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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the back porch

While we're outside doing yard work, I thought I would show you
the back porch.
Have a seat, stay a while... I'll bring you some sweet tea, and if you need anything just tell Ella to go get us!

This photo is taken from the east meadow looking west towards the house. You can see the back porch which is off of the kitchen, and the upstairs porch which is off of the master bedroom.
Our exciting news is that the barn room renovation (the gray barn with the french doors) is set to start in October!

Iron table with Japanese fishing float placed in the base, and wicker chairs. The pillows are down-filled; being natural they actually weather great outside. Since I don't use a lot of pattern inside I liked the bold pattern of the fabric for this porch, and at $25 a pair (Homegoods) I couldn't have handmade them for less. I can't tell you how luxurious it is to have down-pillows outside!

"do you need anything yet?!"

This table is the ultimate in high-low decorating!
The iron table base we picked up curbside for free while "junking" in Dallas. It was originally an old garbage can holder.... yes, I said garbage can holder!!, and it moved with us to New Hampshire! The antique marble top was found at a wonderful shop in Maine! So, for a mere $220 ($200 for the marble, and $20 for our neighbor to cut-and-weld the base so that it would fit perfectly) we now have a fabulous table!
Antique copper tub filled with Japanese fishing floats and copper floats under the table.

Antique French fountain ( here ) filled with conks (here)! Huge orchid (here)!
Pair of antique Chinese vases (and yes, they sit outside all season) keep the silver-plated iron bird company! The antique Chinese green jardiniere holding the orchid is one of my favorite finds (I have a pair), but I'll save that for a later post.

So glad you could visit...
hope you'll come back soon!


  1. Joanie,
    These are the best pictures yet!! Everything is so beautiful!! Doug and I have decided that we are coming to live with y'all. Vince and Roxi will love it too!

    Love you

  2. dear lord, you must stop this torture. i love your view and i'd be happy to live on the porch. and i want my house white. curses to you joan.


  3. Thanks for the cuppa & the relaxing eye candy Joan, simply stunning, I am green with envy!!!

  4. I love that you have the vignette with the antique vases, outside. The wicker chairs with down cushions look wonderful. I could enjoy a few martinis in those. And is the porch also the same mahogany that you're letting age on its own? I'm wondering if I'm going to regret staining mine.

  5. Joan, It's absolutely beautiful - I'll be right over! The table with the cut marble is perfect and your dining table with its comfy pillows look like a wonderful place to linger over good wine, yummy food and endless conversation. AND I love the light you get on your's so crisp, so fall and so classic New England.
    Hugs to sweet Ella!

  6. Beautiful as always, I LOVE the fountian - what a perfect place for the conks! I am jealous that you get to sit there and see all the leaves change. All the sudden it was fall here yesterday, it feels SO nice!

  7. Absolutly beautiful! Lucas was "oohing and aahing" at each picture! I love your table with the fishing float underneath.... and the pillows!
    The last picture is perfect! Your photography is so good! So talented!

    I love you!

  8. So lovely! Everything comes together so perfectly and peacefully. I'm bringing my new favorite book, so let Ella know to get my wine ready! Also, you take the best pics!
    Love You.

  9. I'm with Susan...I want to live there too! It is absolutely beautiful! I love the "haint blue" porch. Thats what its called, right?? I would love to be sitting in one of those rocking chairs with a glass of wine right about now. So beautiful!

  10. Joan, how you have inspired me. I have three pieces of marble almost exactly like yours. All free - from a building my husband bought to re-sell. So many times I have thought about having bases made like the one you found. Now I see how charming it would look!

    enjoyed that very much...


  11. Would love to sit and enjoy a cool fall evening on that porch! Sooo jealous...It looks great!

  12. Living. The. Dream. Joan! A-M xx

  13. Dear Joanie, Your Porch is darling and I really LOVE those Rocking Chairs--Hope to be sitting in them someday soon.. Your pillows and tables are so wonderful-- and to think you and Dan found that onein Dallas, that was put out for junk..
    You always have had such a good eye for things no one else could see--always loved your eye for colors too.... I can just picture you and Dan sitting on your porch and sweet Ella laying by your feet on a cool evening.Picture
    Perfect !!
    Love to you all, Mama ***
    one of these days I am going to find out what
    URL means-- so I can send you messages with my name.. I always forget to ask anyone till I'm at the computer !!

