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Friday, October 9, 2009

I've had blogger's block!


Even though things (i.e. house painting) have been happening around the house, I just couldn't get a post out. Time and time again I'd sit down to write, and nothing..... so I'll attempt it one more time!! Here we go!

We are having a gorgeous Fall! (this photo was taken last weekend about 25 minutes west of us towards the Vermont border.) The leaves to the north of us are at their peak- perfect timing for the holiday weekend. Ours, in southern New Hampshire, are still a week or two out. While New England Falls are renowned, what might not be known to those of you unfamiliar with the region is just how long they last! Fall here will literally last over two months. The peak is only a couple of weeks of that time, but from the time you first start to see leaves turning color to the time they are all off of the tree- over two months! Fall is indeed a spectacular time of year here!
Our sugar maples here at the house have just started to turn. You can see what they will look like HERE from my very first post almost one year ago!

The painter and his helper are working as hard, and as fast, as they can trying to get as much of the house painted before winter sets in. It seems every other day it rains, so we've been contending with that too. They have made good progress and I can not tell you how happy we are to have "our" colors on the house and to be done with the red barn! I have nothing against red barns, in fact find them charming, but it just didn't fit on our farmhouse. The farmhouse is simple and quiet and the barn seemed to SCREAM at you! So now the farmhouse is white and the barn is a fabulous gray that has hints of brown and green in it depending on the lighting. From what little of it you can see from the road, and from all over the property it "reads" gray. As my painter will attest, I have "gray" issues! Or rather "grays-that-read-blue" issues! So many times you will drive by a house and just know that the owner intended to have a gray house, but it instead it comes across as blue.

Several people have commented to me that they thought the farmhouse was already white, and it does look that way in the top blog photo, but it was really a pale, tired yellow. In these first two photos you can really see the yellow compared to all the white primer.
(old olive jar- one of about six we have! from Mark Sage/Love Train Antiques, Atlanta)

So exciting to see the house turn into a classic New England farmhouse! You can see my barn paint samples on the corner of the barn. The winner "Legendary Gray" is directly under the square window at the corner of the barn. See how the ones closer to the ground look blue?!

The white is a custom mixed color and was chosen to be a soft white, not a bright white.

The house is painted and the barn is stained. All paints and stains are California Paints, which ironically is made in Massachusetts!

The windows and trim on the barn will be white. The main house windows will have gloss black shutters. The ell will not have any shutters. The basement windows will be painted the color of the granite foundation to make them go away.

And, on a side note, remember the AWOL window from the barn window post that Marvin accidentally forgot to order? It was expected to take three weeks to get to us, and fabulous Pam at our Marvin store got it to us in ONE week! A window made and delivered in one week! We love Pam!! So, that side of the barn is being painted next. In fact, the wonderful painters are coming on Sunday!

This photo shows the leaves just starting to turn in the front meadow.


  1. I love it! You are so true about the grey- (sorry I am Australian and we spell differently!) that-reads-blue. I have had this drama in my family room and it really annoys me. Lucky it's only one wall, so I will be changing it soon. You must be very happy with the changes :)

  2. Hi Katrina!
    Yes, I usually spell it with an 'e' also, but went with 'a' since the barn color is written 'gray' and didn't want it to look confusing!! Ok, now I'm confused;)!
    Hoping you get your grey 'drama' resolved soon!

  3. Oh Joan - the fall leaves are gorgeous and your house will be too! Paint is a tricky thing, isn't it? Can't wait to see more - I am glad you are back!This is going to say "Hannah" rather than "hill country house girl" because my daughter has been on my computer and changed over to her account! xo Ann

  4. Hi Ann/Hannah;)!
    Yes the leaves are breathtaking!
    And the paint is challenging, but I love to pick paints (even if it envolves pulling out some hair!) Hope you are getting a little cooler in Fredbg?! When are you coming back to the NE?

  5. Looks great!... your home and your gorgeous fall landscape. Experiencing blogger block myself recently and I have a feeling it may be going around. Maybe we just need a break to enjoy the changing season.

  6. Gobsmackingly gorgeous Joan. You don't have to convince me of your grey choice. I am a grey addict. Stops me in my tracks. Your lovely home is just looking divine. A lot has been happening in your hemisphere I see! Oh I am so jealous of your fall. We just don't have it here in sunny, humid, hot Queensland. My liquid amber tree will drop it's new little leaves next year... a very small scale fall for us... happening only in our front yard! A-M xx

  7. oh my - it looks gorgeous - how many sq ft will it be in total? that barn is so fabulous!

  8. IT LOOKS GREAT!!! I know exactly how you feel! Ever since we got started on our renovation the blog has been at a very slow pace...! There's just too much to do! Lucky you to have painters - we're attempting on painting everything ourselves as my fiancé is "quite the handyman" and I'm finding it extremely difficult to get it just right!


  9. Your home is looking fantastic! Nice choice of gray--so many of them look great on the chip and go blue when up, as you said. Looking forward to more photos! Deborah

  10. It looks just stunning! Congratulations!


  11. Tracy: isn't blog-block a pain?!!

    A-M: "gobsmacking"!!! I just love my new Aussie friends and all the new lingo I pick up! Our Falls in Texas were kind of like you describe there;) And I'm with you on the greys. In fact the whole interior is versions of greys!

