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Thursday, December 2, 2010

this photo is for Claire...

A couple of weeks ago Dan and I were at an antiques mall that we shop at occasionally. Keep in mind that this mall is almost an hour, and several towns away from our house. I am in a booth upstairs where over a year and a half ago I had purchased the beautiful crystal chandelier that now hangs in the master bath (here). A woman walked into the booth carrying some merchandise, so I asked her if she was the dealer, and she said "Yes."

I then said... "you had a crystal chandelier hanging in the corner...."

She replied "Yes, it sold."

I said "I know....... I bought it!!"

I then went on to tell her how it now hangs in my master bath, and it is beautiful and we love it and that we are renovating an 1850's farmhouse. She looks at me a little oddly, and asks....
"You wouldn't happen to be
"for the love of a house"
would you???"

thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud..... that's the sound of me falling on the floor!

now, how in the world???............
Turns out I have a very little bit of a Southern accent and she was putting two-and-two together and remembered that we had moved from Texas! She said she had followed my blog for a long time, but had never left a comment ((Helloooooo People......... I blog for comments!!! I already know what my house looks like!!! Your comments keep me posting!!!;);)
She had even told her husband when she originally saw my post on the chandelier that she thought it was "her" chandelier!

Turns out the chandelier had originally been her mother's. Her mother had purchased this vintage chandelier from the Design Center in Boston back in the 60's.
Claire seemed very happy that her mother's chandelier was so very loved and cherished in it's new home!

so..... this one's for you Claire, and your mother!!


  1. THAT'S NOTHING! I just went to an antique store an hour and half from my house and right next to a table I bought, sat YOUR lamp that's there for rewiring!! So the Urban-Cottage table met the For-the-love-of-a-house lamp but we've never met! WHAT A SMALL WORLD!

    Hi, Claire! Your mom's chandelier is beuatiful. We all LOVE it!

  2. Well I can't top Steve but it is a crazy small fun!
    GORGEOUS chandelier! I would be in the tub every night ~
    Her mother would be very happy I'm sure to know her chandelier is loved by so many.

    Love this story...

  3. This post just gave me chill bumps... I love stories like this! :) It certainly IS a small and wonderful world!

  4. Steve- that is HYSTERICAL!!!! Ok, you win!!
    Sarah- Did you just call Steve a "butt"?!!!:) It really is a crazy small world, isn't it!
    Brittany- You are another one of my 'small world' stories, aren't you!! xx

  5. Nooooo...not me, I would never!!! :)

  6. That is amazing... Claire sounds like a new best friend....

  7. Hi Joan

    I love this story! At the last antique show I did, I sold a woman something and then handed her my card. She looked at it and said "YOU are Hill Country House? I read your blog all the time"!! I was so surprised and flattered. It is fun, isn't it? Thanks for your comment today - I was beginning to miss you and fear one of my comments to you had been too smarty pants or something! Enjoy the season with Dan and Ella! Next summer is our summer, I just know it!!

  8. I can't remember the source, but remember reading somewhere the thought that when synchronicity takes place, it's a sign that one is in the 'flow'. Clearly, your cup runneth over.

    Beautiful chandelier!

  9. I loved this story being a sucker for a story, a connection and bling bling.

  10. hi joan,

    what a fantastic story. how amazing! and to think that you and steve's antiques have funny. great, great story.


  11. Great story ... such a small world, isn't it?

  12. Well, that's simply amazing. Great chandelier, too!

    By the way, maybe it's been there a while, but your header is great. Is it new or did I just not notice?

  13. What a great story! It's so cool that she's been reading your blog all this time and even recognized the chandelier but never commented on it! I agree, I blog for comments too - that's what makes it fun! And I guess that chandelier was really meant to be yours :)

  14. Hi, Joan!
    I 've really been enjoying your blog lately and love the new header. I love hearing the stories. I am sure you have many to go with all your beautiful treasures...keep telling them! The Chandelier is spectacular and I too, would be bathing every night, lulled by the twinkle of the prisims before climbing into bed! But, I am a pushover for anything connected to lighting. I love the mirrors and your foyer is very inviting. You have done an amazing job on the house..I had the pleasure of driving past the other day. Happy Holidays Ahead..Pictures of your holiday decorations comming soon?

  15. Mmm-hmm. There you go! Zincdesign likes your new header, Joan!

  16. Ok Ok !!! I never comment :-/ But, I feel sweetly shamed into it this time. I LOVE your blog--- Thank you so very much for posting all your beautiful things for us to enjoy !!!

