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Sunday, March 24, 2013

It was Muffin's birthday!

Yesterday we attended our friend Muffin's 31st birthday party!  Muffin is a horse.  She lives down the road from us in a red barn with other horses and a henny named Pierre.
You might remember reading about her birthday party from last year here.

Last year's invitation was a simple shout-out the car window as Muffin's owner drove by, but his year was more formal and Ella received a written invitation!  It even had an RSVP!!  

Being the proper southern girl that she is (Dallas SPCA) Ella decided to write her répondez s'il vous plaît  instead of phone her reply!
 (  I   Ella thought that Muffin's 7 year-old 'human' sister might like to receive a note from Ella ;)

Ella likes to call Muffin "Muffins" cuz when you're talking about muffins more is always better, yes?!

Ella's gifts wrapped for the party!  The white box is for Muffin and the box of carrots are for all our barn friends.

Muffin the birthday girl!

Lookin' good at 31!  That's her son, Gibson, in the stall next to her, he's only 21!

"Happy Birthday to Muffin!"

Just like last year, Ella thought the party was really for her and wiggled and waggled her way through the crowd!

Ella's whole body wiggles when she's happy and she was very happy to meet a new tiny friend!

Muffin getting a carrot from her human sister.

This is Pierre, the hinny.  He was saying "More carrots, please."  Seriously, he was very vocal in his desire for more carrots!

Unlike last year's party where we had an early spring and temperatures were in the 80's, this year we had snow on the ground and temps in the 30's!   This is our good friend Scruffy, he's a rescue too!  Ella wore her cupcake collar for the special occasion.

So, what did Ella get Muffin for her birthday?  You might have noticed someone very special was missing from the barn...

 Thoroughgood, the sweet old goat, went on to greener pastures this past year :( so we had a photo taken of him from last year's party framed to hang in the barn so that he is always remembered... smiling.

A delightful time was had by all and Ella was exhausted after being the belle of the party!  She needs to rest up though, as she was invited to a (human;) wedding this June!  It's tough being Ella;)

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  1. the goat smiling made my morning! so sweet

  2. What a fun event! A who doesn't love a gift that's at least 14 carrots?

    I really love the goat photo too. What a sweet gift.

  3. much older sister SusanMarch 24, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    Love the pic for Muffin! Thoroughgood sort of looks like Gigi. Vince and Roxi would have LOVED to have been there!!!

  4. So sweet. Looks like Muffin had a great party. Love the smiling goat :)

  5. Totally love it. What a great "neighborhood" you live in.

  6. That's great !!! Have a wonderful day !!!!

  7. Happy birthday, Muffin! And, Ella, you are the belle of the ball!


  8. You have schooled Ella well in the art of gift giving and presentation, it's easy to see why she's on everyone's social list. And what gal wouldn't want 14 carats...... oh ummm, that's carrots.

  9. Aw, too cute! Makes me long for life in the country where you can have horse pals named Muffin!
    xo Heidi
    PS -- no spring here in Atlanta either, if that makes you feel better! Rain and 40's today. :(

  10. Joan,
    That photo of Thoroughgood made me smile and I'm sure it made its owners' do so, too! Looked like Ella enjoyed seeing new and old aquaintances!

  11. Those Dallas girls know how to rock the house!

  12. That is so cute! I love the picture of the smiling goat. We still have lots of snow here too. I have noticed a couple other bloggers reverting back to word verification. Those spammers are really getting my goat!! Pardon the pun. Hopefully you'll find some spring this week. Blessings, Pamela

  13. What fun that party (partay!) must have been! Ella was, surely, the Belle of the Day.
    No snow here, but lots of rain and fog. Spammers drove me crazy for a while, so I put on word verification for a week. I've taken it off now and get only one or two a week. Good luck with it!

  14. I never knew that goats could smile! How cute is that?!

  15. Sweet Ella, lucky Muffins.
    I love this post just as much as I did on Muffin's birthday, last year.
    ...and the image of Thoroughgood? PRICELESS!

  16. What a thoughtful gift!!

    I bet you are a wonderful neighbor. Thanks for your post, it really brightened our rainy day in North Carolina.

  17. What a nice party! Just love the photos of all the guests and congratulations to Muffins on a milestone birthday. Please send along my compliments to Ella for such good taste....NB

  18. My spam comments are horrible too, and alot of them are PORNO!!!!!!!!!???? I have NO idea how they found me but it is crazy and EMBARRASSING if I don't catch them before someone sees the comment.OY!!! The party looks like FUN! What a sweet and thoughtful gift Ella gave to Muffins:):) The carrotts looked very good too! XO, Pinky

  19. This post just made my day!! You would not believe the smile on my face!! So cute and uplifting. This is the sort of thing we do back home in Kentucky. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!!

  20. I think this may have been the sweetest thing I've ever read!! Pure happiness!!!

  21. What a darling excuse to celebrate life! I am having trouble with the spammers too. Had to eliminate anonymous comments.

