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Friday, December 23, 2011

from our home to yours...

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who left your calling card
Dan and I have read and reread (multiple times) each and every comment and email!  It has been so fun to learn about you.  Thank you for sharing yourself with us. 
Thank you also for your very generous compliments-  I laughed, I cried, I blushed ;) - I loved every single one of them.  It has been an overwhelmingly amazing gift of blog-love and I am so very grateful.

Our most sincere thanks to each and every one of you...

Sharon in France, Susan in Fort Worth, Mary Beth in Pennsylvania, Laura in NY, Nancy in South Carolina, Pearls in Dallas, Becca, Agneta in Arizona, Sharon in England, Elizabeth in Ottawa, Razmataz in Ontario, Jane in Chicago, Andrea in Canada, Marianne in Ontario , Cindy in Massachusetts, LauraC in NY, Tracey in Australia, Amy in Washington, Liz outside of Chicago, Jessica in Washington, Kathy in Michigan, Kat in Maryland, Elizabeth in Ontario, Sarah in Indiana, Steve in Cambridge, Kim, Diane in Maryland, Kathleen in Oregon, Vicci in Oregon, Leonora in Virginia, Janet in California, Donna in Massachusetts, Ashely in Pennsylvania, Maria in Dallas, Christian in Virginia, Kristine in Kansas, Debra in Texas, Lynne in Washington, Wenda in Utah, Melissa in North Carolina, Tiffani in Texas, Lisa in Ottawa, Miss Flibbertigibbet, Heather in Ontario, Lisa, Kirsten in Georgia, Jenni in Australia, Beth in North Carolina, Vanessa in Florida, Karen in Wisconsin, Nicole in Florida, Audrey in Massachusetts, Dianne in North Carolina, Jessica in North Carolina, Mary in New Hampshire, Bonnie in Wisconsin, Karen in California, Lisa in Vermont, Barbara in Georgia, Jennifer in California, NB in Ontario, Gwennie in Wisconsin, Karen in Ohio, Anon in Florida, Kim in North Carolina, Samantha in Australia, Lillian in Australia and Hong Kong, Terri in North Carolina, Sondra in Colorado, Sandra in New Hampshire, Kat in Pennsylvania, Heather in Kansas, Maggie in Tennessee, Stacy in Alabama, Lizabeth in Michigan, Mary in Massachusetts, Virginia in California, Nora in San Antonio, Carolyn in North Carolina, Victoria in SW Florida, Karen in Australia, Chris in New Hampshire, Karen in Nebraska, Paula in Florida, Alison in Illinois, Lori in Oklahoma, Carolyn in Indiana, Megan, Mary in Ontario, Janell in North Carolina, Jen in Massachusetts & NY, Cathy in NJ, Joyce in Pennsylvania, Verlan in Oklahoma, Mary in Georgia, Lisa in Texas, Maryann in Pennsylvania, Rhonda in Florida, BethA in Texas, Gina in Virginia, Kathy in Georgia, Anon in North Carolina, Ellie in California, Brooke in Alabama, Carmen in Ohio, Jamie in Tennessee, Pinky in Pennsylvania, Ann Marie in Texas, Layne in Nova Scotia, Connie in Tennessee, Lindsay in Massachusetts, Kristen in Texas, Martina in New York, Maggie in California, Stacy in New York, Mystica in Sri Lanka, Diane in Tennessee, Chris in California, Shine in Tennessee, Angelo, Onescrappychick in New Hampshire, Cate in North Carolina, Linda in Florida, Kathryn in South Carolina, Lindsey in Portland, Diana in Maine and Texas, Dotti in New York, Jane in South Carolina, Kim in California, Roxanne, Anon in Japan, Parnassus in Taiwan, Michelle in California, Kimberly in Virginia, Barbara in California, Maura in Kansas, Zolane in Pennsylvania, Becky in Arizona, Tammy in Washington, Kathy in Australia, Dawna in Alberta, Millie in Australia, Carrie in California, B in Texas, Pat in Virginia, Brenda in California, Gail in Texas, Jane in Alabama, Adriana in Australia, Calliope in Greece, Elaine in Alabama, Lisa in South Africa, Penelope in California, Sharon in England, SusanT in England, Jenifer in Germany, Tina in New York, Jennifer, Lori in Texas, Jen in Indiana, Alaina in New York, Patricia in New York, Kirsten in Pennsylvania, Jacqueline in Pennsylvania, laney in Georgia, Erin, Donna in Georgia, Linda in Tennessee, Jeanette in Michigan, Angel's Mom in Texas, John and Sally in Massachusetts, Vicki