  17. Love your story. What a small world in deed.

    I LOVE MY CONKS!! They are gorgeous!! Thank you so much baby sister! They couldn't have come at a better time either as I have been helping a dear old friend with terminal cancer (Mrs. B. remember her ?) She is going to the doctor all the time now and I am taking her. Today was especially sad as she doesn't have much longer to live so the package from you and Dan really lifted my spirits. The chocolate cherries are DIVINE!!!!! I have never had fresh cherries with a stem dipped in chocolate. Thank you!

    Love you three

  18. what a wonderful story. amazing....

  19. Love all your house stories!!!

  20. Hello Joan!
    What a wonderful post and what a small world it is isn't it. :)

  21. Thank you for blogging and brightening my day(s)! I am delurking to tell you that I love your house, your style and your blog. Blogs like yours inspire me to try to spend more time posting on my own blog, but I always end up just looking around at others' and enjoying it tremendously too!

  22. Dayum! I'm worried about what may happen with the unchaperoned lamp and table.....

    Clair...Lovely chandy...
    Joan...where is the rest of the bathroom??

    just sayin'

  23. thank you ALL for your comments! And a BIG thank you to my "de-lurking" commenters (loved that kaypea!) Guess it proves that a little "sweet shaming" (too funny annon!) never hurt anyone!!!!

    Sarah- I'm not believing you;)!!

    Just M- Isn't it crazy?!

    Ann- That's so fun that it happened to you too recently! Silly girl- thinking that about a comment;)

    Daniel- I like the thought of being in the flow, thank you!

    home b4 dark- yes, a little bling never hurts!!
    mimi- thank you!!

    janet- isn't that crazy about Steve's table and my lantern! You can even see them "together" on Steve's Maine post (right under the lamp photos). I think it's love!!

    a Broad- It really IS small, and gets smaller all the time!! love it!

    Kathleen- the header is relatively new, couple of weeks. Thank you!

    Lisa- I hear ya about those comments!!!!!

    Laurie- Thank you! You should have stopped!!!

    Steve- It's so much better fobless!! Thank YOU!

    Annon- See... that wasn't so hard!:)! Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment. I really can not tell you how much they all mean! and, please sign a name or initial "next time":) so I will know it's you!!

    Susan- I'm so sorry about Mrs.B. You are so nice to be there for her. Glad the gift came on a day that you needed it! Aren't those chocolate covered cherries fabulous? They are made in a little candy store in our town!

    Donna- thank you!

    5 B's- thank you too!!

    Dianne- thank you for saying that! I was worried readers might be getting bored with them.

    Maura- it is sooooo small sometimes!

    kaypea- THANK YOU for de-lurking! (love that term;) Your lovely comment makes my day. thank you, thank you!!

    Linda- Silly girl... now, where else would it be?!!! the rest of the bathroom is 'below' the chandelier!!!::))

    thank you all!

  24. Oh my. That is BEAUTIFUL! When we moved here 10 years ago I announced that I hated the chandelier in our dining room. We took it down and replaced with one my mother purchased in Belgium. For some reason, I kept the one I hung in our basement storage. Recently...I started thinking...kinda like that old one. Sooooo. Last week DH rehung. It took me several hours to figure out how all the crystals hung as I had removed them when we took it down. My whole dining room has come back to life. Happy. :) Very happy.

    And how funny about your "celebrity". I saw a very popular local Birmingham blogger in Hobby Lobby recently. I tried not to stare...and I know I should have introduced myself...but it was one of those days that I was in a tearing hurry and looked like I crawled out from under a rock. :)

    In case I haven't said it recently...


  25. Wonderful story! I love your blog and I love you beautiful, sweet, Aunt Joanie!!

  26. That is a great story. I've been following your blog for a while too...and never left a comment either. I guess I will know how that really feels when I start my own blog, LOL. I'll be back, I love it here.

  27. It truly is a small world after all....(I won't sing, promise!). Isn't it funny that Claire had not commented. I think people enjoy reading but feel intimidated by commenting. I am with you.....sometimes I feel like I am sending all this nonsense about me...out into the universe, with no one listening...and then, something happens like that! smiles....

  28. Sally- I love that story! And I love that your dining room is so happy too! Now, I want to see a picture! Post please!!

    Thank you my sweet Jenny! i love you too!

    Teresa- Thank you for leaving your first commnent! It's so wonderful to hear that you've been following- thank you!

    Emom- exactly, the part about out into the universe, with no one listening! It is a silly thing this bloggy stuff, isn't it?!!


  29. Joan- Love, love the new header.

    Love, love, love this, love, love, love the chandelier!!!

    And I KNOW you are LOVING the comments- early Christmas my friend.


