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Sunday, October 17, 2010

weekend find...

After a stunningly gorgeous 40-minute drive through Fall foliage to get to our favorite pancake diner we stopped in our favorite dive antique mall and found these beauties...
antique piano legs!

As luck would have it, on Friday the contractor and crew arrived to start the barn room renovation (a post to follow), and lately I've been thinking about what to do for a large barn room ottoman.

These gorgeous hand-carved legs measure 23 inches in height. Their large scale is perfect since the barn room is fairly large at
23 feet- 6 inches x 27 feet with a 12 foot plus ceiling. I'm thinking an upholstered top, but we could also do a wood top made with reclaimed barn wood... .
What would you do?!

did I mention the price?...... $68, and then after the 10% discount for cash..... $61.20!!!!!!

each leg is numbered... love the antique font

the legs are on iron casters

What's this you ask?!
This is one tired shopping-dog under the down comforter taking an afternoon nap. It's hard to be Ella!!


  1. my stars, joan, these are lovely. you are the luckiest darn gal out there!

  2. How cool! I think they'd be the perfect legs for new dog bed for Ella!

  3. Wow! These are an amazing find! I'd say since they were part of a wonderful day, they were meant to be found by you.
    I would do the upholstery top - a more casual heavier fabric but not too tufted and lightweight....just my opinion. :)
    I am anxiously awaiting the barn room post! You're not going to make us wait until it's all complete....right?
    Hope all is well ~

  4. hi joan,

    i bow to you, as you are the queen of interesting, beautiful, affordable and unique finds. how do you like that title? have dan engrave it on a crown would ya?

    i think these are going to make an amazing ottoman. i guess it depends on the flavor of the barn what you will upholster it in. i can even imagine it in leather, although you didn't hear that from me.

    and to sarah above, you know she is gonna make us wait.


  5. Donna- lucky, yes! but, in all honesty we do kiss a LOT of toads!

    Steve- duhh- upholstered ottoman does = Ella bed!!;)

    Sarah- that's exactly what I was thinking about the fabric, and Of course I won't make you wait until it's finished. Whatever would give you that impression?????!!! Please do not listen to the person behind the curtain below....!

    Janet- Dan is working on the new crown as I type! I think I "will" do it in LEATHER and inscribe "This ottoman was condoned by Janet" on the top!!!

  6. Those are fantastic...what a lucky find! Made me laugh because I have said that when our recliners are worn out, I'm removing the legs (because they are these fabulous hand carved ball and claw cherry legs) and it would be a crime to let them go! I could just see my chair legs lined up like yours...
    It does seem like leather would be great on an ottoman with those legs...perhaps leather that has already been given a time worn look!

  7. What a fabulous find...they are truly wonderful!!!! I'm thinking an upholstered top would be divine but honestly those legs are so gorgeous that no matter what you decide you can't go wrong!!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  8. Dear Joan, What a find! They're BEAUTIFUL and in the most amazing condition - AND what an amazing price! It was their lucky day that you came along and rescued them. Now they will shine once again! And however you decide to use them, they will no doubt look FABULOUS! Your eye for design is a constant inspiration.

  9. A glass top would be you could see the numbers. But then...where in the world would dear Ella sleep?

    Upholstered, with upholstery tacks at the bottom would look would weathered barn wood.

    Big help, eh?

  10. Hi joan - can't wait for the finished project!! Great blog you have here. Wonderful to pop in. Yep. Ella seems to have a great life...

  11. Hello, Joan. Beautiful legs, if I may say so. In my opinion the only possible top is an upholstered one. A large ottoman with a buttoned top - and none of this Belgian beige bland nonsense, either.

    You did ask!

  12. Great Deal on the legs, I have been trying to find some like that for my hubby to make into a coffee table for me. I love the curves, such a beautiful design.

  13. I have never commented on your blog before but I visit it quit frequently. Love your home and all you have done to it. We have friends that are renovating a house similar to yours and I need to direct her to your blog for some "inspiration". I do have an odd question for you-where is this pancake diner you mention frequently? We live south of Keene in a small town in Mass and always looking for a great place to drive on a Sunday for a great breakfast!

  14. Hi Debbie! Thank you for visiting, and thank you even more for your first comment! I really appreicate it, as comments keep me motivated to keep blogging, so thank you!

    It's not an odd question at all- you'd be surprised how often I get asked!
    And, you're in luck- as the pancakes are almost in your backyard... Swanzey Diner! They aren't typical pancakes, they are thin-more crepe like, but out of this world good! The service is very slow (especially on the weekends), but it's worth the wait. Have you ever been there before? And the dive antique mall is just down the road from the diner- Fairground Antiques!
    I do hope you send your friend by to visit, is she in Mass too?!

  15. Lucky!! These are gorgeous!


  16. My goodness they are gorgeous legs! Anything on top would look great but I am partial to upholstered. Another fun transformation to follow along.

  17. Wow. What a find and you have a fantastic idea for them, as well.

    By the way, thanks for the comments on the kitchen backsplash tile today. Big milestone.

  18. Hi Joan and Dan,

    Wow, what a find. They will look stunning!! Looking forward to seeing the end result.
    Take care both of you
    Tasmania, Australia

  19. You are so lucky and have such a great imagination. This is going to turn out wonderful. Please keep us posted and more house pictures please!

  20. What gorgeous legs for your ottoman. I vote for upholstered too!
    xoxo, Sherry

  21. Hi Joan-thanks for the diner info-I know exactly where it is (we travel by there on our way to the Volvo dealer in Keene). Have you and your husband tried Parkers Maple Barn or Pickity Place in Mason NH? Great places and a nice drive this time of year!
    Yes our friends live in Carlisle MA which is near Concord Ma. They bought a lovely old home and are in the process of renovating now.
    Where on your blog can I find pictures of finished rooms in your home to show them?
    Thanks again...

  22. Debbie- Parker's and Pickity are both near by, but we're tried neither. Have heard mixed reviews on Parker's and the buses parked outside tend to make us go elsewhere!! We LOVE Carlisle- drive through it to go antiquing in Concord. So many great old houses that have been lovingly restored.
    No finished photos yet (just snipits) but she'll be just in time to start the reveals!
    Please let me know what you think about the pancakes!!

  23. Beautiful find for a lovely home!!!

  24. Hello,
    We have some collections of indoor furniture made of solid teak wood from Indonesia.
    Thank you.

  25. Here's an ottoman from Mr. Lauren's country house, too wild? Just right?

  26. Ohhhh, thanks Flo! I think it's perfect! That whole room is stunning! Thanks!

  27. "I think it's perfect! That whole room is stunning!"

    Maybe a little more?

  28. Thanks again Flo!! That was delightful to see so much RL in one place!

  29. Hello Joan!
    These legs are absolutely gorgeous...and HUGE! This is only my humble opinion but I would go with an upholstered ottoman with deep set buttons..I'm sure there's a name for it but I just can't think of it at the moment :( I think I'm going to have to go back to where I left off last time I was here and work my way forward..I don't want to miss anything about your renovation! I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday. Stay warm.
    Maura :)

  30. What a great find. They are beautifully carved. They would make a great table or desk.


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