in Iowa, Michelle in Oklahoma, Amanda in Georgia, Angela in Virginia, Jill in Georgia, Rosie in Illinois, Marie in New York, Betty in Mississippi, Sarah in Indiana, Kara in Iowa, Terri in Missouri, Lauren in Georgia, Betha in Alabama, Amy in Kansas, Jen in Canada, Kate in New Jersey, Marcie in Georgia, Kristincita in New Hampshire, Kinley in Connecticut, Corinne in Louisiana, Zoe in UK, Book in Iowa, Jennifer in Pennsylvania, Irene in Scotland, Carmella in Wyoming, Kristi in Utah, Tami in South Dakota, Cassandra in California, MarySue in Arizona, Spring in Washington, Judy in Alabama, Marla in Ohio, Gerry in Missouri, A-M in Australia, Mia in Washington, Tima in Tennessee, Kathy in Massachusetts, Jennifer in Georgia, Julie in Kansas, Jenny in New Hampshire, Bev in Canada, Candice in Argentina, Janice in Illinois, Jo in Georgia, LL in Kansas, Mary in Connecticut, Dawn in Eden;), Carol in Kentucky, Lee in Maine, Rebecca in California, Pamela in News Brunswick, Karla in Tennessee, Cathy who had lived in Alaska, Sara in Ohio, Nicolle in New York, Mary in Maine, Delivered in Kentucky, Mary in Massachusetts, Leslie in Illinois, Theresa in Nebraska, Victoria in South Carolina, Tara in Ukraine, Pondside in Canada, Leah in Australia, Vicki in France, Susan in Pennsylvania, Prahlad in Australia, Vicki who asked after my pillow, Maria in New Hampshire, Anon in Switzerland, Cheryl in California, Rebecca in Montana, Charlotte in Georgia and North Carolina, Kate in Maine, Michele in Pennsylvania, Jacqueline in Japan, John and Mandy in UK, Kim in New Jersey, Linda in Texas, Katherine in England, Wendy in Florida, Melanie in Illinois, Paddy in Australia, Elizabeth in Virginia, Maria in Spain, Anon who's son is gutting grandparent's farmhouse:), Amy in Tennessee, Liz in Indiana, Peggy in Michigan, Vicki in Australia, Robin in Kansas, Trina in Oregon, Wendy in Australia, Kathy in Ohio, Sandy in Virginia, Mary Lauren in West Virginia, Susan in Florida and Pennsylvania, Ruth in Massachusetts, Pam in Colorado, Pam in Texas, Shilpa in Connecticut, Katherine in Canada, Andrea in Michigan, Ginny in Colorado, Claudia in Indiana, Xenia in New York, Angélique in Holland, Patricia in Texas, Alie in Australia, Anon in Oklahoma, Shawne, Jeff in North Carolina, Mary Carol in Kansas, Rebecca in Virginia, Jo in Australia, Janette in Kentucky, Kate in India, Donna in South Carolina, Lumen Drops in Virginia, Bethany in Virginia, Susan in New Hampshire, Annie in California, Nina in Virginia, Jennifer in Massachusetts, Lauren in France, Erin in Illinois, Kathy in Arizona, Julie in Virginia, Angela in Nebraska, Di in Australia, Jeanette in Sweden, Piritta in Finland, Nadia, Theresa in Maryland, Eleanor in New Jersey, Gretel , Sheila in Michigan, Patti in New York, Sally in Washington D.C., Joelle in France, Janel in Kansas, Anon in South Carolina, Donna in Massachusetts, dmw in South Carolina, Angela in Mississippi, Marcie in Utah, Kathleen in Virginia, Amber in Kansas, Nancy in Virginia, Jaybird in Texas, Haden in Tennessee, Alana in Canada, Meagan in Vancouver, B.C., Susan in Colorado,  Rita in Texas, Anon in Texas (no, it isn't Coquille;), Jones in Texas, Regina, Mary in Massachusetts, Elizabeth in New York, Julie, Shanna in Florida, Donna in Virginia. Laura in Alabama, Kathysue, Michelle in Washington, VintageBeachGirl in Alabama,  Kim in Houston, Pamela and George in Greece, TDM in Australia, Karen in Rhode Island, Karen in California, Debe in Texas, Elizabeth in Florida, Roberta, Carol in Texas, Julie in Alabama, Delores in California,Gwen in Tennessee, Vinitha F in Sweden, Anon in Washington, Teresa in Washington, Beth in California, Tammie in Tennessee, Lisa Perry in Texas, Brooke in California, Marisa in Portugal, Dee Dee in Ohio, Randy in Georgia, Gwyn, Debra in Kansas, JamieK, Donna in Florida, Lisa in Oregon, Barbara in Massachusetts, Heather in Oregon and Heidi.

from our home to yours...

we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

dan, joan
(wearing her red velvet Christmas collar!)