  30. MOTH just lives for the day when someone recognizes him from my & I stress, MY blog. In his dreams I reckon!! Lovely story Joan.
    Millie ^_^

  31. How cool is that! What a great story. :)

  32. I love it! What a great story!

  33. Oh I love when things like that happen. People recognized our family at Disney World from our blog:)

  34. hi Joan,
    GREAT STORY! And love that Claire's chandelier used to belong to her mother. I'm sure knowing where it ended up (in the house of divine beauty!) feels wonderful to her.
    AND CAN'T BELIEVE STEVE ran into your lamp - that is so cosmic!

  35. Claire it is so amazing how things happen and how very small this world truly is!Adore the Chandelier.

    Do come and enter my giveaway from Fifi Flowers value at $200!

    Art by Karena

  36. "I already know what my house looks like!!!" Good point!
    I rediscovered your blog (won't lose it again) from A Country Farmhouse which I happened on through BlogGuidebook. I envy both of you. Unfortunately my husband has no interest nor talent for renovating anything so I love to read about yours. I am motivated, however, to buy as little "new" as possible as there's so much "old" that has more character and is so much nicer to the environment. I bought my old chandelier off of ebay and love, love, love it.

  37. I was browsing my loooooong list of "favorite" blogs this morning and somehow found myself reading your charming story about Claire and your beautiful chandelier. I rarely comment on all my browsing......never realized how important it was to all you hard working gals. I just love browsing and relaxing as I enjoy the eye candy you'all put together. I get ideas for my own home and feed my decorator interest. I haven't gotten any further then this post.....but I promise I will enjoy my browsing on your blog and I've already added you to my ever growing list of "favorites". Maybe I'll even comment from time to time! Thanks!

  38. Love your blog, it is one of my favorites. I came across it from Trina at A Country Farmhouse. I love the styles of both your homes. Interesting story about the chandelier. I also live in an old farmhouse in Northwestern PA. We are currently on our way to 4 feet of snow thanks to Lake Erie, I guess I will be reading alot of blogs today. Mickey

  39. Thanks Joan for dropping by, I have been quitely following you, starting now I will comment. The lampshades are vintage on my blue lamps, and I reconize the blonde clay flower pot from Texas on your header. Thanks again.

  40. What a great story! Don't yu just love tht when you are talking with people and they tell you how much they love your blog but have never commented..It is soo hard to get people who are not bloggers to comment. Oh well. I'm a blogger and here to thank you for stopping by my blog to see Debra with Acquired Objects guest post. Don't you just love Debra? I'm glad I stopped by, because you have a lovely blog and I will be back. Merry Christmas! Mona

  41. That is a very sweet story, and what a small world it is. I can imagine you felt like a may times can you go somewhere and people you don't even know can guess who you are. Of course I bet she would have felt silly if you weren't really you.

  42. Carolyn- yes, you are right I am loving all the new comments!!
    Millie- I think MOTH is a rock star!!
    Kara- isn't it funny!
    Tamara- thanks!
    3Peanuts- that is so cool that your family was recognized by sight! like movie stars!!
    Trina- isn't that crazy about Steve's table and my lantern co-mingling?!!
    Karena- it is a small world!!
    Nancy- I couldn't agree more about old things... they add soul to a house!
    Peggy- Thank you SO much for leaving a comment! Also, thank you for stating that you never realized how important commenting was... I guess I just assumed people would know, but now I realize why would they if I don't tell them.
    Mickey - thank you so much for your lovely comment! I is really nice to know. I hope you have dug out of the 4 feet of snow- yikes! We have yet to have our first snowfall of the season. It's cold, but no snow (and no one is complaining;)
    Kevin- You have quite the eye! I never realized the blonde pots were a Texas thing, but now that you mention it I did used to see them often at garage/estate sales there.
    Mona- Hello and Welcome! I must say I've been enlightened by this post and comments from people saying they didn't realize leaving comments was important. If only they knew! Posts can literally take me hours to make, and it's so nice to know when people are actually reading them;)
    Angela- small world indeed! It was so shocking- I think I turned bright red!

    Thank you all!
    I'm having a bit of a computer issue, so it will be a couple of days before I make a new post.... Hope you're all having a great week!


  43. Lovely story! I'm still so charmed, 18 years later, that our home's previous owner left me a chandelier that a daughter had gifted her from Sothebys when she was working there. I had a new baby and toddler, and thought it was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. It's the little stories, provenance, and kindness that make "things" special. Happy Holidays! Trish

  44. What a small world...such great story!! I adore your blog and am always interested to see what you are doing "for the love of a house"!!

  45. Your house seems so peaceful and calm. Its always nice to come and see what new pics you have posted. Happy Holidays to you and your family. I loved the story and chandelier!
    Julie in Holland ;) ....