  14. Tell Ella Dylan would rather have a What a setting you have and I hope you got a little rest after our much needed rain!

  15. Wow! For a moment, I really felt like I was there enjoying a nice fall afternoon chat with you and Ella on your {fabulous} porch! You really have a gift of incorporating beautiful things into such a relaxing and inviting setting!! Thanks for sharing this with us Joan! ....and please tell Ella thank you for being such a great hostess!

  16. Hi Joan - your porch looks fantastic. You didn't mention where you got the wicker chairs. I have been looking for some like yours. They look very comfortable. I found an iron table similar to yours at an antique shop last week for $42. I think I will have to go back and get it now!

  17. I think I can have my bags packed and be on a plane for New Hampshire by 6pm....and I think I can stay until you run me off! Your porch is SO inviting and your home is awesome. I have really enjoyed your blog and seeing what you how done and how everything has come together!

    Judy M. (Tennessee)

  18. How you ever get yourself off the porch to do yard work, I have no idea :)

  19. Oh heavenly...all of it!! Those chairs...that view.... *sigh* you luck lady! :)

  20. It looks lovely here! Thanks for the invitation:) We just got back from our holiday, we stayed in Portsmouth, do you live near by? We really liked the town, and think about going back sometime, maybe we can see each other another time, hope so. Have a great day:)

  21. Hi Joan and Dan,

    I have enjoyed catching up with your postings lately, but haven't commented, sorry 'bout that!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo's of your porches. I would just love one porch and I was looking at your photo's your porch is so deep, just as well really if all of us turn up there to live as everyone above has threatened to do!!! Glad you are both well, will call in again soon.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  22. Come back soon??? I never silly!

    LOVE it all. Quintessential New Hampshire! The marble table is my fave. Well no, scratch that...Ella...and THEN the marble table.

    Beautiful girl...just beautiful!

  23. Through the blog of Hennie of Room 17 I have found your blog. I realy love the pictures and the atmosphere they create.You live in a beautiful house.
    I would realy like to meet you sometimes at m blog.

    Kind Regards,

  24. I love love love your house. I want to sit on your porches and read books all day long with a glass or wine or two. :)

  25. I simply love the verandas! I can just picture you and Dan having your early morning coffees there, or your afternoon teas.
    Your house is beautiful.
    Your cousin, Faye

  26. I could not agree more! I want to snuggle up on your porch with a glass wine and sweet Ella! B & B were right about you. A beautiful person with beautiful taste. Love it!

  27. Thank you for your lovely comment. Now I have made myself a follower of your blog. Now I can enyour your items any time I want.

    Kind Regards,

  28. Gulp. Sigh. drool. wipe.

    It's all beautiful Joan! Who knew about the down pillows? Love that idea...totally makes sense. The house is spectacular...the barn so cool. Your views are nothing short of WOW.

    I love it all...every single bit of it. Beautimous. :)

  29. It was the perfect New England summer to enjoy idyllic days on your welcoming porches and I hope you were able to spend many contented hours there....but something tells me you never sit still for long. Not when there is a little corner left in the world to make a bit prettier with your boundless creativity.

  30. I'm living my porch dream vicariously through your gorgeous porches Joan & Dan! Not a porch to be see here at our 1972 'beauty'. Loved the story about your planter table!
    Millie ^_^

  31. Very clever about the down filled cushions--I've been struggling with the same issue, foam rots. Thanks for some GREAT advice.

  32. What a great property you have!! It is one of my favorites I have found online!! Have a wonderful day!

  33. I'd love a glass of sweet tea, thank you. And did I mention that your dog is darling?

  34. I DREAM of a big porch like yours! I have always wanted a COVERED space to eat outside! Maybe one day.....XO, Pinky

  35. What a beautiful home and yard. The land and trees surrounding your home is beautiful. By the way can you loan your wonderful husband out for hire? This reminds me of a home I grew up in with lots of love and fun surrounding it, How special you must feel.
    Betty Whatley

  36. We are building a house and I would love to know what you used for your flooring here on the porch. You have a beautiful home and it has been a wonderful inspiration!

    1. The floor boards are unstained mahogany which weathers to a beautiful grey. Best of luck with your new house!


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