    Joni: When the barn room/barn storage/barn mud room are all completed it will be right around 4000. It's a little larger than we initially planned;), but it just worked out that way. Being an antique house, some of the rooms are very small (living room, reading room, guest bedrooms), but the important living spaces- master bedroom and bath, kitchen, dining room, and the barn room are all larger and are in proportionate to the whole of the house.

    Caroline: You are so brave to paint! I am not a happy painter!! That you're fiance' is a talented handyman is a gift that you will cherish forever!! It will save you so much money, and you will get it done right the first time!

    Deborah: Exactly, the ones that looked blue on the barn didn't look that way AT ALL on the chip. The natural light and surroundings really changed them! Then there was one grey that I liked up close, but when I walked across the front field you couldn't even distinguish it from a distance- it just went to this non-color. Paint is so interesting!

    Greet: Thank you so much!!

  12. This weekend is my FAVORITE time in New England. Craft fairs, church dinners and chilly weather. Hand me an apple cider donut and I am in heaven.
    Your house is coming along beautifully. I can't wait to see the end result.

  13. Hey Girlfriend !!
    Good to see your post - was wondering how your painting was progressing. My paint is peeling in huge chunks - I haven't quite figured how I am going to handle this. It's a moisture issue.
    Today we've had snow flurries - guess I am inside, full speed ahead......after I go out and cut down all my gourds !
    Painters on a Sunday? - you must bake them brownies.

  14. Pearls: I've never had an apple cider doughnut, but sure would like to;)!

    Mary: Ours was coming off in chunks too. It previously wasn't prepped correctly.
    SNOW flurries?! OHMY!
    Yes, my favorite oatmeal cookies (with icing) in the oven!!

  15. Joan,

    Great news to hear things are moving forward. Your paint choices are just right!

    There's a grayish barn that I admire each time we head out to the cabin. Very similar in color to what you have. It's quite handsome.

    Keep up the good work!

  16. It all looks lovely....smiles.

  17. Hi Joan: As I am writing this, the sun is shining and the trees are bright with yellow and orange color! NE in the place to be.

    I really like the grey you selected for the barn.

    There is nothing like a dining room large enough to hold your family and friends. It is the room where everyone wants to linger.

    Lull Farm has great apple cider donut and cider...what a treat!

  18. Kathleen: Thank you! I bet the pups get so excited to go to the cabin!

    Emom: Thank you! It is slowly, but slowly coming together!;)

    Cindy: Yes, it is an amazing morning today!
    I agree- I have always loved a dining room. Such a special, happy room where sweet memories of meals served with family and friends are made.
    Thanks about the Lull Farm info.. I have yet to make it there, but will now!;)

  19. The house and barn look wonderful! I love the grey on the barn! It looks like the color on Susan's house, and I really like that too. My babies are keeping me busy. They are so adorable and Stella is really walking (like a mummy though, with hands out for balance) She is right on time for Halloween! Love You.

  20. What a truly fabulous house you're creating - everything looks wonderful. Love your choice of colours - just perfect. Leigh

  21. Patti: I thought Susan's was a light green-grey? I remember picking one for her that was that color, but maybe that was for something else?? I bet Stella is adorable walking! Tell Jenny to post a video!

    Leigh: Thank you so much!

  22. Joan - Wow! Things look amazing! Seriously I am totally in love with your house.

    I have grey issues too. I picked a grey for my living room at one point that looked grey-purple and everyone loved it but me. I wanted a true grey. I now have blue (with a hint of grey) in the living room.

    And the trees are gorgeous too! I miss the east during the fall.

  23. Your home is looking so wonderful, you must be very, very pleased. And as for the first picture of the leaves...words escape me, xv.

  24. Oh Ive been waiting for you to post some fall pictures these are beautiful. The house is coming along very nicely too , you must be really thrilled. You are going to have some gorgeous holidays there.Thanks for sharing .... Julie in HOlland.. :)

  25. Love the colors! I'm giggling a bit because they're almost the exact same colors I've been using here at our farm for the last ten years.

  26. This is Australian Architectural Digest here -we want to do a big feature on your gorgeous grey house! And yes, just to keep a certain family member happy, we will dedicate one whole page to the Big Blue Tractor. So tell him to start polishing that baby.
    Millie - Editor At Large.

  27. That's a huge painting job Joan!
    I love the grey. It's just what I would want to do.
    It's beautiful.


  28. Your paint colors are great. I love a grey barn! We just went past a barn here in VT a couple weeks ago where all the outbuildings and barn were grey and it was so striking. Old homes are a lot of work, but worth it.

  29. OH my Gosh Joan...I had no idea your barn was so HUGE or attached to the house! Your humble little house from the front is actually WAY larger than it appears. I think I should just start at your first post and work my way back so I don't miss anything. what a beautiful homestead you have's like a precious antique that you have restored and brought back to it's original glory only better. I am so glad that you chose to share your little bit of New Hampshire with your family and friends in a the rest of us can enjoy your adventure too. Thank you.
    Maura :)

  30. loving the white you picked for the house! I read it was a custom you mind sharing the mix? I am in the process of painting my house white & can I tell you it's the hardest thing! some yellow-ish some grayish & even pinkish? ugggh....I don't want it stark white or it will look like chalk..your help is much appreciated! xo nancy elizabeth

  31. Nancy Elizabeth- I totally agree that white is the most difficult color to choose, especially exterior whites. I'm always happy to share and you can find the formula on my sidebar under "my paint and stain colors." Good luck!


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