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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is Mavis...

or as the rest of the world recognizes- Venus de Milo without her head.
I should have known that immediately too, I mean - I took Art History at The University of Texas, and even made an A in the class, but somehow her true identity alluded me. To me she was just a beautiful vintage concrete garden statue that we found in Austin years ago. I fell for her sharp details and the folds in her garment, so delicate and refined for a concrete statue. We found the iron base at an estate sale in Dallas, it was in the backyard under some weeds and wasn't even for sale until we asked after it; I think we paid $6 for it. We had a square iron piece cut to fit the top so that Mavis could stand on the stand.

Now, flash forward about a year... Dan and I are in the Louvre in Paris, and we are walking down the long corridor toward the Sully wing, and there forty feet ahead of us, straight away, is
the Venus de Milo.
Dan and I, at the same moment, have the same realization and turn to each other and simultaneously (and loudly) exclaim.......
"It's MAAAY- VIS!!"
I'm sure we sounded like the biggest country bumpkins! The French were thinking "silly Americans..."

Mavis stands at the entrance into the Reading Room which is directly behind the living room,and her cousin Venus is still at the Louvre.


  1. What a lovely story....those are the best!
    Sometimes things are too familiar, we don't see what they really are. ( Anyway I have those moments).
    What make the connection.

  2. Mavis is lovely. I love beautiful statues of women - they remind me of how strong we are. ; )

  3. Oh, that's funny. And, $6 for that iron base. What a deal!

  4. Looks beautiful as you have it displayed. So looking forward to seeing the rest of your house!

  5. She is beautiful and I can't imagine she looks any better in Paris!!

  6. And what a fine figure of a woman Mavis cuts Joan! And I reckon if given half a chance, Miss Venus de M. would much rather be sitting out her retirement in NH with you guys than in that fusty Museum!
    Millie ^_^

  7. Wel HELLOOOO Mavis!!

    Betch'ur glad you're home!

  8. Joan, I LOVE your blog and now have you on my favorites. I am sooooooo glad you found me. BTW, on your walk, the roses, the name of that rose is Pink Pet. It is an antique rose and one I have in my garden too.


  9. Joan, Hi -- it's been a long time! Don't you just love small towns!

  10. What a laugh! Mavis is in pig tails, Mavis with a pony tail, she is the one that stole my heart....and she belongs to me.

  11. Joan,
    Loved that story and the statue is gorgeous. I love statuary indoors. Your whole house is so, so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. Joan,

    Gravel driveways - put one in not long ago and posted it on their blog. Might want to check it out.

  13. That's hysterical Joan!
    Mavis is beautiful.


  14. What a great find and what a great story! I love especially the name! I can just imagine the two of you in the Louvre making that funny!

  15. YOU are too funny for words. And a great writer. This story made me so happy. Joan, I love your blog!


  16. LOL, I love Mavis and her story. You are so funny.
    Her rosary is gorgeous.

  17. I'm all about statues inside or out! And Mavis is perfectly accessorized.


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