  46. Such a nice story. That is what shopping for vintage items is all about. Love your home; love you blog. Happy Holidays!

  47. What a great story!

    I had a blog for a couple years and sometimes felt as if I was talking to myself. I decided to comment---even though I just found your blog. I haven't been lurking very long, promise. I will be starting my blog up again in the new year and will be sure to let you know so we can exchange comments!

    P.S. LOVE your house!

  48. How fun to meet a blog reader by accident. Love your blog.

  49. Oh my I love that story! Makes you feel like somebody real important! I have had over 4000 visits to my blog, but a small fraction leave any comments. Not sure if it's spammers searching or what, but you do wonder who is looking! Glad she fessed up and what a terrific story! Now you have a complete story with the chandelier which makes it all the more enjoyable! Happy Holidays, Liz

  50. Oh my. I am in blog love. I love "A Country Farmhouse" and have been checking in daily to see when she is going to have those wonderful babies ;) There was a post saying that another blogger sent her some brass candlesticks and I thought "wow is that amazing". I decided to click on over and it was love at first sight. You had me at the header. I will be devouring all your posts over the holidays when I go to my fixer house in Vermont to relax with family. Thanks in advance for the hours of enjoyment I will be receiving :) Tricia

  51. Blogging is crazy and amazing. I loved this story and connection and now it will be a great part of the history of your house!

  52. it is S U C H a small world... love this story... it happens all the time...
    i love when i buy something somewhere far away... it ships to me... and then i ship it right back... too funny... xx

  53. Joan! It's Karen from Montana! I can't believe I didn't see your lovely comments on my blog from December 3rd!! I didn't realize I had any because they were in a "comment moderation" purgatory that I had no idea existed! But imagine my delight at *finally* realizing I had a comment on my blog!!! My first two from someone that wasn't a close friend or family member!! It was such fun to read them and I thank you kindly for your words - they made my day!! Enjoy your holidays and I love that we share a love of Montana! Best Regards,
    Karen at

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  55. Hi Joan! Thank you for the lovely story about my dear moms chandelier. She would have love you home. I shed a few tears reading the story.I remember my mom and dad using many wool blankets on the dinning table and cleaning the light together for every holiday!Have a wonderful holiday. Clairek

  56. Hi Joan,
    I too am a first time commenter but believe me I have been following for months and months (and gone back to read through all of your posts a few times.) I absolutely love your home and the stories you share with us on your blog. You and Dan have quite the eye. Anyway keep the great posts coming!
    From a fellow Texan,

  57. What a wonderful story!!! And a beautiful chandelier!

  58. Gosh I feel like I just made it to the party. So many of my best bloggy friends,(bbf's) are here! Don't you just love that Linda, she always makes me laugh!
    This story is one for the blogsphere to pass on to anyone who wonders why in the world we would spend time writing one....
    I am what Linda would call a lamp tramp! I love,love,love that chandelier!
    Yep....I'm still here and now on to my second cup of coffee...

  59. Great story!!
    I have a story too.. I have an old tin on my kitchen counter and I was showing it on my blog. I had a comment from a reader that said she had sold it to me that day at the flea market... I thought that was so funny and such a small world!

  60. even though you posted this a loooong time ago, I feel compelled to tell you I have the exact same chandelier! It was hanging in the front entry of our house when we bought it, and I have thought for years now that when our upstairs bathroom is done it will look spectacular there. Nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks so :)

  61. Mira- I love that!! Please send me a photograph when you have it hanging in the bath.

  62. So happy for Claire and you that such lovely family pieces are cherished and loved. I'll have to call my mom and stop her from parting (actually just throwing away) my nana's chandelier. She doesn't like it one bit.Pity she's not very good with antiques. Often, I've had to save them.
    They came from a royal family and did not have much appreciation for 'left-overs'.

  63. Well dang, you sure called me out! Photos of your barn have been saved in my inspiration file for ages and I finally decided to figure out their source. Hooray for Google reverse image search! I've been reading through your entire archives and am addicted! You know how when you focus on something for so long it is what you dream about at night? I kid you not I dreamt of antique marble slabs, gorgeous worn kilim rugs, sad looking wood chandeliers that just needed a little wax, and walks through the woods with puppies! Tell Ella hello from me and my three hairy dog beasts in Cambridge, Mass!

    1. hi Megan! Thank you for your comment!!!:) Loved the story about the barn room photos and your reverse image searching them (didn't know google did that;) Someone else recently told me that had dreamed about the house... love that! And Ella says hello to your puppy-pack! Welcome to the blog!


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