for it has ruined me for store-bought eggs. I look forward to the day when I am able to raise my own chickens...

  13. Ahhh. Farm livin'! I'll BET spring is gorgeous in your beautiful corner of the world! It is beautiful here this month...doors and windows open, cooling ocean breeze...egrets cranes and pelicans...but alas, nary a chicken in sight.

  14. Dear Joan, Happy Spring to you and to your husband and house. I have not eaten a fresh egg since I was a child and if it were not so impractical raising chickens on an eleventh floor terrace, I might be able to do so again.

  15. Such lovely neighbors! Fresh farm eggs right next store...what a blessing (:

    I don't know what it is about this spring, but the trees seem greener and the flowers are blooming bigger than ever and apparently those chickens are feeling it too with those large egg yolks (:

  16. I want Dan to build you a Bunny Williams Chicken Coop dear Joan, it will match your gorgeous house perfectly. It's very Autumnal here, enjoy your perfect Spring days, you've earned them.
    Millie ^_^

  17. Joan, how wonderful to be gifted with some farm fresh eggs. We are enjoying a gorgeous Spring here in N FL. I recently placed on my blog some pics of my Spring garden. I enjoy it while it lasts. {{{HUGS}}} to you and I love seeing each new post on your lovely blog.


  18. How sweet to receive eggs from your neighbor! I'm new to your blog and loving everything! Can't wait to read more!



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