  22. Sounds like a great party... Hope you had fun too! ;)

  23. What a wonderful way to celebrate the animal loved ones in your life! It looks like Ella had a wonderful time and Muffin(s - yes more is ALWAYS better), must have had a wonderful 31st!!

  24. What a fun day! We had a dog like Ella when I was a kid here in Fort Worth...her name was Waggles!

  25. What a fun post! I am a realitively new follower and love your blog! What a sweet gift for the birthday girl -such a fun photo! Thank you for sharing!!!

  26. Awwwww...Happy Birthday Muffin[s]...
    That goat was wayyyyy too cute...sorry he is gone...

    Linda :o)

  27. Looks like a great time was had by all./ What a sweet, thoughtful gift it was that you gave Muffin.

  28. How sweet, Joan! What a great day for all. So nice to "see" you again! Welcome back.


  29. This is so delightful....I love this little party ritual. My goodness how old do horses usually live?
    Ella is such a good friend :)

  30. How fun you all must have had! I think we need to take our little Sophie to meet some of our country friends so perhaps she can get a fun birthday party invitation some time!! :) Thanks for sharing your special day Ella!!!

  31. lovely, joan. so much fun. I am sure the party was wonderful.

    I am getting so much spam, too, and it 's driving me crazy.

  32. Such a fun post! Ella looked precious and a great guest she must have been! You are truly blessed!

  33. PS-I LOVED the letter Ella wrote! So charming!

  34. ¡felicitaciones por tanto amor a los animales! yo también los amo.
    saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina

  35. I do indeed remember Muffin's Birthday party last year. I'm so glad you share the festivities. They make my day. Muffin is beautiful and Ella is a sweetie. I'm sorry about Thoroughgood but what a wonderful tribute to him.

  36. Looks like it was a fun time! We went to an 80th birthday party and had a blast!

  37. What a wonderful party! I wish I was one of your neighbors!!!

  38. Lucky Muffin
    Happy B'day...:)
    So it turned to 31 great..looks s o healthy..:)

    pet meds

  39. I DO remember Muffin's birthday party from last year. I can't believe a whole year has passed. Having a horse is really a life-long commitment. Wow, 31 years old! Ella is one lucky dog to have such great animal friends. I'm sorry about Thoroughgood, the goat. I love the photo of him smiling!

    Phoebe, Henry and Ella send their wishes!

  40. Looks like a fun party! Sorry to hear about the goat, I have 7 myself and know what wonderful pets they can be, and very good companions for horses. Loved the photo of him! So cute! Can't wait to see what Ella wears to the wedding!

  41. 31- no way! What is muffins secret? carrots?

  42. Oh Joan, this is such a sweet post and I clearly remember Muffin's last birthday party as well. Thanks for including us in this one as well. I want you as a neighbor!! We need more Joans in the world.

  43. I am just loving this !
    Hi Joan, from me, in New York City !! We made it :)
    This week we will be on our way upstate and househunting.
    Then I can look forward to birthday parties and new pups and friends name Thoroughgood :)
    (I have friends in NC who are angels in people disguise. They work tirelessly for the SPCA , he saving horses all over the US and she working with dog rescue and adoption. Absolute angels, anyone who does this .. we should all try to do something like this however and wherever we can.)
    besos, C ... in NY :)

  44. That looked like such a fun party and I'm sure Ella loved the event. What a sweet and thoughtful gift for Muffin, adorable.


  45. so precious and I swear that goat is smiling!!!

  46. I love Ella and love when you include her in your stories!

    What a dear gift to hang in the barn. Im sure they accepted it with tears.

  47. What a fun, happy, loving party for all! Formal invitations and a written reply - oh my! The smiling goat made my day. What a wonderful world where all creatures, great and small, are cherished and loved.

  48. Oh, so sweet!!! Love the whole idea of having a party to celebrate the loved ones in our lives that give so much unconditionally! Looks like it was a great time!

  49. I have often visited your blog to look at (find ideas from) your beautiful home, and kind of harbored a leeeeetle envy of your fabulous life... thinking oh great, yet another rich woman showing off her dream-come-true home.... I Was Wrong. No idea about your personal wealth, don't care. Your home is respectful to its time, warm, inviting, and so very lovely (a.k.a my personal taste to the the last detail). You are hilarious and so generous in sharing the things - small and big - that make life sweet. I am inspired to say all this because for about the 100th time I have "pinned" a photo of something perfect that turns out to be from your blog. Like you, I am looking to escape Texas ASAP for The Four Seasons (climate, not the hotel). Thanks for keeping my Sanity Train on track. : )

    1. Thank you for your comment Carolina! I'm grateful you wrote and I loved hearing about all the pins and them turning out to be mine! That's a great story that I would never have known otherwise, and I'm honored.
      I wish you a speedy exit to the four seasons... you won't be sorry, promise!!

  50. Oh my gosh....adorable! Muffins, Ella...the entire menagerie!!! I'll bet she did love those carrots. This put a big smile on my face today, Joan!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

    ps: I'm having the same crazy spam issue. Ugh!!


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