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Sunday, February 5, 2017

It's a new year... bring some joy to your life!


It will change your life, change the life of a dog/cat that needs you, plus open up another space in a shelter/rescue for another homeless pet.... win/win/win!!!  
If I could bottle the laughs/joy/love/happiness that our three rescue dogs bring us every day I swear people would pay a lot of money for just one bottle.  I can't imagine not having these three girls in our lives; and as this is our first time to have three! at once, I never realized how much fun having multiple dogs can be!
But, since I can't bottle up the laughs/joy/love/happiness I can at least share with you some much deserving sweet dogs and cats from the City of Lytle Texas Animal Care and Control (a kill shelter btw) that need you.  The shelter transports dogs and cats to both the east and west coasts!
Be sure to watch the videos which really show the personality of the individual dog/cat!  Also, please share with anyone you know who might be in need of some laughs/joy/love and happiness in their life!!

Click on the dog/cat's name to read more information about them and to watch a video (most have videos.)

If you would like more information or have any questions, or would like to fill out an application for adoption on any of these precious babies, please contact Alice at:

Alice also has a YouTube channel HERE where you will find more videos!  Many of the dogs have multiple videos, so take a look and subscribe, I do!

(If you'd like to read the story of how "I" "adopted" this shelter :):) HERE

Meet their dogs and cats:

A 1-1/2 year old, 30 lb. sweet, sweet girl!  You must watch this sweet girl's video.

A sweet, shy lovebug.  He is 1 year old and weighs only 20 lbs!

3 years old and 45 lbs!  Sweet shepherd mix.  Look at that face!!

Callista- ADOPTED!!!! by Elizabeth in NH!!!!!!!
This precious little 1 year old girl is a Shar Pei mix and weighs only 30lbs!  She is an amazing and very special girl.  The shelter staff says she is a gem!

3 year old Bernese Mountain Dog mix.  Beautiful and gentle.

6-7 months old, 20 lbs.  Playful and smart puppy!

10 years old, 7 lbs. with lots of love to give.  He is a very special, "good" boy!

3-1/2 years old, 50 lb. she is friendly and sweet girl who gets along great with all dogs!

3 years old, 15 pound and sweet, did I mention sweet?! Must watch his video!

4 months old and gorgeous!!  He gets along well with other cats and dogs!  Look at the video to see his gorgeous coat!

Affectionate, low-key... and ahh-dorable dachshund mix born to a stray dog.

1 year old, 50 lbs Staffordshire/Lab mix is a happy, fun energetic girl who is good with other dogs!  She will want an active family!

Gorgeous 4 month old (Jacques' sister) She is good with other cats and dogs!

This cute little girl is an Australian Shepherd mix will be about 50 lbs when she is full grown

A female terrier mix.  She will probably be around15-20 lbs when full grown.  She has a high-energy level as most terriers do and will need an active home to be a happy girl!

A dachshund with maybe beagle mix that is sweet and affectionate!

This precious angel was dumped weighing only 1.5 ounces :(  He is now well, cuddly and very affectionate thanks to the loving care of Rachel, at the shelter!

Precious 1-1/2 year old, 30 lb. male Shepherd mix is sweet, smart and a cuddle muffin!!

Please spread the word:  Opt to Adopt!!!


  1. Amen, Joan! Opt to adopt is my motto, as you know. Our old beagle Ella is having cataract surgery next week, so please send prayers that all goes well. Once she's recovered, we may look into adopting a third dog. There is an adult chihuahua-pug mix that we met who is very sweet. Of course any dog we bring into our house must get along with Ella and Henry! Thanks for sharing these sweet dogs and cats that need forever homes.

  2. My daughter is a lover of dogs and features dogs for adoption on her Facebook page. I'm always tempted but I find one busy, busy dog fills my hours.
    Panda looks like he may have some Border Collie in him.

  3. As 'Mum' to three rescue dogs myself in Maine, I can tell you that they appreciate being loved and having a good home every single day. They all snuggle next to me in bed at night, and 'work' with me in my home office during the day. There's nothing like rescuing!

  4. Great post! We adopted our last pup thru Houston Shaggy Dog rescue. I wish I could adopt them all. Enjoy your week!!

  5. Wish I had the room to adopt all of them. I adopted a chesapeake bay retriever/lab mix a few months ago and love her to pieces! She has quickly become the love of my life and I now cannot imagine life without her. You are an angel to be spreading the word about adoptions. I often say that there are times I would be with my beloved dog than actual people!!!! They add so much to our lives and ask for so little in return.

  6. These all look like sweet pets. I hope your post generates some interest in these furry sweeties.

  7. would take them all if I could 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  8. Ahhhh I LOVE THIS POST!! Adopting rather than shopping is sooo important to save lives without mandatory spay & neuter! We have been in rescue since 2007 & my mom now rescues full time! So many needy fur babes waiting for homes. Thanks again for the post & advocacy!!! :)

    Happy Monday!!


  9. If I didn't have three, Grady and Dak would be my picks! Congrats on helping shelter animals get homes - it's a very rewarding and sometimes heartbreaking endeavor. Good for you!

  10. Hoping they all get the wonderful loving homes they deserve!

  11. Really cute pups. I can't imagine not adopting. Kathleen in Virginia

  12. Thank you for spreading the word with this post! I foster for another rescue (there are many good ones, and they all struggle to do as much as they can with limited funds). So many wonderful dogs (and cats, I suppose) are looking for their "furever" homes.


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